Reading the same sentence

"Why do I have to do everything around here?" Manny moaned for the twenty third time that day. Bernard continued to ignore him and read the the same sentence for the hundreth time that day. Fran burst in through the door for the twenty seventh time that day. Nothing ever changed.

"Bernard! Bernard!" Bernard continued to read the sentence. "Bernard! It's important!"

101 times. 102. 103. "Bernard, listen!" 104. 105. 106. 107 times. Fran sighed and stormed out for the twenty seventh time that day. 108.

She flew back in for the twenty eighth time, just as Manny moaned for the twenty fourth time "It's so unfair!" Bernard read the sentence for the 109th time. 110. 111. 112.

"Bernard!" Fran cried. 113. This was a joke. "Bernard, I need a drink!" 114. A customer walked in for the third time that day. 115.

"We're closed!" called Bernard also for the third time that day, not even looking up.

"But- er, your sign says-" the customer started.

"WE'RE CLOSED!" yelled Bernard for now the fourth time that day. "Can you flip the sign on your way out?" The customer stalked out, flipping the sign angrily. 116. 117.

"You know, you could be a little nicer to customers." said Fran, pouring herself a drink.

"You know, I could give up alcohol." muttered Bernard. He took a sip of his 11th glass of wine. 118.

Fran sighed and looked at him for a moment. 119. 120. 121.

"Fran!" moaned Manny. "Bernard's making me do all the work!"

"Bernard!" scolded Fran, just as Bernard knew she would. "Be nice to Manny." 122. 123. 124. Contiuing to read the sentence, he ignored her. 125. 126.

Ah. Nothing ever changed.

God, this was brilliant. Bernard took another sip of wine and sighed. 127.

They sat there in silence, Fran drinking, Bernard reading and Manny pounting.

Benard was just reading the same sentence. 128.

My second Blackbooks fic. I was bored and haven't written in ages, so this was just a bit of fun. I hope you enjoyed. XX