This is my first fanfic so hope you like it. Both Rob and Kristen said that their favourite song was 'Beside You', I wasn't sure if it was the Marianas Trench one, but I was listening to that song while writing this. Kristen is in the air plane heading to London, and soon she finds herself having the strangest dream ever.

A Strange Dream

"Umm, excuse me mam." A flight attendant woke me, I was listening to a song on Rob's iPhone 'Beside You'. I guess it made me fall asleep. I took a quick glance beside me John my body guard was asleep. So she had to be talking to me. I snatched one of the ear plugs out of my ear. "Yea," I said in a surprised tone. "I'm sorry to bother you, I was just wondering if you needed anything, a glass of ice tea perhaps?" Her expression looked apologetic. "Sure." I breathed. The song kept on playing and made me fall asleep.

The next thing I knew I was pulling Rob in what looks like a candle lit hotel room. I knew I had to be dreaming. We sat on the bed, he took my face with both his hands and started to kiss me. It was different kissing him, I knew where this was going. We both sucked in for air, I started to unbutton his shirt walking my fingers on his chest up to his neck, and ran my hand through his tousled hair. He ripped open my blue blouse, and once rested his right hand on my breast. We were in a sideways position so I rolled over and I was on top of him. We were both shirtless now, ran my hand through his upper body feeling the creases down his stomach. The door creaked open and we both stopped to stare, no one was there. We ignored the sound and started again he unbuttoned my jeans and before he could slide it off my legs the door slammed open and there appeared Taylor in a fancy grey suit.

"Guys!" he said in a shocked look on his face. "Uhh, not now Taylor." Rob breathed. "You guys are late! It's the premiere!" he protested. "What premiere?" I was getting annoyed.

"That." He pointed to the crowd of paparazzi. Rob and I were up and I wrapped my leg tight on his thigh. I glanced in front of me and was blinded by the flashing lights of cameras. We were now on the red carpet of the Breaking Dawn premiere. All the fans cheered, because of what me and Rob making right in front of them? I almost didn't notice that both of us had no shirts on. I pulled Rob away and he wrapped his hands around my waist keeping me close. "What the hell is going on?" I yelled. The fans cheered louder.

I woke myself when John adjusted his seating position. He was still asleep, I looked in front of me and noticed the glass of ice tea sitting in the cup holder. I took a sip and woke up John the voice in the speakers said it was time for landing. That was such a strange dream I thought to myself.

The plane landed and we made our way out quickly. We entered the door of the Heathrow airport. I looked at the crowds in the big room, ignoring the bright flashes of the cameras.

I looked towards again and saw the crooked smile I always love lost among the huge crowds. It was him, I couldn't believe it, how did he get here before me. I was just with him last night saying my goodbyes and now he's here? I raced through the crowd and made my way to hug him. He lifted me and kissed me, and I hugged him again. I opened my eyes and realized that people were looking at us. "Rob, look around." I whispered in his ear.

Thanks for reading, more chapters to come.