"Pokémon speech"


Several years ago…

"Prayer I…"

"No don't go Zero, please you're the only one for me!"

"I'm sorry sweetie, I love you…"

"I love you too Zero…"

"Here prayer, take this, so that it will always remind you of the good times we had"

"She hesitantly catches the silver locket tossed from his cold near death paws."

"I… love… you… Pray…"

"No don't leave me Zero! "



And the Raichu disappears, as he lets go from the branch he was grasping and plummets down the near bottomless water fall.

Present day in Castelia city…

"Hey, mister something's wrong with my Snivy, but she won't tell me how to help her…can you help us?"

"Well sure, I can little buddy, let me have a little chat with her."

" Here you go!"

"Hello their names Flex, I'm a Pokémon therapist that stands at a whopping 6'5", I've got orange hair, and wear glasses, I'm usually caught wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a button up t-shirt. I'm around 25 years old, although I don't know my real age or my birthday for that matter. So by just looking at others this age I just kinda put two and two together, but the thing that makes me unique is…"

"Alright now Snivy tell me what ails you?"

"Well it just that… well I can't seem to…"

"What, what is it?"

"I can't seem to take to my trainer's new friend and every time he tries to talk to me I can't seem to respond…"

"And just who is this other friend?"


"Young man did you catch any new friends recently?"

"Yes it was this little guy…"

Suddenly a new form appears and out comes a rather strong looking Treecko.

"Ah… Treecko could you come here for a second, please?"

" Sure…"

The two of us walk into the back room and begin to discuss a few personal things and then re-emerge moments later.

"Alright my little Snivy I know what the issue is… you are in love…"


"Yes…love, the Treecko in question, is in fact…turning you on in a way that your mind just goes blank each time you try to speak with him… am I right?"

A simple blushing nod is seen from her.

"Alright young man, I know what's wrong with your Snivy here… and its nothing to worry about, she just need to work things out with your new friend there and everything will be alright."

"But…I have a match coming up and I need both of them ready…"

"Alright then we'll see if we can sort this out now…"

"Alright then; Snivy, Treecko step back here with me if you please…"



"Now Snivy what I want you to do if you ever want to get over this is to confront the problems your facing directly, and in your case it's the Pokémon in front of you, and the only way for one another to feel each other is…"

"Is to what?"


Suddenly several lights turn on around them to reveal a battlefield.

"Alright Treecko, Snivy take your positions on either side of the field"

Both nod although Snivy does so a bit hesitantly.

"And begin!"

"Treecko launches himself at Snivy, punching, kicking, and pounding right at Snivy, as she attempts to dodge each of the attacks."

"Come on Snivy you have to fight back!"

"I c-can't…"

"Well why not?"

"B-Because… "



"You what?"

"I love you!"

And Treecko stops attacking, while Snivy falls to her hands and knees in tears.

"You love me?"

"Yes! I've loved you since master first caught you, and I couldn't ever take my eyes off you when you battled… that's why I could never fight you with all I had…because…"


"Because I was afraid that I would hurt you like I hurt the last Pokémon I loved…"

And she starts to cry uncontrollably on the ground while Treecko just stands there dumbfounded.

*sniff, "Huh?"

And there standing right in front of her is Treecko holding out his hand ready to help her up.

She places her paw into his, and he helps her up, but also surprisingly into a hug.

"It's alright, Snivy…because…I …feel… the same… about you as well…"


"Would it be alright if I considered you my girlfriend from now on?"



"There's no need to worry about that… I believe that even if you love someone you should always love them with everything you have… even if they hurt you… abandon you… or leave you… it's always good to remember the good times you had, and even the bad time, because they will always make you stronger."

*Clap, clap. "Great job you two, now go back to your trainer, and be the best you can be!"


The three of us step out of the tent and back into the plaza to their awaiting trainer.

"Alright young man, I think that should solve the problem with your Snivy. Just remember to feed them, nurture them, and love them with all you got, and there won't be anything you can't do."

"Thanks mister!"

"No thank you young man. Next!"

"And the young man scooped up his two Pokémon and headed for his next adventure."

"Yep that is me, Pokémon therapist of Castelia city."

"Not a broad profession, but a good one to say the least… see the only way to become a therapist is to be able to connect with any and every Pokémon on their individual levels. And solve any problem they have, and since so few people can do that… well… I will just put it this way… we are always in high demand…"

"Yes I have an appointment for 3:00…"

"Yeah, it's the life… but I wasn't always this way… see I really don't have much, if any of a past that I can recall…"


"One day just outside of Nimbasa city I woke up at the foot of a forest, and had no memory of who is was, or how I got here. Nothing seemed familiar to me, even the slightest bit. No name, no relatives, nothing… other than the ability to be able to communicate with people and Pokémon at the same time."

"I had been wandering around town for two days now, trying to find someone to help me, luckily upon entering the city one day I came across an old couple that had gone out shopping, and I don't know if it was out of pity or, it was just in their nature. They took me in and took care of me, gave me a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and a name for me to be called by."



"Come help me, would you please?"


"They named me that for all the activities I had been able to assist them with, and since I had been able to do almost everything they requested without even having to show me how to do it. They just started calling me Flex."

"Several years later, they died… I was terrified…but having no children of their own, they gave everything to me. After their funeral services I realized that I couldn't stay in that house anymore… too many memories… so I packed up a bag put the house on the market to be sold, and left for a new life."

"And a few weeks of traveling, I stumbled across a traveler that was traveling to his home town of Nuvema town, to take care of some Pokémon that had been injured. I, having nothing better to do, followed him back and helped him in any way I could. In turn I discovered my fluency of speech, and not just in English or Pokémon, but also in almost every language around."

"Upon arriving to our second stop in town, we met his family, and he took me on as his apprentice, and taught me his profession in Pokémon therapy."

"We traveled all over Unova helping Pokémon with any problems they had. And one night just before dinner, we had a talk."

"Hey Flex…"

"Yes sensei?"

"I think you are ready."

"Ready? Ready for what?"

"Ready to do these things on your own."

"Master I've only been your apprentice for what, 2 years now? The profession states that one must be apprenticed under a license A doctor for at least 3-4 years…"

"That is true unless…"

"Unless… what?"

" Unless you test early, out of the extra few years and obtain your own license A…"

"Wait so that means I can become my own therapist?"


"But master I'm not ready… I rely on you too much…"

"Yes, but I feel once you advance you will not only be ready, but you will have surpassed me…"

"Surpass you, but…"

"Now Flex I have taught you everything I know, from a-z, beginning to end, alpha to omega, sunrise to sunset. I believe in you…"


"Now I have pulled a few strings, and have you set for your test 3 days from now, so right after our practices you will take it…"

"And you will pass it…"

"And you will become the best damn Pokémon therapist there ever was!"

"The next day we arrive in town as usual and proceed with our practices, and at the end of the day we head for the head quarters of Pokémon therapy. We enter into the foyer and wait for my master's colleague to call me back to do my test. After I was summoned, I was placed into a small room that kinda looked like a police interrogation room. I was told to get set up and that my test would begin shortly. after for what seemed like an eternity, a mentally distraught Pokémon was brought in and placed in my care. He was a timid little Pokémon that had appeared to be scared of just about everything.

In a little earpiece they had given me earlier, they had informed me that I would have until sunset to take care of the patient. The rather roomy looking window off to the side was drawn open to show my time remaining. I approached the timid Raichu and began my test, as time few by he had begun to open up to me a bit, and finally tell me what was ailing him. He was in love but wasn't sure that the interest was as well, as she was showing behavior to him that looked like she hated his guts. After a bit of discussion I had requested to have her brought in.

After several minutes, she was waiting outside the door. It was a Gardevior, and a powerful one. I took here aside and began to speak to her telepathically while Raichu began to nimble on some snacks I had given him to relax a bit. Then it hit me, an old saying that I had somehow forgotten."

"Alright you two, I want you to have a little match…"


"It's alright now Raichu… if your feelings are true then they will shine."

"A hesitant nod is seen from him and the two of them got into position. And the two began to spar In the small room, even though it wasn't meant for that purpose, It didn't really matter. After a few minutes Raichu began to open up more to Gardevior and started to show more of his feelings towards her, until finally…an argument broke out…"

"So why don't you quit trying to hit me Raichu and just hit me for god's sake!"

"I can't… your just too fast!"

"Stop making excuses!"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm…NOT!" And Raichu lets out a thunderbolt into the room temporarily knocking out the power, until the backup generator came online.

"Ha…ha… gotchu…"

"But Gardevior lay there motionless for a few seconds not moving a muscle."


"Oh no Gardevior?"

"Mister go get some help quick!"

"But I stand there motionless…"

"Why are you just standing there… oh no I must've hit him too, someone…anyone!"

"But no answer is heard."

"No Gardevior please don't die….on me…"

"But still no response is heard from her…"

"No Gardevior you can't die yet I still…"

"…Still haven't told you how I feel yet!"


"I Love you!"

"Raichu bursts out sobbing all over Gardevior's motionless body until, he feels a sharp breathing under his head."


Small giggles could be heard from me side of the room.


And then Gardevior and I burst out laughing, while Raichu just sits there like a lump on a log.


"My sides hurt!"I spit out still of a fit of laughter

We both continue to laugh for a few minutes, until our minds calm down, and allow us to speak.

"Ok Raichu… sorry about that, but It was the only way to get you to open up…"

"So that means…"

"Yes… I'm alright"

And the white figure that had been laying on the floor, began to pick herself up to Raichu's eye level.

A blush so dark appeared on his face at the close contact, that you could see it through his fur. And suddenly, Gardevior moved in…

And after all that the two were kissing, and very passionately, at least in my professional opinion without getting too dirty.

After they broke the kiss, she looked at him with loving eyes; that is until he dropped his star stricken face and hugged her around her neck.

As she stood up, she picked him up along with her thanked me with a bow and walked out the door. I stole a look outside to watch the sunset, and await my results…

About an hour after the sun had set, my sensei along with some men that I had assumed where my test evaluators entered the room where I had been tested. They all had glum looks on their faces.

My face met theirs and to almost the point of crying, my sensei lifted my head, and spoke two simple words that I would cherish for the rest of my life…

"You passed…"

End flashback

"So that's how I had become an official Pokémon therapist and opened a location here in town, customers flew in like Starly trying to escape from a hungry Mightyena. I had gotten so busy that before the first day was over I had already gotten a secretary to take care of my appointments and schedule."

"So now here we are at the end of another fine day, and we where both exhausted."

"So boss after all this time, this place finally closes up shop…"

"Yeah Saria, but we reopen in a new building where all our guests can wait in splendor."

"After a year of waiting, the building I had commissioned to be constructed was going to be finished, in the next few days and we would be opening its doors soon."

"Alright my assistant we shall meet in the new building first thing tomorrow, and get things ready for next week."

"Understood boss…I'll…"

"What is it?"

"I'll miss this place…"

"Yeah I will to, do not worry; I will still keep all of this in storage in case we need it for something."

Still a glum look is plastered on her face.

"Well…bye boss see you…"

"Wait Saria, how about we go get a bite to eat before we turn in…my treat!"

"No that's ok boss, I'm getting tired and I want to have plenty of rest for the coming days…"

"Alright then, sleep tight."

She slowly starts to walk home, with a drag in her feet until I get an idea. I run up to a few feet before her, and before she can ask.

*whistle "Hey taxi!"

A midsized taxi pulls up, and I open the door.

"Hop in Saria…"

With a slight perk in her step, she quickly hops into the back seat while I open the passenger side door and hand the driver a bill and a note.

"Take this young lady home, and keep the change Mac, and make it snappy!"

The driver looks at the bill and gets wide eyed, he take a look at the note punches in the address into his GPS, and thanks me.

"Now you sleep well tonight Ms. Saria and I will see you tomorrow. "

A small smile creeps onto her face, and the taxi takes off for her home.

"Ah… the joys of helping others it satisfies me…"

And suddenly everything goes dark.