Revenge and Revolution Chapter 8

by magentalover

Disclaimer- Richard O'Brien owns all characters you know and love! As for the little old lady, she's mine all mine mwahahaha! :3

"Do you really need to pack all the cat toys Minerva?" Ricky asked. It seemed she didn't want to leave anything behind, and it was already noon. At this rate they would be lucky to have the house packed this month, let alone be home in time for dinner.

"Yes Ricky. It important for Mickey to have all his toys or it will upset his exercise routine." As if to prove this point was complete nonsense Mickey sat on the back of an old chair and lazily flicked his tail back in forth in his sleep.

"Ugh, it'd be easier just to move this whole house than pack everything here." Ricky complained as he plopped down on the sofa.

"Ricky! That's it!," Columbia squealed, " Is there still an empty lot next door?"

"Yeah. Why?" He replied not knowing Columbia's plans.

"Wow Ricky. You've been using Translyvanian technology your who life and I think of this?" Columbia was rummaging through her suitcase. After a moment of being watched by Ricky, Grandma Minerva, and even Mickey who had opened up one lazy eye, she pulled out a green glowing crystal, and metal attachment that Ricky knew as the latest mobile transit device.

"Columbia you're a genius!" he said pulling her into a quick kiss, "I'll just go plug this in in the bathroom and will be home for dinner like promised!" Ricky exclaimed, happy that he wouldn't have to pack another box.

Meanwhile at the Vitus Residence

Riff Raff has been laying out various papers on the dining room table: blue prints, maps, biographies, multiple essays and reports, all of which I've never seen before. "Riff, I thought you weren't going to keep anymore secrets." I said while analyzing one of the maps.

"They were all in plain sight in the laboratory." He said arranging various photos of the town, castle, and people with the matching text.

"Oh please, the last time I went down there you practically took out the whip."

"Actually I did, and you didn't seem to mind one bit. You're not the only one who can distract someone, my most beautiful sister." He said smiling, just as the door bell rang.

"Hello..." I could hear Riff greeting Sloan and Archibald as set up a pitcher of water and glasses. I was going to bring out the wine, but Riff had advised to save that for after they agree to help kill DeLordy. Two men walked in accompanying Riff Raff. One was quite tall and well built, with short salt and pepper hair, steely gray eyes, and a charcoal gray pinstripe suit to match. Next to him was a blonde man with honey brown eyes and a mustache who was quite a bit shorter than Riff and the other man, he was wearing a dark green flannel shirt and blue jeans, and resembled a gunman from an old western movie I watched while on Earth. Trailing behind them was a boy who seemed to be about seven with jet black hair and dark brown eyes wearing black jeans and a dark blue polo. If it was scientifically possible I would have thought it was their son.

"Hello, I'm Sloan," spoke the man in the gray suit, "And this is Archibald, and this is our nephew Jack. You must be Magenta." He said shaking my hand with an arrogant smile. Well I guess if you're known as one of the best assassins in all known galaxies you have a reason to be a little smug.

"It's nice to meet all of you." I said smiling and shaking Archibald and Jack's hands.

"Shall we get to work then?" Riff Raff inquired.

"I recond we should 'sidering we came all this way." Archibald replied. He even talked like he was from a western movie.

"Excellent. Magenta if you wouldn't mind setting Jack up with something to do in the living room while we work."

"But I'm part of the team now! Tell 'em Uncle Sloan!"

" I don't know Archie. I don't think he should be exposed to this yet." Sloan said to Archibald under his breath while gently chewing on his lip. You could see the gruff exterior fade while they looked at the young boy.

"Jack how about you and I watch Finding Nemo while they work? Then we can catch up when we have the rest of the group and roles to assign." I suggested.

"Okay!" Jack answered excitedly at the thought of a movie, and still being involve in his family's business.

As I lead him into the living room I could hear all three men give a faint sigh of relief. Well I guess it'll just be another evening of being out of the loop.

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