A Stranger and some alone time with between brothers.

Author: Eclipse2025

Beta/assistant: Perfect_Oblivion

Chapter 4

She head-butts the stranger, but is still being held back by another Pokémon

"Oh so this one has a bit of spunk, well let's just break that now shall we? Drake emerge! I have a present for you!"

The stranger lets out another Pokémon in the dark and Flex can only hear what is happening.

"Ah, a beautiful young flower, just ripe for the plucking… vat is your name little one?"

Charlotte turns her head and doesn't respond.

"So you refuse to speak… vell dat will change in due time…"

"Daddy always taught me never to even so much as give meanies like you even so much as my name."

"Well after tonight, I don't think you will ever forget my face or that of my master. As I will make sure your dreams for the rest of your days are filled with anguish and suffering."


"A never ending nightmare, if you will, and you might never wake from it."

Charlotte's face turns pale as the Pokémon our captor had summoned begins to move closer to her.




And all goes dark.

A few hours later something was shaking me to wake up.

It was a local police officer that had just gotten off his shift.

"Master Flex are you alright?"


"Are you alright?"

"n….no… where is Charlotte?"

"She is with the medic in the ambulance, across the street."

(sigh…) "That's good, can you help me up?"


The officer puts out a hand to help Flex up, he has a slight limp but is still able to walk.

The officer helps him over to the ambulance where Charlotte is being examined by the medic.



She leaps off the table despite what the medic was doing and hugs him sobbing uncontrollably.

"Its alright… daddy's is here…"

"Mister Flex?"


"Can I talk to you, in private?"

"Daddy, please don't leave me!"

"Alright sweetie, come here…"

Flex picks her up, despite the pain in his leg.

"I think that answers your question, what is the issue?"

"Well, Charlotte was violated…"

Charlotte holds him that much tighter at the revelation

"You mean…"

"Yes, the man who assaulted you, his Pokémon violated young Charlotte here…"

Flex's eyes go wide and Charlotte hugs him tighter.

"Is she?"

"That is not yet know…"

"If you would please…"

"No. just take us home…"


"Take us home… I'll talk to Nurse Joy first thing tomorrow."

"But sir you have been…"

"I'll see Joy in the morning! My first priority is Charlotte right now, and she is emotionally traumatized at the moment. And seeing as how I am a Pokémon therapist as well as her father, she needs to be taken care of before seeing any doctor."

Before the medic can say anything, Flex has begun to walk away from him and entered a nearby police car that would take him and Charlotte home.

Within the hour the two are home and Flex releases Strike, Ichigo and Yuki and puts them to bed in strikes room.


"Yes Charlotte?"

"Please can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course sweetie, now come on and lets get some rest before the sun rises."


"Come here…"

She puts out her arms to allow Flex to pick her up.

"Alright sweetie, before we go to sleep I need you to tell me what happened…"


"Its alright sweetie, but it will help me help you through it. That's what I'm here for. Now before we start how about I get you some nice hot coco."

Her eyes fill with Joy.

"There we go, there is that smile…"

But before she can hold it long enough for Flex to pet her on the head she gets a slight vision from earlier and shrieks in terror.


"Charlotte! Open your eyes sweetie!"


"I'm here."

"Please don't leave me alone…."

Flex nods, and picks her up and walks into his kitchen. He searches the cupboards for the desired item. After several minutes of searching, he finds the desired item. He pulls some milk out of the fridge and begins to heat it. After a bit of time he mixes in the chocolate and helps Charlotte drink it.

She slowly gulps it all down and drifts into a peaceful slumber.

(sigh…) "Well now that that is over…"


"Hey Strike, you should be asleep…"

"I cant…"

"What's wrong?"

"Charlotte's scream woke me up and well it scared me too…"

"Come here buddy…"

"Strike walks up and hugs Flex's leg."

"Its alright…"

Flex picks up his fraternal son, and holds him in tight hug.

"Alright buddy, come on lets get some sleep…"


"What is it Ichigo?"

"Can we…"

"Alright you two hang on…"

"Strike, hop on my shoulder while I grab Charlotte alright?"

He nods and does as he's told, Flex picks up Charlotte and walk into strikes room.

Flex picks up the two remaining Pokémon and walks to his room. The three Pokémon that are awake lie down on the edge of the bed while Flex lays Charlotte down at the top and cover her small body with blankets. After grabbing some spare pillows from the closet to give to the young Pokémon something soft to rest on. Flex lays down next to Charlotte on the other side of his bed, after a brief shower he slips into his night clothes and lies down.


"Charlotte you should be asleep…"

"I cant sleep…."

"Come here…"

Charlotte moves closer to Flex and snuggles up close to her father and holds him close.

"Now Charlotte…"


"Now before we leave tomorrow we need to talk about what happened…"

"But… "

"Please, not only can I help you with whatever they did to you but… you will feel as if an enormous burden has been taken off your shoulders."


"Now get some sleep…"


"What is it sweetie?"

"Has Charlotte been a bad girl?"

"No Charlotte, you have been a very good girl."

"Then why?"

"That's life sweetie… good things happen, bad things happen…its all a part of life."


"And its not what happens to us over the course of our lifetime, but how we cope and press on with the horrors that do come our way."

"Okay… and daddy?"

"Yes dumpling?"

"Can you pet me like you used too?"

"Of course sweetie… if you ever want me to do it. Don't hesitate to ask…"


Flex begins to scratch behind her ears and within moments she is fast asleep once again. He looks down at his other Pokémon and they too are fast asleep.



The next morning Flex wakes up to a rather annoying phone call.

(grunt…) "Who on earth would be…"

He stops as he looks at the clock.

"Damn it!"

He whips up out of bed startling the four Pokémon round him.

"Is there something wrong daddy?"

"We're late sweetie. Go get the four of you bathed, we need to be outta here in the next fifteen minutes."



Flex gets a tirade of remarks through the other side of the phone line.

"Saria, slow down… I cant understand you when you are shouting. Now I understand that I am late. We got assaulted again last night, hence the reason why we are late. Now cool off, drink some water before you have a heart attack, and simply tell our clients that we will be there in a bit behind schedule. Also that they will receive a discount on their visit."


"Do as I say and ill be there after we go get Charlotte checked out by Nurse Joy."

Saria nods slowly and hangs up the phone.

"Alright Charlotte is everyone ready?"


"Charlotte? What's wrong?"

(knock, knock)

"Just a minute!"

"Come here…"

Flex grabs her out of the tub, dries all three Pokémon off and carries both Charlotte and Yuki to the door.


"Ah! Flex, I was wondering if you were alright, Saria called me a bit ago because you hadn't shown up yet, and…"

"Yes I know I just got off the phone with her, and I'm I a bit of a rush, can you hold Yuki here for a moment while I get these three ready to go?"



Yuki, pulls herself into Alders arms while Flex runs back inside grabbing, the egg carrier, his lunch carrier also several breakfast bars into said bag, and pours several glasses of orange juice.


Flex puts on the egg carrier and places Charlotte into it, Ichigo sitting patiently at the front door, throws the lunch bag on his shoulder, places all five bottles of orange juice inside as well. Strike jumps onto his shoulder as Flex walks past him. Flex also picks up Ichigo on the way out the door, and tosses a bottle of orange juice at alder.

"Um… Flex?"

"Sorry to trouble you alder but can you follow me to the center and feed that juice to Yuki. I kinda have my hands full…"


Just as Flex locks the door and looks at alder feeding Yuki. Alder looks at him with bewilderment.

"What's wrong alder?"

"Oh, nothing but do you have everything?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I do…"

Flex goes back over real quick what he was supposed to do.

"I'm pretty sure I didn't forget anything…"

"Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…"

"But what?"

"Flex you forgot to put some pants on…"

Flex looks down, and slaps his forehead.

He runs back inside, pulls the first pair of pants he finds on, and dashes back out the door.

After locking it a second time, the two head to the Pokémon center just a few blocks ahead.

"I'm glad I live only a few blocks from the center otherwise id be in big trouble right now…"

"You would be in deeper trouble if I hadn't come…"


the two arrive at the center moments later and Flex checks Charlotte and his other Pokémon in for checkups. ten minutes later the four come back out looking better than they did when they walked in. Flex lets go of a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"So Joy, how are they?"

"Everyone is perfectly fine…"


"All except for Charlotte…"

"So what exactly did they do to her?"

"She hasn't told you yet?"

"No, I planned to wake up early this morning and give her a bit of a session, but woke up late and…."

"I see… well she knows what she needs to do. Ill leave it to her to tell you."

"Just answer me this. Is her life in danger in anyway?"

"No… but… ill say this after last night she will never be the same…"

"Thank you Joy. Ill check back tonight…"

"Alright Flex. If you feel sick, call me immediately!"

"I understand Joy, and I will!"

Flex picks up his Pokémon and flies out the front door everyone safely back inside their Pokéball's except for Charlotte.

The two arrive at the office moments later

"Saria! We…."


"Oh thank Arceus!"

Saria grabs him into a tight hug.

"Boss you're okay…"

"Yes, Saria I am but I wont be if you don't let go…"

She jumps back and allows Flex to breath.

"Alright now I need a few minutes to get prepped, can you take Strike, Ichigo and Yuki in the break room and get them some Pokémon food?"

"Yes, but where is…"

"I'm back here Ms. Saria…."

"Oh Charlotte I didn't see you… what's wrong?"

"Ill explain later, besides I need to find out myself…."

"Alright, just buzz me when you're ready."

Flex open the door to his office and just as he closes the door, someone he would expect is sitting in his chair waiting for him

"So you finally decided to show up, I was wondering if you would even come to work today, Flex."


"Now, now, no need for violence as I am not here for such things…"

"In fact…"

"The figure changes into Zoroark"

"Oh sweet Arceus! You scared me half to death!"

"Sorry but it took some time to track him down…"

"So you know who did it?"

"Consider him already out of your hair…"

"That's not the point, where were you last night?"

"I was doing as you told me too, watching your assistant. But when I found out you were in trouble, by the time I got there the damage had already been done."

(sigh…) "Alright thank you, now return to your previous orders, I have clients that are waiting…"


Flex looks up at him darkly.

"As you wish…"

"Alright, Saria send the first one in."

"Um boss, all clients cancelled their appointments up until after lunch."

"Did they say why?"

"After I told them why, they plastered a look of shock on their face and just said they would come back later…"

(sigh… )"Alright thank you… the moment another clients comes in the door, send them in immediately…"

"Yes sir!"

"Alright Charlotte, come here sweetie…"

He picks her up out of the egg carrier on his chest, and places her on her favorite chair. He remembers something and requests Saria send in Lilli immediately.

"Alright sweetie, relax and look me in the eyes."

She leans back, and does as she's told. After several seconds her face appears to be that of someone who has been hypnotized.

"Now, from the moment we left here last night to the moment we got home, give me every detail."

Charlotte nods still with the hypnotized expression on her face, and Lilli walks in just as she starts.

After several very excruciating minutes, Flex is infuriated, but still has a calm look about him.

"Master Flex?"

"I'm alright Lilli…"


"Charlotte when I clap my hands you will wake up."

He claps three times and the expression disappears from her face.

"Alright Charlotte, now what did Joy say about your checkup?"

"Do you know what happened last night daddy?"

"Yes, I had to put you under hypnosis in order to do so…"

"Oh daddy!"

"Its alright… now what did Nurse Joy say?"



(sigh…) "Yes Saria?"

"A client is here to see you she should be walking in the door now." She says rather blatantly

"Thank you…"

Just as the buzzer clicked again the door opened to a young woman.

"Yes can I help you mam?"

"Um… I'm not here to see you per say, but I wanted to bring you lunch despite what happened last night…"

"Thank you… Miss…"

"Oh I'm Miss Pepper; I'm a friend of Nurse Joy down at the center. She told me something happened and knew that one of my lunches always helped people feel better."

"Thank you miss pepper, I appreciate it. Come here Charlotte and have some with me."


"Thank you again Miss Pepper…"

When Flex looks up, she is gone.

"What the hell?"

"Saria, did Miss Pepper leave already?"

"Um… no one came by… the desk at all…"

"Then why did you tell me…never mind, thank you Saria."

As Flex looks up Charlotte has devoured the boxed lunch and is sleeping peacefully on the sofa.

(sigh…) "Well there goes lunch… oh well I guess I can always…"


"Sir, I have several packages here at the desk for you…"

"But I… oh my goodness, Joy…what have you done?"


"Nothing I'll be there in a sec…" Flex replies as he takes a blanket out of a nearby closet and places it gently over Charlotte

Flex walks into the foyer to several delivery guys dropping package after package at the front desk.

"Um… Saria… "

"Its not me boss…"

"Excuse me are you master Flex by chance?"

"Yes… "

"Okay good, then I need you to sign here for the delivery and here for the installation."

"First before I sign anything, what is all this?"

"Well lemme pull out the log and make sure everything is here."

"Alright over there on your secretaries desk should be your supply order that we bring every month."


"Next are the boxes over there by your office doors, those are the supplies for your seminar that you ordered a few weeks ago…"


"Next are the food stuffs for your vending machines in your break room, both human and Pokémon food stuffs."


"Next is the security system, over by the…"

"Wait… I didn't order that…"

"Not to worry it has been taken care of…"

"May I ask by whom?"

"Unfortunately I don't even know, the receipt just says anonymous…"

(sigh…) "Alright."

"Oh right the technician to install the system will be by tomorrow to install it as well as the setup for your home and bike."


"Yes, another anonymous order, and I must say I'm really jealous right now…"

"How so?"

"This bike isn't even on the market yet…"

"Pardon me Master Flex, but you must know some damn good people to get this kinda connection…"

"Yeah... once I find out who all this is from them I will let you know… umm by the way what kinda of bike is it?"

"Oh right its apparently a concept car so no official name is on it yet, so for now we just refer to it as the Audi concept."

"Sweet mother of Arceus…"

"My words exactly…"

"And the rest of the stuff is equipment ordered to upgrade your current material, which by the way an agent will be here about 3pm to help set up, and the last bit which we went ahead and placed in your office are all gifts from signed customers, actually takes up two pages…"

"Wait lemme see that!"

Flex snaps the log from his hand, and looks down the log at the senders names. All clients he has had in the past. From the day, he opened to the day he moved into his new office.

"Um sir… are you alright?"

Before Flex could even respond, a tear fell down his cheek.

"Saria, come here…"


"Look over this log, if I'm not mistaken every single client we've had since day one is on this list minus the few anonymous at the top."

"Arceus boss, your right. The only one I don't see is Mister and Mrs… "



"Oh right, see I have photographic memory, and I'm also really good with names… so after meeting you once, I know who you are no matter if I see you tomorrow or 30 years from now…"

"So… "

"So, every client I've ever had is on this list. Most of which I haven't heard from in years…"

"Well each package has a card on it, so I'm sure there's an explanation in their as well."


"Yeah, we gotta scan this stuff before its sent out, otherwise well… yeah so of course we know is exactly what is in each box."


"Now master Flex I believe we must be going…"

"Oh right…"

Flex signs the clipboard, and gives the man a tip.

"For all the trouble, here guys. For bringing it all in."

All three guys go wide eyed.

"But sir we cant…"

"Don't worry about it… now off you go…"

Each of the three guys exit the office and the truck takes off.

"Well let go take a look at this new…"


"Oh hey sweetie…"

"There are some…"

"Yes, I know, some packages, did you get a good nap?"

She nods happily.

"Now, how about we go sit down and finish our little talk."

She nods and the two walk back into Flex's office.

"Ms. Saria, go ahead and get things organized seeing as we probably will be busy for a bit. When the guys for the installations arrive, show them where everything will go and save my office for last."

"Of course…"

And after they finish go ahead and go home as I doubt any more clients will show up as word has probably already spread…


Before Saria can turn around to bid him adieu, Flex has already closed the door behind him

"Alright sweetie, now what did Joy tell you."

"Oh… Miss Joy told me that…"

"That what?"


"Its alright Charlotte, you can tell me I wont love you any less for it."

"Because of what happened last night miss Joy checked out my insides."

"You mean…"

Charlotte nods


"Charlotte is…"


Charlotte pulls out a note that Joy had written in the case that she couldn't tell Flex.


Charlotte has been injured not only emotionally but… her reproductive track has been damaged, so she will never have kids… there is a procedure that can repair it, but has not been attempted as of yet. When you come back to the center tonight I will have some medication that will help her body try to heal… she will need you now more than ever.

See you soon,

Nurse Claire Joy'

"Oh Charlotte…"

"Daddy! Charlotte is scared…."

"I know… but Ill be there for you all the way"


A week goes by and the date for the famed meeting is nearly at hand.

Charlotte's body had begun to heal beyond what Joy had originally thought.

"Well at least we know the one that hurt her was a Whimsicott…"

"Yeah and you don't find too many of those around this side of Unova…"

"Right… and what of the mercenary?"

"Well let's just say he was found three nights later next to that of his maimed Whimsicott. Died of multiple heart attacks, and a ruptured liver. His Whimiscott had died from suffocation…"

"Good riddance …"

"And low and behold the gift giver turned out to be a Princess Salvia."

"Wait you had a session with THE Princess Salvia?!"

"Well she wasn't in for very long, as she was away from her butler at the moment."

"What was wrong?"

"Sorry? Patient confidentiality. My hands are tied…"

"Not even to me your secretary?"

"Nope, it's between me and her, not another soul is to know about it unless she says yes."

"Alright boss…"

"And if you look through my files Saria, I will not hesitate in releasing you."

Saria gets a shock up her spine.


"Uh-huh… just keep laughing…"


Now is the famed day of the meeting between Ash, Espeon, Light, Saria, Vaporeon, and Flex

"Alright Saria we have about an hour before we meet up with them is everything set and accounted for?"

"Yes boss, and Light sent me an email earlier today, he feels that the boys sister should attend as well."

"Alright… I don't have a problem with it but if Espeon does then well she must remain out. And speaking of emails did you receive any other emails today?"

"If you are meaning the one from Doc, then yes he arrived in Altomare late last night and all his equipment should be setup and running by the end of our meeting."

"Good, go ahead and contact Nurse Joy in Altomare and make sure Doc is well accommodated for the procedure."

"Of course."

"Now, then Charlotte?"

"Yes daddy?"

"Are you alright?"

"Yes daddy."

"Do you need anything?"

"No daddy, I think everything is under control"

"Good girl, now if you need anything Lilli will be right outside our office."


Saria then releases her Pokémon Vaporeon sits down on the sofa while Lilli take a seat just outside the door.

"Perfect, now as for…"

As if right on cue a phone call comes through.

"Ah... its Light!"

"Good, patch him through."

"On Flex's screen appears Light and Belle, looking rather cheerful"

"Alright, Light ill take a bite what's got you in a good mood?"

"Oh it's nothing…"

"Alright… and if Espeon doesn't feel comfortable with her here then she will have to be excused."

"I understand and…"

"Its alright, if my brother should have any problems with my presence then I will graciously excuse myself"

"Alright Ms.… "

"Ms. Belle at your service."

"Saria is the software running?"

"Hold on…"

"Ah there was the problem it just needed to be refreshed. We should be able to understand most of what is being said."

"Good and I can clear anything up should it arise"

"Of course"

"Now to wait for the guest…"

And also as if on cue, the guest of honor calls.

"Ah Ash, Espeon, good to see you."

"You as well master Flex."

"Thank you. Now, before we begin Light has asked that Espeon's sister attend is that alright with you?"

"Which sister?"

"Ms. Belle"

"I am not familiar with that name I must see her."

"Alright, just a moment…"

"Light are you still there?"


"Good, Espeon requests to see her before making a decision."

"Alright… it's understandable he must not recognize her by her name."

The calls are connected and Espeon looks at someone he hasn't for a long time.

"Belle is that really you?"

"Yes brother, it has been quite some time."

"That it has sister… master Flex she may remain should she choose to. I do not mind her presence, but I fear that upon this revelation she might feel uncomfortable, out of place, but most of all disturbed. I would…"

"Its alright brother… I understand, I will take my leave and hopefully we can catch up another time."

"Goodbye Belle, hopefully I will see you soon."

"Alright, now just to keep things simple and to the point, on each of your screens will be a translation of all Pokéspeak that is said here, and Saria will be documenting all that is said here."

"And just for patient confidentiality, everything said here will remain between us and us only. Nothing will be voiced outside of these walls or this conversation."

"Does everyone understand?"

Everyone nods.

"Alright now down to business."

"Now as a reminder, a doctor that I know and would trust with my life, is inside the center at this moment currently prepping his equipment for you examination after this meeting. All material that comes out of said examination will only be viewed by those accepted by Espeon and his trainer. Me and 'Doc' as he wishes to be referred as, will be the only other professionals that will view said results unless Ash or Espeon say otherwise. Is this acceptable?"

Ash and Espeon nod.

"Alright, now Espeon please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be in Ash's possession."

Ash calmly explains all he knows, with Espeon filling in on some parts about from that fateful day to which he was taken from his home to now by which he is by Ash's side.

"I got him when he was just an Eevee as a gift from my grandfather. I don't know what region Espeon is from since he never knew the name of it himself, we only found out at the Altomare contest that he actually was from Unova."

"All he knew was that his home was by the sea. And he wasn't well liked by the other kits because he was... well lets say different. He was a lot stronger than them and that made them jealous. One day, they were playing by a coastal shipping station, and one of the other Eevees asked him to see what was going on. "

"Now I'm going to speculate that was Vaporeon here."

Espeon nods while Vaporeon closes his eyes, lays down and places both paws over his head.

"So, Espeon went and checked, but one of the Eevees pushed him off the ledge he was standing on, and into a crate. Before he could get back out, the crate was closed and sealed, trapping him inside. Then he was loaded on a boat and cast out to sea. He was trapped inside that crate for three weeks, being loaded from one ship to another, surviving solely by drinking sea water that leaked into the crate from storms and waves. "

"It had tasted horrible, but I was too desperate and thirsty to care. Eventually, the crate I was in made it onto Ash's grandfather's ship,"

"For the record, who is your grandfather Ash?"

"Drake of the Elite Four in Hoenn,"

"Ah thank you, please continue."

"And while an entire cargo inventory was being taken due to a mislabeling of one of the crates, they found him, emaciated and half dead. Immediately they tried nursing him back to health, but he was extremely frightened, being in a strange place far from home and not having been shown any kindness by others save his family, and as such had desperately tried to crawl away, but his body was too weak to move."

"Eventually my grandfather and his crew managed to get him to trust them enough for them to feed him, but that was as far as they got. When he was strong enough to move, he immediately hid himself in a small cubby below deck, and refused to come out for anything except food and relieving himself."

"When Ash was training with his grandfather on the ways of dragon Pokémon, he met me. Of course I hid away from him the first chance I got, but every day he would show me some kindness, A small petting one day, a scratching behind the ear another. "

"Eventually I started following him around the ship, but whenever one of the other crew members came too close, I would always dash away and hide."

"On my seventeenth birthday, grandfather gave him to me as a present, and we've been together ever since. I showered him with kindness, and when he evolved and learned telepathy, he thanked me immensely for all the happiness I had given him, and promised to return that happiness to me a hundred fold."

"Alright, thank you, Vaporeon, same question."

"Master Flex before he starts I would like to say one more thing."


"During my captivity most days I felt very ill, I also developed claustrophobia…"

"Ill you say… has Ash gotten you checked out?"

"The day I joined him, he took me to the Pokémon center and had me checked out."

"Nurse Joy did a few tests on him but the equipment she had was unable to find anything at the time. So she took a blood sample and sent it off to be looked at."

"Did you ever get those results?"

"Yes, I took the liberty of getting a copy from Joy earlier…"

"That's quite alright, just show that to Doc when you see him and ill let him determine what should be done."


"Now Vaporeon will give his side then we shall break for a bit to allow Doc to do his thing and meet back up when he finishes."


"Now Vaporeon if you will…"

Vaporeon does the same, still slightly hesitating as to what he says.

"Everything starts as Espeon says…"

Vaporeon hesitates to continue.

"Vaporeon, please continue. Nothing will happen as long as you are truthful."

After a brief pause he continues.

"When I pushed you that day, it was only to scare you, but when you were locked into that crate, when you were put on that ship, I jumped down the cliff and chased after you. I swam and I swam, but soon I tired, and the ship vanished on the horizon. "

"A passing Lapras had brought me back to shore, otherwise I would have drowned. When I saw her swim away, I knew. I had to become what I am now, so I could swim across the ocean to find you. "

"So I trained myself every day to get stronger, and hunted every night for a water stone. But the days turned to weeks, then months, then years. Every day, I was reminded that it was my fault you were gone, and I was afraid I would never find you, so I gave up, but I never stopped trying to better myself."

"Several years later Ms. Saria was walking through our town, and she bought me from the ranch, then several months later I found that she had what I had been searching long and hard for. A water stone, me seeing that dark blue rock reminded me of the reason for all my training, but I belonged to someone, and I couldn't leave her behind. "

"Now that I've found you due to a cruel twist of fate, but instead of the happiness of us reuniting, there was only pain and hatred."

"Brother I never meant for all this to happen, all I wanted was to prove to you that you weren't the only strong one among us. And when I saw you at the contest, I felt as if an enormous burden came off my shoulders… I'm sorry, I truly am, and I would say it as much as needed to get you to forgive me. Despite all that has happened ive always thought about you."

"Vaporeon, thank you."


"That will be all for now, I don't need you getting too emotional on me…"


"Now Ash if you will go see Nurse Joy I believe Doc is ready."


"And as Doc does his test we shall still remain here observing all that takes place."


"Now Saria let the record show that Ash and Espeon are leaving the conversation and Espeon is being examined by Doc. All notes taken will be linked as reference."

"Yes, boss."

Ash and Espeon leave the screen and his side switches over to that where Doc resides in the center.


"Yes Flex?"

"Ash and Espeon should be there in a moment; we shall remain here and monitor your diagnostic."

"Of course."

"Also Ash should give you a report from the previous Nurse detailing her procedure."

"If it's like the one Joy just gave me then we shouldn't have any problem."

Ash and Espeon enter the room and over the next several minutes Doc, prepares Espeon for examination. Ash is asked to remain outside, in which he is seen holding hands with a young girl.

"Saria who is that young girl with Ash?"

"Must be his girlfriend boss, she was at the contest when I was there, but that is all I know."


"Master Flex I am beginning the procedure now."

"Take your time Doc, take your time."

"Nurse Joy?"


"Any and all samples I take please prep them in the proper format…"

The examination takes place over the next several hours, and Espeon awakens feeling rather sluggish.

"My….body… feels…."

"Espeon the medication used to sedate you is still running its course through your body, it will be at least six hours before it is expelled from your system."


"Ash, please grab Espeon very gently and lay him on the bed in the corner of the room."


The young girl taps Ash on the shoulder and signs something to him.

"What is it Ash?"

"Oh I'm sorry this is Amy, my girlfriend, she is mute and would like to join us."

"Under normal circumstances, due to the patient confidentiality agreement, I would say no, but since you are Espeon's trainer it will be left in your best judgment."


"All right Doc, what the diagnosis?"

"Just a moment, the results are just now coming through you should be getting your copy as well."

Flex looks at Saria and she nods confirming it as well.

"We are good on our end Doc."

"Light a quick question, how familiar are you with medical terms?"

"I studied under Pokémon physiology for a few years, so about enough to know what's what."

"Good, Saria will send you a copy of the examination in just a moment."

"Thank you."

"Now Ash, have you and Espeon discussed anything about the examination he took when you first got him?"

"When Joy pulled me aside after she looked him over, she said there was something wrong, but it was too far developed to anything about it."

"Okay, but other than that have you discussed it trainer to Pokémon?"

"Yes, but due to Espeon's nature he would rather…"

"Ash let me say it…"

"Espeon you should be lying down!"

"No, if anyone is to say it, it must be me."

"To be brutally honest Master Flex, I forgave my brother for what he did the moment I joined up with Ash. "

At this statement, Vaporeon literally sits at full attention.

"The reason I hate… no despise my brother is because of something that happened during my imprisonment. Due to my malnourishment, as Nurse Joy put it. My immune system dropped to zero, and he caught a unique mutated strain of Tuberculosis."

"Interesting… I am quite familiar with that, continue…"

"Because there was nothing to fight it, the disease ran rampant through my body. By the time it was caught, the disease had already rooted itself deep into my lungs and heart. Through medication, the disease was slowed down considerably, but it can't be stopped. "

"An Experimental treatment was found in Unova, but was disregarded due to a 10% survival rate, not to mention immediate retirement for my battling career if I did survive. "

Vaporeon's eyes widen in pure disbelief

"Right now Espeon can battle and train normally enough, but can't perform moves like Hyper beam. By now I'm sure Doc is just now learning that it has gotten much worse. Currently he is only able to battle for at most 15 minutes, and it's also becoming a little harder from him to speak more and more everyday."

"Now you see why I despise my brother, not because I was pushed, but because I only have so much time to fight for Ash before I becomes little more than dead weight."

"Then why not shoot for the procedure? The operation you are talking about has improved since we first learned of it and…"

"But I will no longer be able to battle ever again, and I would rather live with this horrendous disease and be able to live a life I can be proud of then be sitting at home becoming little more than a house pet…"

All people present are in a state of utter disbelief.


"I just don't know what to say…."

"Well Doc say it!"

"He has caught something that has only just been discovered and studied in the past few weeks…"

"I thought tuber…."

"Its an advanced form of tuberculosis…"

"What's it called Doc?"

"Edax Tuberculosis, otherwise known as Devouring Tuberculosis…"

"Explain, that is new information to me…"

"Well, Edax Tuberculii bacteria don't just infect the lungs, they start consuming the cellular structure of the respiratory system. Due to his extremely weakened immune system at the time, the bacteria were able to deeply root themselves in his lungs and heart, and are slowly consuming said organs."


"Based on its rate of growth Espeon will have at most a year and a half left to live…"

Vaporeon expression disappears into that of pure shock, and Espeon begins to cough rather roughly. Vaporeon in a state of almost pure mental breakdown jumps off the sofa he was lying on and walks up to the door.

"Vaporeon, please return to your seat…"

"I cant…"

"Excuse me?"

"I can't do it master Flex! I'm the whole reason my brother is dying right now! If I hadn't…"

Suddenly the door opens and Lilli pokes her head in, Vaporeon taking the incentive runs out through the open space.


(sigh…) "Lilli go grab Charlotte and help her go find Vaporeon, the office is locked up so he cant have gone far."


"While those two find him let us continue."


"Doc please finish reviewing the report, I need to know of any options we have to try and salvage anything we can from this."

"Ill go through every medical book I have if I need to. But I will find a way for him to be able to survive and still be able to battle."




"Can you come give me a hand, Vaporeon flew out of Flex's office and is somewhere still in the building."

"Sure… just lemme put these two to sleep."

"But we're not tired!"

"Its time for your nap, now please lay down and go to sleep, if you don't you wont have any energy for play time later."

"Charlotte, lemme give you a hand…"


Lilli shakes her flower on her head over the two young Pokémon, releasing some sleep spores over them causing their eyes to droop.

Within seconds the two young Pokémon are asleep, and Charlotte walks out with Lilli.


"Sure, now lets go find Vaporeon."

Charlotte nods and the two start their search of the office looking for the bubble jet Pokémon.

Charlotte enters the main foyer and finds Vaporeon hiding underneath Saria's desk.

"Vaporeon come on you need to come back to the office now…"


"Why not?"

"My brother is dying because of me!"

"But aren't we all destined to meet that fate eventually?"

"He looks up at her with blood shot eyes."

"Come here…"

She sits down next to Vaporeon, and consuls him the best she can.

After several minutes he calms down and she walks him back into Flex's office.

"Ah… Charlotte, thanks for brining him back…"

"Sure, he was just hiding underneath Ms. Saria's desk…"

"Ah… well go find Lilli and tell her, also please shut the door on your way out."

She bows and walks out.

"So are you ready to continue Vaporeon?"

He nods and returns to his seat.

"So Doc any luck?"

"Well I have an idea…"

"What is it Ash?"

"Amy was thinking that since they are brothers, shouldn't their bodies be similar?"

"Yes… Doc do you have Vaporeon's medical record?"

"Actually yes, yes I do."

Doc scrambles through a few files on his computer and draws it up to compare them to Espeons.

"Well everything in his papers look to be the same, I don't see why not…wait…."

"What is it Doc?"

"I can see it working properly if he was still an Eevee or an Espeon as well, but as he is now I fear if we where to transplant anything… I fear terrible things will happen…"

"What kind of things?"

"Well due to Vaporeon's nature as a water type Pokémon if we were to transplant organs between the two then… when Espeon even tries to do anything his brain could send the wrong signal to those organs and since they interpret things differently they could liquefy inside of him instantly and take his life in an instant."

"So basically Espeon just has that bit of time left to live?"

"I'm afraid so, I'm sorry everyone. I wish there was something I could do, but I'm out of options…"

"Thank you Doc…"

"Not a problem. I will remain over night to run over the data again and see what I can do."

"Don't kill yourself over it Doc."

"Trust me I wont…"

"Alright hopefully we should see you back here before the next week?"

"Yes, if nothing else comes up then I should be back in Unova by Wednesday next week."

"Well if there is nothing else I believe we are finished here. Ash do you have anything more to say?"

"Thank you Flex, I would rather have this put behind us before Espeon passes. Hate can do some pretty mean things to one's emotions when one party dies before it can be rectified…"

"I know Ash, being where I am today; I never see a shortage of those…"


"Light do you have anything to say?"

"Other than if Espeon ever wishes to come back to the ranch to visit he is more than welcome to…"

"Thanks Light…"

"Not a problem Ash, just give me a call if he ever does…"

"Sure. Alright gentleman…"

"Wait… I have one last thing to say…"

"Yes Espeon?"

"Brother, do not beat yourself up over this, yes you where the reason all this happened but maybe Arceus himself meant for this to happen. I have and always will consider you my brother. So don't worry about how long anyone has left to live, you may walk out today and be poison from the very meal you eat every night. Now I'm not saying it will happen, but nothing is ever set in stone. We live, we die; now stop brooding over this trivial matter and move on with your life. Life it to the fullest, for both of us."

Vaporeon get off the sofa he was on and walks up to the screen, he places his paw on screen. Espeon hops off his bed and walks over to the projection and mimics his brother.




Amy puts her hands together near her face and a tear drops down from her eye.

She signs to Ash, and Ash interprets.

"They have forgiven one another…"

"That they have miss Amy, that they have…"

"Now Doc…"

"Yes Flex, don't worry about looking into it as much but when you get packed up can you look into the other thing I asked?"

"Oh right, yeah one of my contacts is looking into it as we speak."

"What is it Mr. Flex?"

"It's nothing Ash…"

"No allow me to help; I've ben training for nearly five years so I must be able to help you."

"Well I'm sure it wouldn't hurt… Light you are welcome to stay if you like."

"I think I will, as I am most curious…"

"Alright… Charlotte!"

"Yes daddy?"

"Can you bring Yuki in here please?"


"Is that an Audino?"

"Yes, I received her from Mr. Alder about six months ago…"

"Why does she call you daddy?"

"She hatched in my presence so that may be a reason…"

"I'm back daddy!"

"Alright good, bring her here."

Charlotte does so and Yuki wakes up in Flex's arms.

"So she is an oddly colored Snivy? Very nice Mister Flex."

"Thank you light."

(Yawn)… "Hello father…"

"Good afternoon Yuki did you have a good nap?"

"Yes, is it time for lunch?"

"Not quite… but I need to introduce you to someone."


Flex turn her around in his lap and she looks at the screen.

"Are those your friend's father?"

"Yes, something like that… now I want you to wrap your vines around my wrist for me."

She looks at him with a pained expression

"I know, but it will only be for a moment."

"Alright father…"

"What's wrong with her Flex?"

Flex places his arm over the floor and Yuki 'attempts' to walk, using the support from Flex's wrist.

"Doc has run every available test on her, ever since she hatched she has been unable to walk at all."

Amy looks at Ash rather determined.

"Flex I think Amy want to see what she can do…"

"Ash I don't think…"

"Trust me on this one, just promise everyone here can keep a secret."

Everyone nods and Ash nods to Amy.

Amy glows a pure white and her body becomes that of and she becomes that of a Latias.

Everyone's jaw drops and Yuki releases her vines from her father in her state of shock causing her to tumble down.

"Ash you mean…"

Flex silences Saria before she can utter another word.

"Go ahead Ms. Amy."

Her eyes focus and turn that of a Light blue.

Yuki holds still on the floor and a slight tingle touches at her body.

She begins to slightly giggle.

"What is it Yuki?"

*giggle* "it" *giggle* "tickles!" *giggle*


After several minutes Amy's eyes return to normal and she speaks.

"I have examined her thoroughly, inside and out… it was something my brother taught me when we where young… only until now have I realized how important it is…"

"Thank you Ms. Amy.. so what do you think?"

"Its called Paradox syndrome… not many humans know about it unless a doctor has a legendary Pokémon with them, and even then very few know of it."

"How does it work?"

"Well I don't know all of the details, but all I know is that the body itself isn't in danger and shouldn't have any problem, except for those particular parts of the body will never function unless a powerful psychic is able to remove it. But its very risky and only appear one in every one hundred million births…"

"Wow its that rare?"

"Yes, but if the psychic isn't strong enough then the patient could get it moved into a vital area and it could possible kill them…"

Yuki's eyes widen.

"But if we chose not to do it…"

"Then she will remain as she is until she evolves… if I'm not mistaken her final evolution is something like that of a snake?"

"Yes… "

"So once she reaches that form then since the body part would no longer be used then technically she would be able to move on her own."

Flex lets out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"Thank you Ms. Amy…"

"It was my pleasure Mr. Flex, I look forward to seeing you soon."

"As do I, thank you everyone, and thank you Doc. Ill see everyone later then."

Light waves goodbye as does Ash and Amy.

"The screen turns off and Vaporeon stand idly at the wall."

(Sigh…) "Well that went better than expected wouldn't you say Saria…"

Flex turns around, and to his astonishment, Saria is gone.


But no answer.

Lilli and Vaporeon are still there but Saria is physically no longer there.


Flex begins to look around, but to no avail can he find his secretary.

All doors and windows are closed, except for one in the break room.

Flex looks out the window to an empty street.

"Damn it!"