Part 2 of the Awkward Questions series

Kei stepped out of the bathroom, flicking his wet hair out of his face. He almost ran into Sho, who must have been waiting outside the door for him.

"What are you doing, Sho?" the vampire asked, absently ruffling the child's hair.

"I wanted to ask you a question."

"What is it?" Kei asked warily. Please don't be something sexual, he prayed.

"Do you know what a brothel is?"

Kei flushed. "Where did you hear that word?" First Sho asked him about sex, now he was curious about brothels. Why was his sweet Sho asking him all these perverted questions?

"On the street. I walked by this building, and there were a lot of women outside. Sometimes a man would come by and a lady would take him inside. One of them saw me and told me to come back when I'm older."

Kei groaned. He did not want to imagine a grown-up Sho going into a brothel. "Well… a brothel is a place where men and women go."

Sho tilted his head in confusion. "But what do they do?"

Kei twitched. "They uh… play games together. Adult games."

"Have you been to a brothel before?"

Kei blushed so red he could have put his shirt to shame. "No!" He'd always been able to find a lover himself when he desired one, and a prostitute wasn't the type of woman he was interested in… even though many were interested in him.

"Why not? I thought you liked playing games."

Kei smiled painfully. "I like to play games, but not that kind."

"Oh." Sho still looked confused. "Why not?"

Kei wished the ground would open up beneath his feet and swallow him. "I just don't like to play those games."

Sho nodded. "Oh. What kind of games do they play though? You just said 'adult games' and that's not specific at all." He pouted at Kei.

The vampire buried his face in his hands. "You're too young, Sho."

"I'm nine! I'm not too young."

"The 'games' they play at a brothel are things for adults. They're uh… really boring. You wouldn't like them." Hopefully Sho would believe him and let the subject drop.

Sho frowned. "I won't know until I've tried it though."

"Well you're too young to play those games," Kei groaned, wishing Sho had never found the brothel.

"Will you go play games at a brothel with me when I'm older? Then I might like the games since I'll be an adult then."

Kei turned crimson. "No!"

Sho looked hurt, and tears started to well up in his dark eyes. "W-Why not? I thought you liked to play games with me."

The vampire leaned down so he was eye level with Sho, sighing softly as he wiped the child's tears away. "I do like to play games with you, Sho, but this is one type of game that we can't play together."

Sho sniffed. "Why not?"

Kei chuckled a little as he ruffled the child's dark hair. "Because you wouldn't play with me at the brothel, it'd be with someone else."

Sho frowned. "But I don't want to play with anyone else! I just want to play with you."

The vampire twitched. This was the second scenario where Sho wanted to sleep with him. Fortunately, the child didn't know what he was asking, but it was still incredibly awkward for Kei. "We can play other games together, but not that one. Okay?"

Sho nodded. "I guess. Can we go to the park? I want to play tag!"

Kei smiled softly as he rose to his full height. "Sure, go ask Toshi if he wants to come too, and I'll take you to the park."

Sho beamed and hugged him. "Thanks!" he released Kei and skipped off to find Toshi. The vampire watched him go, hoping he wouldn't have to answer another awkward sexual question again for a long time.