Chapter 7: You've Slept On It?

Deciding whether or not she liked James Potter was probably one of the easiest decisions of her life. So, as she walked into the Great Hall full of students, she was more than confident. Only ten minutes had passed since they came back from Hogsmeade, and it had only taken her the walk to the Great Hall to decide anything. Her stomach flip-flopped when she spotted the distinguishing mop of black hair. She walked down the table, and was glad that she had the upper hand, so he couldn't take her by surprise and cause her to panic.

"James? I need to talk to you." She said, appearing behind him.

"Sit down." He said, gesturing the empty spot next to him. His other three friends seemed tactful enough to turn away and engage in their own conversation; however, Lily knew that his friends were anything but tactful, and it was more likely that James had kicked all of them under the table.

"I've come to a decision." She said slowly and quietly. He froze. He slowly put the food down and turned towards her completely. His face revealed nothing less than pure shock.

"You've slept on it?" He asked cheekily, recovering quickly. "That was quick." He said, shooting her a charming grin.

"Apparently it only took me until the Great Hall to decide." She shrugged. He leaned forward, his eyebrows raised, and his eyes wide. A blush was slowly creeping on his cheeks.

"So what is it then?" He asked in a weak voice, as though he expected her to turn him down yet again.

"I-" She took a deep breath, and willed herself not to put anything off any longer, and to just say it. "I seem to be returning your feelings."

"Really?" He asked in disbelief, a grin suddenly spreading on his face. She suddenly felt a lot better, and her stomach erupted in butterflies. She rolled her eyes and felt herself turning red as well, to match his now almost completely flushed face.

"No, I'm just pulling your leg." She said sarcastically, and smiled at him. He ran a hand through his hair and smiled back at her.

"So this means you'll finally be my girlfriend?" He asked. She nodded, stifling the urge to once again roll her eyes. "And you'll come with me to every Hogsmeade weekend? Well, not every-"

"Because we have midterms coming up. And we need to study." She finished for him. He laughed.

"No, because there are Marauder-ly things I need to do, too." He corrected. "And you have friends, too."

"He's got that right." Sirius said, turning around again James. "Well, I congratulate you both." Lily rolled her eyes. "Now," He stuck his wand to his throat, and both Lily's and James' eyes widened in shock.

"Sirius…" They said warningly at the same time.

"PROFESSOR!" Sirius' magnified voice shouted, causing everyone in the vicinity to cover their ears. All of the professors looked at him.

"Sirius!" Lily said warningly.

"PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE!" He clarified. Dumbledore smiled down at him.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Black?" Dumbledore asked, without the need to raise his voice, since the Hall was already silenced by Sirius' magnified voice.

"WHAT'S TODAY'S DATE?" He shouted, despite the Sonorus.

"I don't think you need the Sonorus, anymore." Remus grumbled from behind Sirius.

"It's the 11th, Mr. Black. May I ask why you are inquiring?" Dumbledore replied with an amused smile. Lily could have sworn he glanced at her and James for a fraction of a second.

"THANK YOU." Sirius paused. "TO ANYONE WHO HAS PLACED BETS ON LILY AND JAMES: THOSE OF YOU WHO SAID BEFORE NOVEMBER 15TH WERE RIGHT, AND THOSE WHO SAID AFTER ARE WRONG. I'LL BE HANDING OUT THE MONEY LATER. THANK YOU." He sat down, and the entire hall was silent. Lily and James went red, and were suddenly extremely interested in their food.

"Does that mean they're dating, then?" A sixth year Gryffindor shouted from the other side of the table.

"It sure does." Sirius said. The effects were instantaneous. Suddenly everyone was cheering, and Lily was looking down into her food, completely flustered. James was grinning widely at everyone. "Lily, look." Sirius said, pointing to the Staff table. Most were exchanging money. Her jaw dropped.

"I can't believe this!" She said, watching Slughorn hand over money to McGonagall, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Flitwick.

"Well, this'll be an interesting story to tell." Sirius told them both, grinning as the three of them watched the scene unfold. "The Story of a Stag and a Lily."

A/N: And that's the end of Part 1! Next week will start part 2, and that'll be 10 chapters long, about this length, about Remus and Tonks!


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