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A Soul's Whisper

Frankfurt, Germany, 3 May 1937

"Why her?" The young German asked; his smile was brittle and the hurt was evident in his eyes, but his tone was even, he needed to keep it together, otherwise he knew he would fall apart. And that was one thing he had sworn he would never do, allow other person to see him cry, even if that other person was his lover…the love of his life.

His companion turned and looked at his briefly, before turning his attention back to the airfield and the large airship that appeared to swallow the night sky. As he stared across the field, he thought about the answer to that question.

He and his lover, Kurt, had been together for years and had seen so much in their fairly short lives. The pair had meet almost seven years ago, while studying at university in England, and from the start there had been undeniable connection between them. They had begun as friends, and from there, the relationship had grown into one of lovers. A relationship strong enough to mean when asked to live in Germany with Kurt, Finn had not hesitated in his reply of yes. Kurt had been over the moon over when Finn had agreed to come home with him, thinking about all the things that he and Finn would be allowed to do, openly. But the Germany he had left at 17 was not the Germany he returned to at 24. In the time he had been away, the Nazis had come to power and they weren't mincing their words or feelings about homosexuals. The persecution of gays was growing stronger with each passing day, and Finn feared for himself because he was an American in a hostile land.

And now as they stood on this airfield in Germany, Kurt feared that this would the last time he would see the other man, his lovable and kindhearted Finn. Kurt knew that it was only a matter of time before the Nazi party was at their doorstep; he just never expected Finn to leave him like this and it broke his heart. This was the man he loved, and this man was choosing another person, a woman, over him and the life they could have.

Tugging his coat closer to his body to ward off the chill in the spring night air, Finn finally had an answer to the German's question. "This might be a match made by my mother, Kurt, but regardless of whether or not this girl existed, I would still be going home. This isn't about her, Kurt; this is about being safe and Germany isn't safe anymore. Men and women are disappearing off the streets; our friends are being threatened, their families too. I can't stay, Kurt. As much as I love you, I can't stay."

Kurt regarded Finn for a moment, turning the words over in his head as they continued to watch the airship prepare for the boarding of its passengers. The zeppelin was a beauty, a wonder of modern engineering, and in three days it would land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. From there, Finn would travel to his hometown in Ohio, the town was small but from Kurt had been told, its citizens were wonderful.

"What about what I want? Don't I get a say in all this? I don't want to loose you, Finn. And if you leave, I know in my heart that I will never see you again." Kurt told the other man, hoping that Finn understood what he was trying to say….trying to ask. Kurt had always been a strong person, but one flaw in his personality was asking for what he wanted. He wanted Finn to ask him to come to America with him; he wanted to live the rest of his life with the other man, even if they had to hide their true relationship, at least he still got to be with the American.

As though Finn understood what Kurt was leaving unspoken, he reached out and grabbed Kurt's hand where it rested against the metal railing of the observation deck.

Entwining their fingers together, Finn spoke. "Then come with me. We don't have to go to Ohio; we can go to New York and become lost in the crowds and the lights…nameless, faceless men. I want to live my life with you, Kurt; I meant it when I told you all those years ago at University that I couldn't picture my life without you and I don't want too. You've opened my eyes, Liebling. And I don't want to close them again, as trite as that sounds."

Kurt smiled slightly and gave a slight chuckle at Finn's use of the German word for beloved, even after two years in Germany, Finn's accent was still horrible; but horrible accent or not, it warmed his heart to hear Finn use it. Finn grinned in response to Kurt's small chuckle, happy to hear the other man's laugh, even a small one, after weeks of sadness and silence.

Finn tugged on Kurt's hand pulling the man into his arms as he whispered in the smaller man's ear the words that were written on his soul. "I don't want anyone but you. You're my soulmate, Kurt…the love of my life. And I would rather spend a hundred years wishing to hold you in my arms than spend even one second married to a woman I don't want."

"Oh, Finn." Kurt whispered, tightening his grip on the taller man, taking comfort from the warmth and safety he felt pressed up close to the American. "But I have a life here."

"Do you? An estranged aunt does not constitute a family; your mother died when you were a child and your father last winter. There is no one and no thing that is keeping you here." Finn said, trying to reason with his lover. "Come back to the states with me; come make a life with me, Kurt. If you don't want New York and for some strange reason want Ohio; then we can go there, buy a small house on the edge of town and live as recluses." Kurt giggled at the image of that; while Ohio wasn't his ideal location to live, he would live there if it meant being with Finn.

Tucking in as close as he could to Finn, Kurt placed a small kiss on the other man's neck before nodding his head in agreement. Finn felt the movement of Kurt's head, rather than seeing it. But that didn't matter, because Kurt had accepted his proposal of marriage, a thought that sent him over the moon, for that was exactly what it was, a proposal or as close as Finn would probably ever be able to give Kurt in their lifetime.

Finn hugged Kurt again, as he spoke into the other man's ear. "We don't have to take the Hindenburg tonight; we can wait a few days, travel to London and stay a week or two before booking passage from Southampton to New York. You are my life now, Kurt; everything and everyone else in the world are just bonuses."

Pulling away from Finn, Kurt drank in the sight of his lover, letting his eyes wonder across the contours of Finn's face, from the softness of his lips to the shape of his brows. "Take me back to the hotel and make love to me, Finn. We'll figure out the rest in the morning."

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