Chapter 1: Has He Changed? Or Is It Me?

Lily Evans adjusted her tie and left the Great Hall with her bag over one shoulder. She was ready to go to Potions class. As she turned a corner, she spotted James Potter and almost groaned out loud. She hoped she could go by unnoticed, even though it was just her, the Marauders, and a few others in the hallway. She was halfway across when Remus Lupin, a good friend of hers, waved at her. She waved back, and hoped Potter hadn't noticed. As she kept walking, she heard nothing, and she couldn't believe her luck. She took a quick look back, and saw the strangest sight. A small boy, probably a second year, had dropped his books, and James Potter was on the ground, helping him pick them up. She blinked a few times, and thought perhaps she had drunk too much Pumpkin Juice, and kept moving.

Later that day...

"Hey, Ally?" Lily Evans asked her friend cautiously. Ally looked up. Lily waited a moment before asking her question. "D-Do you notice anything differentabout James Potter?" She asked, quickly looking back down at the grass. The girls were sitting under a tree by the lake. The winter weather was quickly rolling in and everyone was determined to get outside before it hit.

"Uh, well, I guess he might've changed a bit. Maybe." Ally replied, frowning. "Why?" She added.

"I don't know, I saw him helping someone pick up their fallen books yesterday. He doesn't normally notice the people around him, and it's driving me crazy, it's an anomaly!" Lily huffed.

"Lily, dear, you worry too much. Just sit back, and don't worry about it." Ally smiled. Lily smiled back at her friend, but wasn't so sure if she could ignore it if he kept doing things like that. She was a curious person.

A/N: Hello. This will be 7 chapter long, all about this length. It's part of a trilogy for relationships, the ones that we never know how they start, or the story behind. There's Lily and James, Remus and Tonks, and most likely Draco and Astoria. Although, if anyone has suggestions for someone else other than Draco and Astoria, they're welcome to share!

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