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Chapter 5


"Oh, hey Logan." I said, a bit nervously. I had no idea how to address this situation. Less than an hour after we'd officially met, we'd began making out due to our Feral sides calling to each other.

"Sorry we were interrupted earlier. Summers has a knack for being annoying." Logan said, he turned slightly, and locked the door behind him.

I tilted my head to one side. "What's going on, Logan?" I asked. I needed to know.

"Don't you know? Can't you feel what our feral sides are telling us?" He asked.

"All I know is that my Feral is calling out to you." I said.

"That's exactly it, Isabella." Logan said. He approached me and placed his hand under my chin, tilting it up, so that our eyes met. "That call is what I'm talking about. It means that our feral sides will accept no others as our mates."

I sat down heavily on the bed, and looked at the floor, sighing. Was he playing the same game as Cullen?

"What's wrong, Isabella? Tell me." Logan asked, kneeling in front of me.

"You aren't the first person to say you're my mate." I said.

"What do you mean?" Logan asked, growling.

"Edward Cullen." I spat the name out. "He's… a vampire."

"I know the Cullens. Only really get on with Emmett and Jasper. The others are too, placid… and I know which one you're talking about."

"Well, I dated him for a while. He told me I was his mate, I was a fool, and I believed him. And then he told me that I was nothing more than a toy to him and his family. A distraction."

Logan growled fiercely. "He did what? If I get my hands on him…" He was silent for a minute, as he composed himself. He took a deep breath in, before he cupped my chin in his hand once more. Our eyes met. "I'm not lying to you about this, Isabella. You are my mate, and I am yours. Can't you feel it?" Logan kissed me deeply, before pulling away, leaving me breathless. My Feral side wanted more. In fact, all of me did. It had never felt so good, so right, with Edward. But it did now. "Can't you feel how right this is?"

"I can feel it. I'm just afraid of getting hurt again."

"I would never hurt you." Logan said, before his lips claimed mine once more. He rose up a bit, pushing me backwards so that I was pressed against the bed. I felt Logan's tongue run against my lips. I allowed his tongue into my mouth, and our tongues fought for a while, with him eventually winning. His arms wrapped round my waist, pulling me into him. I wrapped my arms round Logan's neck, and my legs round his waist. I felt his stiffened member rub against me, and moaned. I was no virgin, by any means, but I had never got what my classmates in phoenix, and several in Forks, thought was so good about sex. But I'd only ever been with a hormonally driven teenage boy back in Phoenix, and that wasn't Logan. I could feel that he was all man. Just feeling him rub against me was driving my body crazy.

"Logan." I moaned against his lips, my hips bucking, causing more friction between us.

Logan growled, and I felt his hands move and start to remove my shirt. He pulled away just enough so that he could pull it off me, and I pushed his leather jacket off him, and pulled off his t-shirt. Logan seemed to hold himself back for a moment.

"Are you sure you want to go any further, Isabella?" He asked.

I smiled at him, glad he'd taken my thoughts into account. I placed a hand on his cheek. "Yes, I do want this." I said.

His lips were back on mine immediately. I felt his hands undoing my jeans, and pushing them down. I was now only in my underwear. I quickly undid his jeans, and pushed them down, but in my eagerness, I pushed his pants away too. I heard him kick off his boots, and then his jeans and pants. Logan undid my bra, and pulled it off me, and then he removed my panties.

Logan's hot lips furiously attacked my neck. My back arched, as his hands squeezed my breasts, needing them. I felt his rock hard cock brush against my entrance before he pushed into me. I gasped as I felt myself stretch. He must be huge! Definitely far bigger than the boy I had been with before. I felt Logan still as he settled fully inside me, letting me get used to his size. After a few moments, Logan began to move in and out of me, I met him, thrust for thrust, as I ran my hands up and down his back. Logan's lips trailed down my neck to my shoulder as his thrusts became harsher and faster. I moaned as I felt the pressure start to build. My breath was coming out in short sharp pants as Logan drove me over the edge. He worked a hand between us, and rubbed my folds harshly, driving me closer to a climax, quicker. I threw back my head, gasping out, as my world exploded in orgasm. Logan thrusted into me several more times, before I felt him spill inside me. The moment I felt him come, Logan bit down on my shoulder, causing me to cry out, and I felt my blood spill out of the wound Logan caused.

When Logan pulled out of me, his teeth let go of my shoulder, and I felt the wound heal. Logan kissed me deeply, and I ran my hands through his hair. He settled on the bed beside me, and pulled me into his chest, turning so that he was on his back, and I was lying on top of him. I felt one of Logan's hands trace along the membrane of one of my wings.

"There's no going back now Isabella." He said. "You are mine now."

I settled my head into the crook of his neck, and closed my eyes, falling asleep.

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