A Naruto Drabble



A/N: I'm nearly done with finishing up the next chapter of Om Nom Nom, Hamster-chan!, but the bugs buzzing through my house made me think of bugzappers to kill them, and having been playing some Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, I soon was struck with inspiration for this drabble. After all, if you have special powers, sooner or later you're bound to find more mundane applications for them.

Fourteen year old Kakashi Hatake, son of the White Fang and recently-dubbed Copy Nin, grumbled irritably. He, Guy, Asuma, and Shiko (some chunin-level Aburame kunoichi who seemed to have the hots for him) were on a B-rank mission in the Land of Swamps. During the hottest part of August.

It was miserably humid and oppressively hot. The air was completely saturated with moisture, and every one of them was dripping with sweat. It was nearly as warm as in Suna, but twice as miserable.

It was so hot that Guy was actually being quiet and sedate, as opposed to loud and boisterous.

It was so hot that Asuma had not smoked a single cigarette since they had arrived in the country.

It was so hot that Kakashi had removed his mask to keep the absorbed sweat from drowning him (which only worsened Shiko's crush on him).

It was so hot that Shiko -an Aburame- had stripped down to her underwear. If not for the fact that every inch of her skin was pockmarked with burrow-holes and crawling with destruction beetles, the other three -yes, even Guy- would have been hard-pressed to keep their minds on the mission.

And speaking of bugs: mosquitoes. Good, God, the mosquitoes. The little blood-sucking bastards (or bitches, rather, as Shiko had informed them that only female mosquitoes drink blood) were everywhere. They traveled in black clouds and drifts, and when evening came they swarmed upon the four shinobi -yes, even Shiko- and refused to leave them be.

After the fourth day of constantly having to swat away the never ending tides of flying insectoid vampires, a frustrated and itchy Copy Ninja was struck with a crazy -or brilliant- idea.

"Chidori." The electrical currents began pulsing through his hand, occasionally sending forth arcs of blue light through the air. It was a little difficult at first, but Kakashi was a natural genius, so he quickly managed to alter the technique to minimize the amount of chakra required to sustain it.

Even Shiko was grateful for the reprieve granted to them by Kakashi's portable bug-zapper.

If you have ideas for practical applications for not-so practical techniques, then let me know.

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