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Author Note: So here is the intro chapter of my new story. We will see how this one ends up going. I am trying to set the mood to be somewhat creepy like Blue Rose, but a bit more violent. I have been watching The Vampire Diaries. You get the idea.

Chapter 1

Natsume's POV:

I leaned against my car waiting for the tow truck. I had sent Koko into the nearby town to get the truck and I knew he would get here as soon as he possibly could but I was not amused at the prospect of waiting.

"Do you need a ride?"

I stared at the beautiful woman offering me a lift and wondered why noone had taught her that you should not offer rides to strangers. Then I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.


"Hop in."

I jumped into the baby blue convertible, and she started driving again.

"I'm Mikan." She said with a fleeting smile in my general direction. She was tall, but I could not be sure of her exact height, with a slender build. Her hair was long, dark brown and had auburn highlights in the that glinted in the sunlight. She had tied it back in a high ponytail. Large sunglasses were shading dark brown eyes from me, and the only jewellery she wore was her wedding ring.


"I got stranded like this once, in the middle of nowhere, and I had to walk fifteen miles to get to the next town. So I felt far sorrier for you than you probbaly needed me to be. I'll drop you off in the next town, and you can get a tow-truck for your car there." She explained.

"I called and they are already on their way. I was heading to Savielt actually." I answered, responding to her for some reason.

"Seriously? I am going to Savielt too! If you want I can take you all the way there. Or I can drop you here, so you can wait on your car. Whatever you prefer." Mikan said, deflating at the end. I realized that she did not want to travel alone, and apparently my company was better than nothing.

"I can travel with you to Savielt." I found myself answering, unconsciously wanting to soothe her in any and every way possible.

"Great." She said happily.

She drove in silence for the next thirty or so minutes and then the tow truck passed us, going the other way.

"That is headed for your car?" she asked. I nodded in response.

"Will they be okay even though you are not there?"

"They can call me if they need me." I answered nonchalantly.

Another half an hour later, her predictiion came true, when a very worried Koko called me.

"Hyuuga." I answered my phone.

"Master, where are you? I am at your car but..." his voice petered out as he realized he was demanding information from me.

"I shall get to Savielt on my own. Bring the car." I said quietly.

"Yes Master." He answered respectfully. I ended the call.

Mikan gave me an odd look but did not say anything. We kept driving in silence for a long while after that until I could see that she was getting tired.

"Would you like me to drive for a while?" I asked.

She looked at me with surprise and I smiled. "It's okay if you don't want me to. No one but me can drive my car while I am in it either."

"No it's fine. I'm not that picky. I just didn't think you'd want to drive this one after your fancy sports car."

"A car is a car." I shrugged. "Although faster is better. "

She chuckled as she pulled over. We exchanged seats, and I saw her snuggle deep into the passager seat, burying herself into the warmth my body had left on it. I felt an emotion I had never felt before at the sight, yet of course no expression showed at my face.

Innocent as she was proving herself to be, she fell asleep as I drove us through the falling dusk to Sabrielt. If she had been awake I would have stopped somewhere so she could have had dinner, but she was sleeping so soundly that I hardly felt like waking her up.

"Mmmmm where are we?" Mikan murmured as she stretched.

"Home." I answered.

She sat up with a jolt. "We're in Savielt?"


"Oh my GOD! I am so sorry! Why didn't you wake me? You drove for nearly eight hours!" she said looking wide awake and very distressed. I immediately felt a pang to soothe her; to take away her distress. I was not used to ignoring my instincts, so I didn't.

"You were obviously tired and I wasn't. It is not a big deal." I told her calmly even as the big wrought iron door swung open in front of us, allowing us into the grounds of my estate.

"Hold on wait, where are we?" Mikan asked, finally noticing her surroundings.

"My house. I hope you don't mind me dropping myself off."

"No of course not." She said looking around with wide eyes.

I drove down the curving road until we reached the manor. Mochu and Yuu were there to open both our doors. I saw her surprise but she gracefully stepped out of the car.

I could see Mikan's hesitation. She wanted to leave.

"Would you not come in at least for a little while?" I asked her.

"I must head home. Maybe I will see you some other time." She said, sincere apology in her voice. I inclined my head, and then watched as she slipped into the driver's seat and then drove out of my estate.

"Follow her. Protect her." I murmured.

"Yes Master." Mochu spoke, vanishing into the shadows.

I strode into the manor, Yuu silently following after me. I found my brother sitting in the study.

"You seem different." Ruka said with a raised brow.

"I have found a woman." I amswered even as I strode to teh fridge and pulled out a bottle and drained it dry.

"Thirsty, were you?" Ruka asked amused.

"She intrigues me, makes me feel things I have not felt in years, in fact, I don't remember having such feelings ever before." I said throwing the empty bottle away.

"Oh?" Ruka asked, curious now.

"Yes. I believe I will make her mine." I decided.

"Very well. What is the problem?" Ruka said, leaning back again.

"She is married." I said with regret.

"That's semantics, not a problem." Ruka said with a shrug.

"I agree, but she has more integrity than both of us combined brother." I dropped onto the couch.

"She can always become a widow." Yuu said quietly.

"There is that." Ruka said, nodding in approval.

"I agree. Get me information on her. I will become her friend, and then I shall be there for her in her grief." I said with a smirk.

"She must be special indeed. First woman to have made you feel anything in the past three hundred years, she is special enough." Ruka said as he picked up another bottle.

"No one gets a second chance." I replied.

"Never say never." Ruka said draining the bottle. I watched as he caught the last stray drop of blood from his lip and drank it down. "We are the Vampires brother. It does not suit us to say never."