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An Announcement

Danny Fenton wasn't what you'd call a normal teenager by any chance of the imagination. When he had been fourteen, his parents had invented a machine called the Ghost Portal that could enter a parallel world to their own known simply as the Ghost Zone. The machine had seemingly not worked and his parents left it alone in defeat. However, days later Danny had shown his best friends, Tucker Foley and Sam Manson, the portal at Sam's insistence. She later managed to convince Danny to go into it wearing a white HAZMAT suit, and when he walked into it he tripped over his feet and accidentally pushed a button.

That single moment changed Danny's life forever as the portal turned on with him in it. His body had been filled with the ghostly energy, ectoplasm, and merged to his DNA. When he exited the portal moments later his body had temporarily turned ghostly as he had become half-ghost. Since that incident Danny used his new found ghost powers to stop the invading ghosts from causing havoc across the world as the superhero known as Danny Phantom.

Four years had passed since the accident and much had changed. Ghosts, once thought of as fiction, had been proven to the world to be real, and Danny Phantom had become a household name. While some groups still considered Danny Phantom to be an enemy just like other ghosts many have accepted and come to love their hero. The sight of Danny Phantom had become a symbol of hope and peace among the people of Amity Park and even people across the world.

Not much had changed for Danny Fenton unfortunately. As Danny Fenton was his secret identity he had to act much different than Danny Phantom did and make himself seem far less impressive. A seventeen year old Danny was so different from his fourteen year old version of him that most people wouldn't believe they were the same person. While Danny had always been a klutz and shy he had a spark of rebellion and wit that few ever saw. He had come to realize he could not bring attention to himself like he used to because if public opinion ever changed about Danny Phantom it would not take long for people to figure out that Danny Fenton was the same person. No, he had to change himself enough that even if a ghostly enemy publically revealed him no one would ever believe it.

That was the reason Danny Fenton had strangely become a model student. Getting top grades and no longer causing fights had been a well received change by many. Tripping and falling had become so common place for him that he actually caused accidents accidentally rather than purposely. His ice blue eyes that once could make even the fiercest of people flinch away now seemed dull and shy like a single moment could make him cry. His messy black hair had remained the same but now it looked more like it was to hide away rather than just a natural style. He wore a baggy red shirt over a baggy black shirt and large dark blue jeans to hide his increased physical physique from the ghost fighting. Finally, he slouched as if to make his six foot height seem smaller compared to others.

In the end, Danny Fenton had become well known for being the wimp of the school, and too pathetic for anyone to even pay attention to anymore. That is, everyone except his usual bullies, Dash Baxter and Kwan Ming. The two football players had taken advantage of the wimpy Danny Fenton by throwing him in lockers, beating him up for money or by just being plain mean to him. There had been many a time that Danny wished to fight back like he used to or even better than before, but he had learned long ago to let such petty thoughts go. He had more important things in his life than a couple of school yard bullies and letting things getting the best of him would get him nowhere.

On a Friday at the end of September, Danny Fenton was quickly taking notes on Romeo and Juliet as his English teacher, Mr. Lancer, explained the romantic tragedy to his students. Mr. Lancer was a bald man with a black beard who wore a blue dress shirt with a red tie over his fat stomach and wore brown dress pants. The man had taught Danny since he was a freshman and seemed to have made Danny his pet project. Ever since his miraculous increase in grades however, Mr. Lancer left him alone for the most part as he seemed to consider his job done. The truth was that Danny used to be a barely passing student, but he had learned the ability to duplicate his body several years ago, and a duplicate could transfer all information he stored to the real Danny. The Danny taking notes was in fact already a duplicate since his true form was forced to fight the Ghost Zone's supposed greatest hunter, Skulker.

Danny's eyes drifted a little as he began to grow bored and he noticed that most of the class had lost attention as well. Next to him, Sam seemed to be doodling in her notebook, but he noticed that it seemed to look like she was trying to form words with it. If he had to guess, Danny would say that Sam was trying to remember another magic spell.

Danny couldn't help but marvel at his girlfriend of two years. She really had grown even more beautiful over the years despite his personal doubt that it shouldn't have been possible. Her lavender eyes remained as beautiful and strong as the day he met her his senior year of middle school. Her hair remained the long bob cut hairstyle she had always had for him to admire but she had long since stopped wearing a small ponytail with it. His eyes drifted down to admire her form fitting black sweater, her baggy black pants and black boots. Even now he felt his breath hitch with how much she captivated him and when she looked up he couldn't help but blush being caught. She blushed to but rather than look away she smiled and squeezed his hand for a second before turning back to her notebook.

Danny shook his head thinking about how much work she put into her spells. When Sam had gained her magical powers three years ago, it had been difficult to accept her as a full partner rather than a sidekick. She was powerful, there was no doubt about it, but she had been so limited. Her debut as Spell Caster had been with mixed results as well. It was obvious that she had not been a ghost and that had caused a giant investigation by the government. It had been a hard few weeks for them as they had to deal with that as long as establishing themselves as equals rather than her sitting in the background.

Luckily, not many people would guess that Sam and Spell Caster was the same person. Spell Caster was, to put it simply, much kinder than Sam ever was. Sam had gained a reputation at Casper High School for her ferocious behavior and no nonsense attitude. People looked at Sam and would easily worry that she'd have no problem leaving them behind out of sheer spite. Spell Caster however defended constantly and even talked to people that Sam did not like, like Paulina Sanchez and Star Tarazat, as equals. Many would be surprised if her identity ever became public knowledge. Danny wasn't all that surprised though since he realized that Sam as Spell Caster basically treated everyone the same way she'd treat a little bunny she found running from a hunter: like someone that needs her more than anything.

Danny looked at Mr. Lancer ensuring he hadn't missed anything before turning to see look at Tucker. Tucker wasn't even pretending to pay attention as he talked to his girlfriend, Valerie Gray, in low whispers. He watched as she occasionally nodded and jotted something down that look suspiciously like blue prints. Danny was always marveled by how much Tucker had changed over the years. The only things that seemed to remain were his green eyes and dark skin. The red beret he wore for many years had finally been put to rest to be replaced by a red headband, and it gave him the chance to let his hair grow into long dreadlocks. He still wore glasses, but he wore thinner frames instead of his old thicker geeky pair. He had grown to a full height of six foot three and, unlike Danny he did not slouch, allowing people to realize how tall he really was. He wore a dark yellow turtleneck sweater with an unzipped light brown sleeveless flak jacket as well as green camouflages pants with his brown hiking boots.

Danny tried to look at the blue prints, but Tucker caught his eye and grinned. He mouthed "no peeking" and hid it away. Danny was always impressed with how well Tucker could design things and he had become quite well known around school for it. Of course he was useless without Valerie who seemed to be able to build anything he designed. Tucker had purposely let people know about his skills as his way as hiding his identity as the robotic hero, Nano-Tech, a secret. At most someone would think that Tucker and Valerie built him rather than Tucker actually turning into a robotic form. He had built up his own cowardly nature that whenever Tucker disappeared most just thought he ran away from something again. Nano-Tech on the other hand was no for his cool logic and stoicism in the face of danger along with robotic voice. He had convinced so many people that he was a robot that even the government believes that he's a rogue model of some undocumented anti-ghost agency and have tried to catch him on several occasions.

Valerie looked up with a curious expression and Tucker pointed to Danny. She turned to him and grinned before going back to taking notes on Mr. Lancer's lesson. To Danny, Valerie was a completely different person in looks and attitude than she had been four years ago. She had a chin length bob hairstyle and wore a black sweater covered by a short sleeved zipped up red jacket. She wore black pants and black boots. She also wore her orange hair band now as a neckerchief instead. Honestly, the only that didn't change was her dark green eyes and dark skin.

Her attitude was completely different from than to. While confident and still a bit of a shopaholic, she lost most of her petty attitude ages ago when she found herself friends with the loser crowd like Danny, Sam and Tucker. There's also the fact that her ghost hunting as the Red Huntress had led to her discovering a passion in building and fixing machines which in the end gave her something to talk about with Tucker. When she changed from the Red Huntress to Foresight no one was quite sure what to make of it. As the Red Huntress people have come to know her as an "end by any means" girl and a complete hatred for all ghosts no matter the circumstances. When she became Foresight after Danny finally revealed his identity to her along with Sam, her temper had cooled a great deal and ironically led to her befriending more ghosts than anyone else of their group. She was able to understand their obsessions and work with them on it forming a bond and decreasing the amount of ghosts that wanted to kill them. Somehow Foresight had become known for being the most peaceful member of the group despite her past. Valerie on the other hand had slowly disappeared into her work with electronics partnering up with Tucker on almost all occasions even before they started to date the previous year. Most that saw her thought of her as a scientist or technician rather than the shallow girl who would have someone beaten up over a shirt.

Danny smiled softly as he thought about his great friends and everything they've gone through together. Even the rest of the school noticed how close they were and bet that among they would stay together after high school. He shook his head refocusing on Mr. Lancer and tried to not let his mind wander any further or he'll miss something crucial.

"And, that is all you'll need to know about Romeo and Juliet," Mr. Lancer said finishing his lecture clapping the chalk off his hands. "You will be tested on this on Tuesday, so you better had paid attention. Anyone with a D or below will lose five points off their final grade." Mr. Lancer noticed Paulina's hand and sighed. "And, no Miss Sanchez, you are not exempt from this."

Danny saw Paulina put her hand down with a pout obviously having spent the entire class working on her make-up rather than listening to Mr. Lancer. Danny could admit in his head that Paulina had grown even more beautiful over the years. Her wavy black hair had grown very long touching all the way down to her butt and her aquamarine eyes could hypnotize anyone with just a stare. Her light pink crop top really showed off her bust to the point that even Danny had trouble looking away. Her unbuttoned long sleeved light blue jacket didn't really cover her enough to keep anyone from looking away. Her dark blue skort accented her hips in a way that could even catch his attention if he didn't prepare for it. Truthfully, the most modest part about her was her plain white shoes.

Danny knew that Paulina wasn't afraid to use it either. She had recently gotten a full scholarship at college in New Your City and Danny highly doubted that she got in with her grades. Of course, he doubted that Paulina had sex with anyone since she was well known with Star for being "all tease and no play." Paulina had tried many times to lord it over Sam, but Sam simply laughed that she didn't need to sell her body to get what she wanted. It was unfortunate, but Paulina had barely matured when it came to caring about anyone but herself which left many guys only caring about her body since her personality was far too obnoxious.

Paulina seemed upset that her top of the social ladder status in the school wasn't enough to gain her an A in the class. In the past four years it had only taken her being cheer captain for Paulina to get an automatic A from Mr. Lancer. However, all this year Mr. Lancer had been completely fair much to Danny's amusement as he knew Lancer wouldn't be if he had a choice. Over the summer, Danny and his friends had gone to several of Mr. Lancer's students and got them to sign a complaint against the teacher for his blatant favoritism. Danny had invisibly watched as the school board and Principal Ishiyama tore into Mr. Lancer for all of the complaints, and told him if they saw even the smallest signs of favoritism he would meet a very early retirement. It had been extremely satisfying to see Mr. Lancer taken down a peg or two. The only reason he wasn't fired on the spot was that Mr. Lancer at least gave an impartial leeway to all his students for ghost attacks interfering with their studying, but as attacks became less frequent he was told they would be watching him.

Mr. Lancer sighed. "In other news, it seems our class has been chosen for the first ever field trip to the Ghost Zone." Mr. Lancer shook his head. "The trip will take tomorrow and yes you will still have that test on Tuesday." The students groaned as he rolled his eyes. "I also expect a two page paper next Friday of what you learned in there. Once again, Miss Sanchez, no exceptions."

Danny's face turned pale and he turned to his friends to see that they were the same as the rest of the class broke out into worried and excited whispers. Danny couldn't believe that the school could be so foolish to send untrained teenagers into the Ghost Zone. Despite Valerie helping relations as well as his allies there were still a great deal of ghosts that would be happy to see them die. Even worse most of their enemies were higher class ghosts.

Tucker gaped at their teacher. "Did you really say that we were going to the Ghost Zone for a field trip?" Tucker asked incredulously. "Thesame Ghost Zone that the millions of psychotic ghosts that attack our town on a daily basis live?"

"Yes, Mr. Foley. That Ghost Zone," Mr. Lancer said scowling at the young man who was staring at him like he was nuts.

"Are you insane?" Valerie asked in disbelief. "Why would you send a bunch of untrained teenagers to a place where nine times out of ten they'll end up attacked?"

"Seriously, Mr. Lancer, I knew you didn't like us, but isn't trying to off us a tad extreme?" Sam asked completely serious.

"I don't know where you got the ridiculous idea that I don't like my students, Miss Manson, but let me assure you I in fact care deeply for all of my students." Mr. Lancer ignored her disbelieving snort. "Also, this was not the school's idea, it was Mayor Masters'."

"It was Mayor Masters' idea?" Danny asked wide eyed.

Mr. Lancer nodded his head. "Yes. Mayor Masters believes that if he sent a class of high school seniors into the Ghost Zone then there's a chance for human and ghost relations to improve." Mr. Lancer sighed. "It's a long, I know, but the logic is that teenagers such as yourselves aren't quite as sent in stone in your beliefs as the adults are. He figured all of you would be more willing to listen and speak kindly than shoot first and ask questions later."

Dash looked nonchalant. "How are we getting there though?" He asked unconcerned.

Danny discretely rolled his eyes figuring that Dash probably believed he could out muscle any ghost that came their way. He had unfortunately not changed much over the years remaining as arrogant and obnoxious as he had been in his freshmen year. He had the same slicked back short blonde hair, the same blue eyes, the same black t-shirt, the same red and white letterman jacket, the same light blue jeans and the same white cleats. Really the only thing that changed about him was his height reaching six foot five and the soul patch beard he grew.

"The Fentons have graciously agreed to let us use their portal as well as accompany us as chaperones," Mr. Lancer explained and Danny groaned quietly. "Attendance is mandatory unless you are found under the weather." He stared hard at his students. "Anyone found skipping will have to write a ten page paper about why honesty is the best policy, so be prepared to leave at nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

Danny shuffled out of the class with Sam, Valerie and Tucker feeling a sense of great anxiety bubble in his stomach. "I always knew Vlad was insane, but this is going to far!" Sam groaned. "What's he trying to pull?"

"Knowing Vlad? Nothing good," Tucker said holding Valerie's hand.

Danny was suddenly grabbed by the scruff of his neck and pulled into a headlock. "I should've known you'd geeks would be too wimpy to want to go!" Dash laughed.

"P-Please let me go, Dash," Danny pleaded feeling disgusted with himself and Dash rolled his eyes.

"If you get any wimpier, Fenton, you might as well come to school in a dress."

Paulina giggled. "I know, right? He used to have this attitude and now he's even more girly than I am!" She paused and turned to Sam. "That's why you're dating him! You're a closet lesbian and he's the guy closest to be a girl! I get it now!"

Sam's face turned dark red. "I'M NOT A LESBIAN YOU IDIOT!" She roared and everyone in the hall stared at her. "I…I mean I'm not a lesbian, you idiot. And, the reason I'm in love with Danny is none of your business, so buzz off!" She said back in a quieter more threatening tone.

Paulina held up her hands. "Whatever you want to tell yourself, Manson," she said clearly not believing her. "I hope we get to me Danny Phantom," she said brightly changing the subject. "I might just win his heart this time!"

"Isn't he, like, dating Spell Caster though? That's what all the blogs are saying," Star Tarazat pointed out carefully.

Danny looked at Star and secretly admired the way she had grown over the years. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes hadn't changed much, but now she wore a tight white sweater with a yellow star on the front as well as hip accenting orange pants with white shoes. He could see why people considered her the second most beautiful girl in the entire school.

Paulina shrugged. "Spell's always been nice enough to us; I'm sure she won't mind if I snagged her boyfriend." Danny barely stopped himself from sniggering when he saw Sam's eye twitch at that. "If worse comes to worse I'm sure she won't mind sharing…"

Sam's eye twitched again. "I knew I shouldn't have been so nice to them," she muttered to low for anyone to hear.

"I always thought Spell Caster was with Nano-Tech anyway?" Kwan Ming asked confused. Kwan hadn't changed much over the years like Dash. He still basically wore an exact replica of Dash's clothes. The only difference for him over the years was that his hair was now short and spiky and he had grown into an impressive six foot eight.

"Nuh uh, Nano-Tech and Foresight are like so a thing!" Star disagreed. "Or was he with Mind Bridge?"

"No, I don't think Mind Bridge is with anyone..." Paulina said thoughtfully. "Not that I blame them...I mean really what super heroine wears a sweater vest? If that isn't a fashion disaster I don't know what is!"

"Oh I like so agree! She could look really cool if she'd just lose that hideous thing!"

Danny gave up pretending to struggle from Dash's grip. "Could you please let go of me, Dash?" He asked crocodile tears in eyes and Dash smirked at him. A second later he let Danny go and pushed him through a door. Danny looked up from where he fell on the ground and stared in horror as he saw a bunch of girls glaring him. He only had a second to realize that Dash threw him into the girl's bathroom before the girls screamed at him and literally kicked him out.

Danny staggered standing up blushing bright red and he ran down the hall embarrassed. He could hear Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan laughing extremely hard and his friends running behind him. As soon as he was far enough from the popular group he stopped and scowled at the wall. He hated acting like this, he thought, but it was necessary to separate himself from Danny Phantom as much as possible. It was times like this he wished he used a different superhero name and wore a better disguise. As it was the Guys in White had nearly figured him out several times and were causing problems with his family with it.

Sam put a hand on his forearm jolting him from his thoughts. "You okay, Danny?" Sam asked concerned.

"Except for my dignity? Yeah, I'm fine," Danny said harsher than he meant to.

"Don't be snippy with me!" Sam retorted.

Danny blushed. "Sorry, I just hate having to act like that…"

Sam smiled at him and quickly pecked him across the lips.

"But, you know, it's really freaky when they talk about us like we're comic book characters or something," Valerie said shivering and they agreed with her as they were about to turn the corner. "Stop!"

Danny, Sam and Tucker froze mid-stride wondering what she saw when suddenly a nerdy night grader came rushing down the hall with a three freshmen football players chasing after him with a garbage can.

"Why you runnin', Evans? We only want to give you a shower!" The football player in the lead joked.

"Yeah, a shower of garbage!" The one behind him shouted in agreement.

"And, by shower, we mean make you really dirty instead of clean since its garbage! Right, Flash?" The final football player chortled causing the other two to smack their foreheads.

Flash glared at the third. "Bash, the joke's not funny if you've got to explain it!" He told him angrily. "You trying to say I'm not funny? That I need my jokes explained?" He poked him in the chest. "Well?"

Bash backed up slightly. "Of…Of course not," he stuttered. "Back me up here, Lance," he said only to not see Lance anywhere.

"Oi! You two can finish your lovers spat later! He's getting away!" Lance yelled down the hall having continued to chase the nerd and the other two instantly stopped fighting as they smirked at each other before chasing Evans once again.

"Poor Evans...I wish someone could help him," Tucker said sending Sam a significant look and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Heads up, Evans!" Flash shouted with a laugh as he threw the garbage at the poor cornered boy.

"Reverso," Sam whispered with a wave of her hand the garbage suddenly flew back into the can, but Flash had put it behind him and his friends resulting in them getting showered by the garbage first.

"AAAHHH! The garbage can is haunted!" Bash screamed in fear as he and his friends dashed out of the school while the older students rolled their eyes.

"You'd think he'd be able to tell when something's haunted or not," a snobby girl pointed out. "It was obviously something else."

Her friend nodded. "You're right, Bridgette. If it had been a ghost it probably would have shouted, 'I am the Garbage Ghost! BEWARE!'"

"Actually, I think only the Box Ghost does that, Michelle," Michelle's boyfriend pointed out.

Bridgette pushed up her glasses. "That's a good point, Dave, but if it had been haunted than it probably would have attacked more," Bridgette said defensively and everyone agreed.

Danny, Sam, Tucker and Valerie watched the students from around the corner a bit mystified. "Geez! When did people learn the Box Ghost's name?" Valerie whispered. "And, get so used to ghost attacks they could spot the difference?"

Tucker rolled his eyes. "Well, gee, Val, it couldn't be because the school had been attacked practically every day for four years, could it?"

Valerie crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Still it's really weird to think a few years ago everyone would have evacuated the school by now in mass terror," Sam pointed out. "Now something freaky happens and everyone treats it as normal as going to your next class!"

Danny smiled. "Thank god for that!" Danny shook his head and sighed. "It was really annoying when some people —" He stared at Valerie pointedly. "—thought I was evil and a terrorist! At least most people don't shoot at me anymore."

"Totally dude!" Tucker agreed. "I absolutely hated it when there was that mass outcry that I was going to hack a nuclear base and kill us all! I mean really?"

Valerie laughed. "To be fair, Technus did that and you hacked into his systems to get him out, and then you were stupid enough to say it nationally that you did it easily!" She grinned. "And, of course, you said it so monotone and plainly that you made people think that you did that normally."

Tucker looked indignant. "If I told you once, I've told you a million times, it slipped out!" He threw his arms in the air. "Sheesh!"

Sam huffed. "At least yours is somewhat justified. There's still news about religious nuts coming to Amity Park to burn me at the stake!" She moaned annoyed. "Gah! I don't want to talk about this anymore! Cane me move on? Please?"

Danny, Tucker and Valerie barely heard her because they had broken out into snickers remembering the last time she was "caught"… Those religious nuts were probably scarred for life!

"Oh, come on!" Sam stomped her foot. "Listen to me!" The trio continued to snicker. "Don't make me set you on fire!" She roared and the three stopped instantly. "Good, now we are moving on! Am. I. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," the three said mirth still clear in their voices and she growled at them.

Tucker obviously saw the clear signs that they'll be lit a fire soon because he quickly did something that would prevent Sam from being angry at him: picking up the garbage. Danny and Valerie quickly caught on and joined him in garbage duty. Sam smiled at them and began to help them.

Tucker picked up a banana peel. "Hey, Danny, remember when Dash used to dump trash on us?"

"Remember? I had to throw out half of my clothes because of it," Danny said grimacing. His mother had been absolutely furious when she heard about that and it was her furious storm of the school that caused Dash and Kwan to actually stop. "We really could have used that spell back then, you know, Sam," Danny pointed out casually acting like his normal self now that the rest of the students were gone.

"Well sorry that my powers weren't forcibly awakened back in middle school," Sam retorted sarcastically. "And, come on, the garbage stuff isn't nearly as bad as the stuff they do now. Dash hits you where it hurts now: your pride."

"So true…" Danny sighed. "I can't believe I miss the days where beating me up was his way of bullying me. Now it's all about humiliating me and he's good at it!" Danny grumbled annoyed, but forgot all about it when he felt something tap his shoulder even though nothing was there; he obviously knew what it was. "Hold on guys, I'll or rather he'll be back in a second."

Seventeen year old Danny Phantom was waiting for his clone to head into the janitor's closet. He had messy white hair and glowing green eyes. His outfit had changed over the years to give him (in his humble opinion) a cooler look. He wore a sleeveless black tank top with his white 'DP' symbol in the center of it, and black pants. He now had a sleeveless white long coat that was tied under his white belt to give the lower half a cape-like affect. On the back of the coat was a black 'DP' symbol. Finally he had long white gloves and white boots. He looked a little scuffed up from his fight with the ghost Skulker, but he hadn't been hurt too badly.

The clone walked in closing the door behind him and the two clasped hands. The clone melted into ectoplasm and surged into his chest. Danny's eyes glowed brighter for a second before returning to normal, and he frowned as he received information about the field trip. He transformed back into his human form and stepped out of the closest, but he was so lost in thoughts that he nearly walked right by his friends.

Sam elbowed him in the ribs and Danny reflexively got caught between cringing and a fighting stance which resulted in him falling face first on the floor. "Hello…Earth to Danny Fenton! Do you read?" Sam asked in a mock Houston control center voice.

Danny looked up grinning. "I…I don't know." Danny's grin turned mischievous as he stood up. "I think I might have gone to heaven because there's an angel in front of me."

Sam moaned. "That was so cheesy," she complained but smiled sweetly and blushed anyway.

"You know you love it."

"'Course I do, but if you tell anyone I'll kick your butt."

Danny was about to retort when Valerie intervened. "So, how was the fight against Skulker?" She asked quickly and Danny pouted at her.

"Got lucky. His suit had a virus thanks to him ticking off Technus last night." Danny rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck wincing in pain at the small bump that formed there as the four walked out of the school. "Once he gets his new suit fixed I don't think I'll be able to fight him alone anymore or at least not without breaking a couple of seals anyway."

"You know you can't use them! Remember what happened the last time you broke them? We nearly lost you! Remember what Clockwork told you would happen if you left even one of them undone for too long?" Sam protested.

Danny nodded. "I know." He grinned at them. "It's a good thing I have back up now, isn't it? I don't have to worry about fighting him alone now."

"So, Skulker's definitely a B-Class ghost then?" Tucker asked holding out his PDA that showed Skulker's picture with his biography.

Name: Skulker the Greatest Ghost Hunter in the Ghost Zone

Human Name: Sherman Kent

Class: High C or low B depending on upgrades

Biography: Not much is known about how Skulker came to be other than dying in a hunting accident, but as a ghost the man has proven to be formidable with his hunting and tracking skills. His true body is nothing more than a miniature form of ectoplasm but he uses an extremely effective robot body.

"He's definitely there now," Danny agreed rubbing the bump on the back of his neck where Skulker shot him.

Tucker nodded his head and typed a few things into his PDA. The profile updated and a warning was put under his picture that no one should fight him unless they had backup. It made Danny feel a bit nauseous that he was unable to fight most of his ghostly enemies by himself now as a great deal of them had become B-Class or even A-Class ghosts. He thanked the heavens that Valerie was able to make friends with a great deal of them and he made peace with several of them otherwise things would probably be even worse. He was also thankful that not many ghosts became S-Class super ghosts or SS-Class ghosts like his evil future self, Dark Dan, and the former ghost king, Pariah Dark.

It wasn't hard to realize that the ghosts were constantly trying to get stronger to combat him and his friends (or Team Phantom). It reminded him of Dark Dan's future where Skulker and Technus teamed up to become Skulk-Tech 9.9 so they could fight against him. Luckily, their constant need to improve themselves had slowed down ghost attacks since they knew they wouldn't get anywhere as is.

He shook his head and asked Tucker and Valerie if they're ghost hunting equipment was in working order. The two looked indignant at the question but told that they were. Danny was thankful for this because he was going to try his best to not transform while in the Ghost Zone. It's not that he was just afraid to reveal himself, but he worried what Vlad might be up to. Transforming could end up helping him more than it could help them. Sure, they'd have to transform to fight stronger ghosts, but knowing Vlad he would limit them to keep him on edge.

Danny, Sam, Tucker and Jazz had all learned to fight as regular humans without relying on Danny's ghost powers in the middle of his sophomore year. Vlad had used an improved version of his weapon, Plasmius Maximus, to short out Danny's powers for a whole week, and par the course, Vlad sent an entire army of ghosts to constantly attack them all week. It had been extremely aggravating to them, but helped them realize that they depended on Danny's ghost powers far too much. They had no problem defeating the weaker E and D-Class ghosts without and if they worked together they could handle C-Class ones as well. From then on the four of them decided they would handle weaker ghosts without Danny Phantom and that surprisingly is what caused the ghosts to begin doing their jumps in power.

The other good thing to come out of it was that Valerie learned Danny's secret. It had been at the end of the week and he was fighting Skulker when he felt his power return. He had been so ecstatic that he unthinkingly transformed and Valerie had spotted him as she was coming to 'save' him from Skulker since she didn't know he could fight ghosts. Skulker, not being nearly as he was strong now, was quickly defeated and he was forced to confront Valerie. She had been incredibly hurt that he hadn't trusted her to tell his secret, but he pointed out that she never listened to what Danny Phanton had to say so he had no reason to think she would listen to Danny Fenton.

It surprisingly didn't take much to convince her that he wasn't the villain that she made him out to be. He just had to explain the instances like when he was under Freakshow's mind control and how the mayor was overshadowed. It helped that she knew about his clone Danielle being half ghost as well as Vlad. She reminded him that she had attacked him far less since she met Danielle and explained that she was already thinking that he wasn't an evil ghost. In the end, the two of them came to a truce and she agreed to join Team Phantom.

After that Valerie and Tucker had teamed up to create customized weapons for each member of the team to use as humans.

The group stopped in front of Danny's house. It was a red brick building with a strange UFO-like metal device on top of it and a sign that said 'Fenton Works.' Danny sighed and sat on the stairs tiredly and Sam sat next to him leaning her head on his shoulder and taking his hand. Tucker and Valerie each leaned against the concrete railing as they thought about the sure to be disastrous trip to the Ghost Zone.

"I can't believe your parents agreed to this trip," Valerie said suddenly. "They've never even been to the Ghost Zone."

Danny face palmed. "They never had a real excuse to go since the government had forbid them from actually going. My parents were supposed to be scientists, remember? They were supposed to leave the ghost hunting to the Guys in White," Danny pointed out. "They obviously didn't stick to that, but the good ol' U.S. of A. didn't really care as long as they didn't cause a massive ghost invasion. They just had to explain that the couple they had weren't their fault and they were in the clear." Danny shrugged. "The government doesn't really care much if they go anymore after four years, so they are probably taking this trip as a real opportunity. Plus if Vlad suggested it then I'm sure Dad was immediately on board. He still hasn't caught on to one kind of person he is even if my mom has."

Tucker adjusted his glasses and stretched. "Point," he admitted shrugging. "Guess Val and I should go and check on the equipment just in case," he said grabbing Valerie's hand and winking at them with a promise that they'll do more than that if he gets his way. "See ya later!"

"Bye, Sam! Bye, Danny!" Valerie yelled back as Tucker pulled her away quickly, but when she told him to slow down he just smirked and picked her up bridal style. Danny watched as Valerie squealed in surprise and Tucker laughed happily.

"Good ol' Tuck." Danny grinned as Sam wiped away a few stray tears from laughing so hard. "Come on, let's go in."

"We're going to do our homework as soon as I put my stuff away," Sam said as she headed up to her room. "This trip will probably kill the whole weekend and I don't want to deal with all of it at the last minute. I'm definitely going to do Lancer's today."

"All right…" Danny sighed in defeat and he headed into the living room while she went to her room. It had been a whole year since Sam moved in with the Fentons. She had been fighting with her parents a lot since her grandmother died at the beginning of their sophomore year, and it finally peaked last year when they tried to make her go to a private boarding school. Danny knew that wasn't the part that bothered her though, but it was that they were doing this to try and take her away from him.

The fight had resulted in her leaving the house once and for all, and her parents disowned her. Sam had found out that her parents had removed her from school, and she hadn't wanted to tell him what happened so she played sick at the time. For a whole week, Sam had told him that she was sick and couldn't be at school and not to visit at her house as she was highly contagious since it would be bad if Danny Phantom got sick. He had grudgingly respected her wishes, but he was getting worried.

Then by pure chance he had come across her living in a cardboard box in alley during one of his ghost fights. It had taken a couple of days, but he had eventually managed to wheedle the entire story out of her. He had been horrified to learn that the Mansons tried to break them up and the little bit of respect he had for them disappeared. He refused to let Sam live out on the streets and after a quick family discussion his parents agreed to become her guardians. Getting the Mansons to agree had been hard because they were refusing out of spite, but they eventually gave up.

Danny sighed as he remembered those first few days. It had been very awkward as they were essentially living together even if they slept in separate rooms and had parental supervision. A lot of good came out of it though like her being able to help him study a lot longer and it was easier to train when they could get together in the middle of the night. The trips to the Ghost Zone were a lot easier too with her there to help run interference more often as she was a lot better than him and Jazz at making up excuses.

Danny sighed as he thought about the Ghost one wondering what kind of hell he would have to endure this weekend.