Summary: He might have given up some of his dreams, but didn't mean that he wasn't happy with the life he made. Now, it's time to let someone else live out their dreams.

The Feminine Mystique

Lima, Ohio, 1963

"Is it too late to forbid her from growing up?" Finn asked. His question wasn't all that surprising, considering what the day was.

Kurt's face twisted into a slight frown before disappearing. "Finn… She's an adult, and we have to let her go."

"Well, maybe I don't want to let her go, Kurt." Finn retorted, glancing at his husband, who at present was washing their breakfast plates. "She's our little girl."

"Our little girl, who is graduating high school in a few hours." Kurt countered, handing over a clean dish for Finn to dry. "We can't keep her here forever, Finn."

"Can't we?" Finn asked, hopeful that his husband's answer would be yes.

Kurt gave a small chuckle at his husband's tone. "No, Finn. As much as I would love for her to stay, she can't. She's always been bigger than this town, and in a few short months, she'll be out and on her way to Berkeley."

"Does she have to go that far…? Couldn't she stay closer to home? I hear Ohio State is a good school. And plus, its close." Finn reasoned as he set aside one dish before taking another from Kurt's outstretched hand.

Rolling his eyes, Kurt turned slightly, pausing as he regarded his husband for a moment. "Finn. She can't stay. If we forced the issue, she'll hate us for the rest of her life. She wants to go, and she'll go. Just like her brothers will."

"But she's our first." Finn weakly protested.

"And…" Kurt prompted, not waiting for Finn to come up with an answer, knowing that he probably wouldn't anyhow. "Just because she's going to California, doesn't mean that she'll stop being our first. We need to let her make her own decisions, support her, and love her just the same as always."

"But she's our baby." Finn whined. He might have been almost forty years old, but his age didn't stop him from acting child like in front of Kurt.

"And that won't stop. Finn, you have to accept that she's leaving home…that this is the first step towards the rest of her life." The smaller man explained, ignoring the dishes and focusing his attention on the World War II veteran. Turning away from the sink, Kurt crowded into the other man's space, as though he was trying to force the man to hug him, which Finn did.

"I know, I know. I just can't seem to want to let her go."

"We aren't really letting her go, Finn. We are letting the world borrow her for a little while, for she will always be ours and nothing is going to change that." Kurt murmured into the man's chest, knowing that Finn had heard him.

Finn smiled, wrapping his arms tighter around his husband and placing a kiss in his hair. "I love you."

"Love you, too. Now, are you feeling better?" Kurt asked, pulling away some so he could look into Finn's face, checking to be sure the taller man wasn't lying.

"A little; but, I have a request to make."

"Oh?" Kurt asked, his curiosity perked at the mention of the word request. Finn wasn't known to make many requests; he much rather have Kurt do as he like because it made him happy.

"I want one last family vacation before she leaves."

"And to where?"

"I promised you New York when we first got married, but the timing never seemed right. I want to take you."

Kurt laughed at the suggestion. "Finn, we can't afford, New York."

"Yes, we can. We made good investments with the money you earned before Emily was born; we'll sell some of the stocks and go." Finn explained. He had put a lot of thought into this plan, even going as far as to crunch some numbers to see if the trip was doable.

"Finn…that's our retirement money." Kurt shot back. It wasn't that he was against spending the money on a trip to New York City; it was more that he didn't want Finn to make a rash decision in the heat of the moment and it come back and bite him later.

"Don't care. I want one last trip with the man I love and our three wonderful children. Just say yes, Kurt."

"Yes!" Kurt shouted.

"Papa?" Emily asks from the kitchen doorway. After breakfast had finished, their three children had disappeared to their own corners of the house, which had suited the men fine. It had given them their own time to be together, which was getting easier and easier to find as their children became older.

"Yes, Em?" Kurt asked, not bothering to step out of his lover's embrace.

"Can you come and help me? I'm not sure which shoes to wear with my new graduation dress." Emily told her papa. He was the fashion guru in their home, always knew what to wear and when to wear it. So it stood to reason that Emily would come to him.

Pulling away from Finn, Kurt followed his eldest and only daughter up the stairs. With a last glance behind him, Kurt winked at Finn, letting the other man know that their conversation wasn't finished. "I thought we had agreed on the white." Finn heard as the pair disappeared up the stairs.

"You really love him, don't you dad?" A voice asked off to Finn's left. Turning his head slightly, the father looked at his eldest son, Chris. Apparently, the fourteen year old had shown up at some time or other and hadn't made his presence known to his fathers.

"He waited for me, through war and my own stupidity, kid. Your papa is a better man than me, but he makes me want to be a better man, everyday." Finn answered truthfully.

"I hope I find that kind of love, one day."

"And you will." Finn assured his eldest son "Come on; we need to go find your brother."

"Why?" Chris questioned, watching as his dad pulled the plug on the sink and placed the last dish in the drainer.

"I fear for the neighbor's dog." Chris giggled at his dad's statement. He had once heard his papa remark that the only time his younger brother was an angel was when he was asleep, but even then that wasn't a guarantee.

"That poor mutt." Chris agreed. "Henry is a menace."

"But we love him anyway." Finn remarked, holding the door open for Chris to pass through. Slamming the screen door shut before him, Finn followed Chris out into their backyard, where Henry was sure to be, trying to entice the neighbor's dog through the gap in the fence.

"Sure, dad…I'll let you believe that." Chris scoffed, rolling his eyes at his dad.

"Come on, you. We need to find Henry, so I can wrestle him into his suit for your sister's graduation." Finn told his son, earning a nod of the boy's head. Smiling to himself, Finn closed the distance between him and his eldest son, placing an arm around the boy's shoulders as they walked.

From his daughter's bedroom, Kurt watched his husband and sons; they and the girl, who was getting ready to embark on her biggest adventure, were his life. He might not have always gotten what he wanted, but someone in the universe made sure that he got what he needed. And he had needed Finn Hudson's support, just as much as he needed his love. As for his children, they opened his eyes to the world with their child like innocent, made him realize what was really important in life, and he couldn't have asked for a better gift, even if he had tried. Besides, he had his freedom, now…it was his daughter's and he wished her all the luck and happiness in the world.