This is just a little teaser trailer for my new story "Of All the Pink Elephants" It's a high school AU that goes through rumors, lying, secrets, promiscuity, jealousy, and words left unsaid. The title comes from the saying The giant elephant in the room. The saying means that there is an obvious problem that's causing tension, but no one wants to be the first to bring it up. In high school everyone has secrets, and issues, but who would really stick their neck out to help someone they don't even like?

Some keys on my laptop broke, so it's taking longer than I'd hoped to type this story up, but I only have the end left so it shouldn't be too long until the full story is up. Tell me what you think of the teaser!

"He's supposed to be some rich teen whose legal guardian deemed it fit to transfer him and his brother. Most of the girls are anticipating his arrival because of the rumor that he's a walking sex god." (Neji)

"Great, another jackass to deal with; like there aren't enough already!" (Naruto)

"Naruto, Sasuke-san will be you're new roommate. The both of you are excused from class today so you can give him a full tour of the academy." (Iruka)

"Kisame, Itatchi-san is going to be your new roommate. I'm going to escort him to his advisory, but tomorrow you will be excused from advisory to give him a tour of the academy if you want to." (Iruka)

"And no fighting! I don't want to hear that you started something." (Iruka)

"I promise that I won't start a fight, but I can't promise not to start something with someone so tasty." (Kisame)

"Do you really find me attractive?" (Naruto)

"Yes, or I could be fucking with your head." (Sasuke)

"Sasuke…I want you."

"Naruto… I don't know… you're drunk…"

"I asked him why he loves someone who treats him like nothing. He said that when you love someone you'll do whatever it takes to make them happy, even if it hurts you. He said that love can make you selfish and selfless at the same time. You want the one you love to be happy, even if it isn't with you." (Karin)

"I'm Juugo Miyazaki."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sasume Fuma."

"Hey you, the blonde girl with the pony tail; wake up the green haired boy next to you." (Kakashi)

"I'm not a girl damn it! I'm a boy!" (Deidera)

"Ehh…sorry! That's my mistake." (Kakashi)

"Well what do we have here?" (Zabuza)

"It looks like my ex is making a whore of himself." (Haku)

"What are you doing here Haku?" (Naruto)

"Hello, what is your emergency?"

"Hi, this is Kiba Inuzuka and there is a really bad fight going on at Abyss. Can you please send someone over before anyone gets really hurt?"

"Okay, we will dispatch someone to your location shortly."

These are the songs that go with the story in the order of which they will appear to give you a feel for the mood of the story.

Alright by Shiloh

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy by Tata Young

What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys by Kimberly Caldwell

Satisfied by Social Code

Take Me Out by Atomic Tom

Saturday by Fall Out Boy

You and Your Denial by Yellowcard

Last Man Standing by People in Planes

No Goodbyes by The Subways

Stuttering (Kiss Me Again) by Ben's Brother

Better With You by Five Times August

Start A Fire by Ryan Star

Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj