Breakfast In Bed

A gentle tap at the door woke Elrohir. He turned his head to see the door between his rooms and Elladan's opening slowly, to reveal Elladan carefully balancing a tray as he pushed the door with his shoulder.

He blinked sleep out of his eyes. "El?"

"Good morning, brother!" Elladan announced cheerfully. "I brought you some breakfast."

Elrohir stared at his twin in disbelief. "What do you want, Elladan?" he asked warily.

"Such a suspicious mind! You wound me."

"I know you too well. You're after something. You must be, to be up so early. And why all this?" He gestured at the tray.

"Can I not bring breakfast in bed for my favourite brother?"

"Your only brother. No-one else would claim you. I would deny the relationship myself if I could." Elrohir sat up, automatically making room for Elladan. His nose twitched. There was fresh bread, still warm from the oven, honey, and a steaming, fragrant pot of tea. "Alas, one glance in the mirror betrays me." He realised he was rambling, and shut his mouth.

Elladan ignored him and set the tray down carefully before sitting on the foot of the bed. "Tea?" he asked, pouring two cups.

Elrohir nodded gratefully, and drained the cup in one long swallow before reaching for the tray. He tore off a chunk of bread and spread it liberally with honey. It was his favourite heather honey, collected only from the bees that ranged the high moor far above the valley. He bit into the warm crust, wiped honey off his chin, and licked his fingers. "Thank you," he mumbled, his mouth full.

"It is my pleasure."

Elrohir poured another cup of tea to savour more slowly, but then paused and regarded Elladan over the rim. He was still suspicious. "Are you sure there is nothing you want of me?"

"Well ..."

"I knew it! What is it?"

Elladan looked at him pleadingly. "You know those patrol reports Glorfindel wanted by midday ..."