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Summary: And there's just something about his hands - the way they caress Aaron's face, particularly - that always grasps bug trainer's attention. LucianAaron, oneshot

Um, yeah. I kinda sorta really love these two together, and so I thought why not write something for them? Anyway, I hope that y'all enjoy this. It's not very long, but I would love to hear your opinions on it!


Aaron is young, sure, but still an adult. Youngest of the Elite Four of Sinnoh, he always tries to prove himself. Always tries to maintain his enthusiastic exterior, balanced with a sense of maturity.

It never works.

Despite all his efforts, he still finds himself with childish fixations. One fixation, to be precise.

Lucian has the most fascinating hands.

Aaron knows it's silly, but - like a cliche - he just can't look away.

He finds himself watching Lucian doing the most mundane things as if they were the most intriguing thing that he has ever seen.

He watches as Lucian pours coffee, as he fiddles with the Pokeballs on his belt, as he covers his face while he yawns, as he pushes up his glasses with a single pale finger.

Aaron thinks he may have a problem.

Well, not may, he does.

Lucian's hands bring to mind the most graceful of thoughts - they are white, thin; blue veins visibly run beneath the skin; the bones stick out in places. He has never once seen the psychic trainer with dirt underneath his fingernails. That speaks to his nature, Aaron supposes.

Sure, there are many things that are intoxicating about Lucian - his calm voice, his cool personality, the lavender of his eyes, the crispness of his style - but again and again Aaron is drawn to his hands.

Sometimes, he thinks Lucian knows. There's a smirk that ghosts across his mouth, sometimes he even waves to gain his attention. That causes Aaron to look as if he were, literally, a human tomato.

And then, one day, he knows Lucian knows.


His hands are reaching for Aaron's face, brushing grass-green strands from his cheekbones, trailing over Aaron's tanned skin like a sweet breeze. The bug trainer fights back a shiver, but in vain. He visibly trembles as Lucian's hand brushes his face. The feel of his fingers, smooth and lightly calloused from training and just as perfect for that, causes him to close his eyes.

Lucian grins.

"You think I wouldn't notice," he says, the smile even apparent in his voice.

"I-I...don't know waht you're talking about."

Lucian trails a finger along Aaron's jaw, smirking at some thought he must be having, "You do."

Aaron's sure no human being is supposed to blush this much.

He lets Lucian tilt his head back without protest. His eyes are soft, caring, even a bitmischevious, as he leans down and captures Aaron's mouth.

Aaron finds that Lucian's lips are just as - if not more so - entrancing as his hands.