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Crimson Siege

Chapter 27

Anna's POV:

I stopped my car in front of Natsume and Mikan's mansion and was suddenly at a loss when no one came to park it for me. I looked around but nope, no one was here. I was expected. I did come here for lunch with Mikan every Thursday. Was something wrong? Or had I just gotten used to special treatment from them and from Yuu?

I shrugged, pushed my pessimistic thoughts away and parked my car myself to the side. I have no clue where it was usually parked. Truthfully I did not even know where the garage was. Maybe I was spoiled here. I stepped out my car, and it felt weird to not have someone open the door for me. I did not expect such gestures from men anywhere else except at this house. No, I expected chivalry from the men ion this house anywhere, but mostly I saw them only at this Mansion. For other men, I would probably protest, but all of them had grown up in a time where they just held open doors, where they just stood up when a woman entered the room. They did it so naturally that it never bothered me when it might have otherwise. I shook my head. I was distracting myself.

I walked to the main door and was at a loss. Where was the freaking doorbell in this place? I sighed and pulled out my phone. I had the number of almost every single person who lived here. Someone would let me in.

Just as I was about to call Mikan, the door opened and Yuu stood there. He looked amused though he was not smiling. I met his bright green gaze and felt a smile curve my own lips. I could not help it.

"Hey" I said.

"Hi" He answered, moving to the side in clear invitation. I entered the house and the door closed behind me. The sound seemed a bit ominous.

I turned to him. "Where is everyone?" I wanted, no, needed a buffer between us. I liked Yuu, a lot. And initially I had moved forward with him until it felt like we were dating, but in the end I had chickened out. Logically I knew he'd never hurt me, but I just did not have a lot of trust left in me. It had helped me keep the distance that he had been busy helping Mikan and Natsume survive Natsume's reunion with his psycho father.

"Mikan and Natsume left this morning on their honeymoon." Yuu said blandly and my eyes widened.

"What?" I snapped.

Yuu grinned suddenly.

"Mikan's words were, "He's mine, and that's that. I just made it official." We're not even sure when they did the ceremony, just that they're bonded now." Yuu's eyes were filled with laughter.

"What did Natsume say to that?" I asked, still caught between amazement and surprise. I so had to yell at my best friend. Not only had I not been invited to the 'wedding', I had not even been told about it afterwards.

"He agreed. You know how smitten he is." Yuu smirked.

I laughed. I knew. We all knew. Natsume worshipped the ground Mikan walked on, which was fine coz she was pretty much crazy about him too.

I ran my hand through my hair. "Why didn't she tell me? She told me when he proposed for a normal wedding."

Yuu shrugged. "Would you care for some lunch? You have come here straight from the University, yes?"

I nodded, still distracted. He took my arm, gently, carefully and started to lead me to the dining room.

"Is anyone else here?" I asked.

Yuu shook his head, glancing at me, and now his eyes were careful, guarded.

"Then can we just eat in the kitchen?" I asked, sliding my hand down until I laced our fingers together. Something about Mikan's words had struck a chord inside me. I had been avoiding Yuu for a while, and from how careful and formal he was being today, he had definitely noticed. How could I punish him for crimes he had not committed? Another man had broken my heart, and Yuu did not deserve the fall out.

Yuu's fingers tightened on mine for a moment, then he changed directions and we walked to the kitchen, and this time he was not leading me, we were together.

When we reached the kitchen I saw that he had cooked a lot of food. I raised eyebrows and he shrugged but I could see he was pleased.

"I wanted to be able to serve you anything that you wanted to have."

"So you cooked up a storm." I murmured, turning to face him.

Yuu pulled me into his arms, but slowly, giving me plenty of time to pull away. I didn't pull away.

"This is the first time we have been alone together since you stayed in my room for a few days. I know you've avoided me because you needed time, but I also know that you're in pain, and that is what truly hurts Anna." He said quietly, all the humor gone from his face.

"But my avoiding you also hurt you." I said, reading between the lines. Or maybe that was easier for me to deal with. I had had a bad breakup, and no matter how much Yuu had helped, it did still hurt, and no, I really did not want to talk about it.

He gave me a look that seemed to say he knew what I was doing, but he would let me do it anyways.

"For some, home is brick and mortar, for others it is between certain stone walls. Some find their home in their birth country, while others find it in a country that has adopted them like a mother. To me, home is in you. It is not about sex, but it is about love, acceptance, and knowing that you are a part of my soul. I feel it missing, empty, without you there. It is about being cold, and absolutely knowing that with you at my side, even the coldest night would be filled by warmth, peace and laughter and belonging."

I felt the first tear slide down my cheek. I was not going to cry more, but he made it so hard.

"No one can be this perfect." I whispered it, my voice choked.

He rolled his eyes even as he wiped away that lonely tear.

"I am centuries old, drink blood, prefer fighting with a sword, and tend to work for my best friend and probably always will. Just because we are perfect for each other, does not mean I am perfect by any means. Stay with me to find the flaws, and then be mine anyways."

I smiled just as he had intended me to. He made himself sound like domestic help when he and Natsume together managed one of the biggest financial empires in the world. Oh well, he did do the cooking. God knows the rest of us were terrible at it.

"But I might make you move in with me." I told him.

"If that is what you want." He answered, and then grinned suddenly. "We'll have to get a bigger dining table. They'd all rather come over to our place than cook."

I laughed. I didn't even know how he had suddenly talked me into letting him move in, but he had and that was okay. I liked him, and I could admit to myself, if not out loud, that a part of me loved him. I'd be happy if he lived with me. That he had called my house 'our place' made me very very happy.


"Sweet!" Mikan said from behind us. I whirled around, my jaw dropping open. She was grinning ear to ear.

"You... you..." I sputtered. Yuu wrapped his arms tighter around me, pulling me into a hug so that my back was pressed to his chest.

"I told them that all we had to do was leave you two alone, and you'd figure it out." Mikan preened.

Natsume appeared next to her, looking amused and exasperated. He wrapped an arm around her.

"Did you even get married?" I asked glaring at them both.

Natsume laughed, while Mikan nodded happily, her chocolate brown eyes glittering with joy and mischief.

"You didn't even consider that Yuu was part of the plan." Mikan pointed out and Yuu tensed behind me.

"He would not lie to me." I retorted and he relaxed again.

"Of course he would not. Mikan wanted to play matchmaker and I could not say no so soon after our marriage." Natsume said with an apologetic bow of his head. It was totally ruined with the laughter still dancing in his eyes.

"I already knew you were whipped Natsume. You don't have to give the marriage excuse." I told him seriously and he looked shocked while Yuu started chuckling. I could see Mikan trying not to laugh, but it was a losing battle.

"You came back earlier than planned." Ruka said stepping into the kitchen. He was dressed in a black tux with a pale blue silk shirt that brought the color of his eyes even more and made his hair seem even more blonde than usual. Ruka preferred the college boy look. Now what was going on?

Then his 'wife' Hotaru was there, black haired violet eyed, and petite, dressed in a silk sheath blue dress that had many shades of blue in it and seemed to match Ruka perfectly.

Now I had to ask.

"Why are you two dressed like this?"

They shared a glance, then as one stared at Natsume and Mikan.

I looked at them too.

Mikan shrugged. "Wanna come to a wedding? As in a normal one, not the vamp version?" she asked. I just stared at her.

"You're kidding me?" I was gaping and could not help it.

"Your clothes are in Yuu's room. Well, his clothes are there as well, and come to think of it, you guys should hurry in the getting dressed department. We're the last ones left." Mikan answered.

"For the love of God!" I started but before I could actually rant at my best friend Yuu simply picked me up and a few seconds later we were in his room.

I wanted to tell him off but he was right. Without saying anything he was right, damnit. We dressed quickly, though he dressed in the bathroom, giving me the bedroom.

My dress was also a silk sheath in jade green, with dashes of forest green and pale green running through it. I just knew that Yuu would be wearing a black tux with a green silk shirt. I was right and when we got downstairs, Natsume was dressed in a traditional tux with a white shirt and Mikan was nowhere in sight.

"She'll be right down and I'll meet you guys there." He said.

"Uhh, where is there?" I asked before he could leave.

He grinned at me. "Everyone but you and Yuu knows." Then he was gone.

Yuu shook his head. "I'll go check on Mikan." I nodded and watched him head upstairs before looking at Ruka and raising an eyebrow. I knew asking Hotaru was pointless. She'd answer, but only when she felt like it. Ruka chuckled.

"Mikan told me and Hotaru to make the wedding plans in secret because she wanted it to be a surprise for Natsume. But then she ended up marrying in a vampire ceremony and so she told him about it anyways. But then she wanted you and Yuu to make up before the wedding and so she planned for you two have some time alone today. She thought you'd work things out if you actually tried." Ruka explained.

"Did you?" Hotaru asked.

I did not pretend to misunderstand. "Yeah. He's gonna move in with me, and then eventually when I am convinced just how much easier it is to live here rather than at my house, we'll move back here. But first, he gets to live there." I said with a smile, and I knew it was happy.

Hotaru chuckled. "Even if you do move back, you can just live in a cabin on the grounds rather than moving into the mansion."


"There are two cabins already. One is almost visible from the mansion. The other is father away, at the edge of a lake, which apparently is also part of the grounds, but Aurelia is living in it right now." She smirked at that.

"With Tono?" I asked.

Hotaru's smirk got wider. "Aurelia bonded with him, but she told him he's her body guard and blood donor. That's all, for now. It's hilarious that he's found his match."

"At least they're bonded." Ruka pointed out.

"True." I added, but even I was grinning. Tono was such a womanizer that it was indeed funny.

Then I saw Yuu escort Mikan down the stairs and my eyes widened. How had she dressed so fast?

She was wearing a white strapless sheath dress made of lace. The gloves on her hands were white semi transparent lace, going all the way up her arms and more lace worked into her chocolate brown hair which hung loose on her back, but it was not a veil. The dress came below her knees, and she was wearing at least three inch heels with white ribbons tied all the way up her calves.

She looked like a dream and I beamed at her when she grinned at me. My best friend was getting married.

We all sat in the limo quietly on the way to wherever as Ruka drove. I think the fact that Mikan and Natsume were getting married had finally caught up with all of us.

Hotaru and I were the bridesmaids. We entered first. It was an old chapel, so old that no service was held here anymore, yet today a wedding would be held here. There had been an almost tug of war between Ruka and Yuu, about who got to give away the bride. In the end, Yuu won, because Ruka was Natsume's brother and so he got to be Best Man. They were both groomsmen. If I looked closely I could see that Ruka was pouting from where he was standing next to his brother.

I walked ahead, but I kept my eyes on Natsume and I knew the instant that Mikan was visible because he looked stunned. Something's were truly priceless.

It was a simple wedding ceremony, and once the rings and vows were exchanged the happy couple dropped us all like yesterday's news and left for their "long due", their words, not mine, honeymoon. We partied anyways. After all, why not? We had reason to celebrate, and Mikan and Natsume were celebrating in their own way as well. And through it all, Yuu's hand was warm in mine. I caught Hotaru's eye, she raised her glass to me in a silent toast and I raised mine back. After all, I just knew we were going to be neighbors soon.