Some spoilers (maybe).

Sorry about the delay, again. The next one might come after Inheritance has released. I just have a lot of studying to do. Oh and for people who don't know Inheritance has been leaked online (though it is very hard to find). Readers in Africa actually got it on Wednesday and some WalMart stores screwed up and were distributing copies yesterday. I heard Roran survives the first chapter (booo!). Also there is something about snail shades, I think. For all you die hard ExA fans: some guy on one blog I checked (who claimed to have got an early copy) said that E&A remain friends and do not hook up; I'm not too sure about this given CP's writing style, I'm expecting a cliché romantic ending; but he may surprise us. Murtagh seems to have become a commodity in Inheritance. One chapter: What is Man (or something like that) seems really interesting. Now I'm not too sure about any of this info, but it may be true.