Summary: Thirty years later…a slice of life.

New York, New York

New York City, New York, 1967

"Good evening, Mr. Hummel." The doorman greeted, the sharply dressed older man.

"Good evening, Joe." The German returned, his accent not as thick as it had been in he's youth. "How's everything?"

"Good. Good. Can't complain." Joe replied, holding the apartment building door open for the slight man to pass through.

"Well, that's…" Kurt said, pausing as he tried to search for a word to use, "good." He finished lamely, frowning slightly.

"Yeah. Your roommate is home," Joe told the man, attempting to make conversation. "just in case you were wondering."

"Thank you, Joe." Kurt said with a smile. Not raising to the bait that usually came when the staff and even fellow tenants inferred things about his relationship with his roommate. "And have a nice night."

"You too, sir." Joe responded, letting the door close behind the tenant.

Pushing the apartment door open, Kurt called out a soft, "Finn?"

"In here."

"In where?" Kurt replied, rolling his eyes at disembody voice.

"The bedroom." Finn called back.

"Oh?" Kurt questioned, not missing the opportunity to ask. "Miss me that much?"

"You know it." Finn retorted, as he continued to unpack his suitcase on the bed.

The German watched from the doorway, enjoying the view of Finn's ass as he bent and straightened time and again. "How's your mom?"

"She's good. She hated that you couldn't make it, but understood that you couldn't leave on such short notice." Finn explained, turning to look at his partner in the doorway.

"Well, I hated not being able to see her too. I love her apple pie." Kurt responded, stepping further into the room.

"Of course you do." Finn countered, smiling gently at his lover. He knew that Kurt had wanted to go, and hated that he hadn't been able too.

"Hush, you." The German retorted, huffing slightly at the grin spreading across Finn's face.

"I'm starting to think that you only love me for her apple pie."

"Oh, sweetie. I loved you before the apple pie. The pie is just an unforeseen and delicious bonus." Kurt said smirking.

"So how is work?"

"Work is good. The designs are almost finished, so I should be ready to leave for the Hamptons in a few weeks."

"Good. I'm going to hold you to that." Finn responded with a grin and a wink, causing a slight blush to spread across Kurt's cheeks.

"Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Retired. We can't all be men of leisure." Kurt rolled his eyes at his partner, while he was used to Finn alluding to his retirement, didn't mean that he found it funny.

"Jealous…?" The American asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

"Of course not. You being retired means that I can have you anytime and any place." Kurt remarked, returning Finn's smirk with one of his own.

"Of does it. What if I don't agree to that?"

"Why wouldn't you…It's a win/win situation for both parties. We all get what we want." Kurt explained, giving Finn a 'duh' expression.

"True…very true." The taller man agreed, stroking his chin and giving Kurt a look that spoke volumes. "When can we start this win/win situation?"

Kurt looked at his watch than back at Finn. "Really, Mr. Hudson?"

Finn whined a little, the sound emitting from the back of his throat. Kurt looked at his lover, taking in the man's pout and general cuteness when he tried to imitate a little lost puppy. Smiling at the taller man, Kurt walked closer to him, evading his personal space as he wrapped his arms around Finn's neck and pulling him up into a kiss, which was eagerly returned.

They had been apart for almost a week and it was a separation that neither of the men had enjoyed. When one of them had to travel, the other usually managed to go with them. But this time, there hadn't been time. Mrs. Hudson had taken a fall and Finn had rushed to his mother's side, leaving Kurt behind to work on his summer collection. Kurt had understood and had even urged Finn to go, then and there; but just because he had supported it, didn't mean that he hadn't missed his lover.

Finn pulled Kurt from his head as he tugged at the smaller man's shirt, pulling it from his trousers, beginning to unbutton it. Kurt returned the tugging with some of his own, pushing Finn's blazer from his shoulders and onto the bed. After Kurt's shirt was undone, Finn released Kurt long enough to pull his own shirt over his head, before grabbing Kurt's hips. Leaning back onto the bed, Finn yanked Kurt down with him.

"Eager, aren't we." Kurt giggled, enjoying the feeling of their naked chests pressed together. Wiggling slightly in Finn's hold, Kurt managed to swing his legs around Finn's hips, so he was straddling the taller man. "In that case, let's see what I can do about that."

And he did.