My Brother's Keeper

They walked back toward the Quidditch pitch, talking about each House's standings. They were just a bit away from it when something sharp hit Sirius in the back. He went sprawling to the ground, along with Scorpius. As he struggled to a sitting position, he heard a yell.

The man—the skinny man—had Severus. He pulled him onto a broom and flew off.

"NO! Severus!" Sirius's head was splitting. "Nora. Where's Nora? Where's my dad?"

"I'll go get him!" Scorpius said, sprinting down the hill toward the pitch.

Sirius stood and looked around.


He turned. It was Nora—and she was being carried by the other man. He whistled, just as Artemis had trained him, and a saw a Thestral come out of the trees. It flew to him quickly, and he jumped onto it just as the other man flew off.

"Sirius, no!" Harry yelled as his son flew away.

Sirius kept flying, never taking his eyes off of Nora and the man. The air was getting stale again. He tightened his grip, muttered, "Stay with them," and closed his eyes.

"And this one…" the big man said.

"Get your hands off of me!" Nora snapped, kicking him in the shins.

"A firecracker this one," the auctioneer said. "But I'm sure one of you'll be able to break her."

"The only thing that's going to be broken is your face when I my parents find you."

"Don't know about her," one of the men said.

"She's halfblood, but has Black and Potter blood in her. The boy too. Nora Potter—let's start the bidding."

Sirius opened his eyes. They were over the village of Hogsmeade. Spells were whizzing past him in both directions. He kept his eyes on Nora's captor and flew on. They landed on the roof of the train station. "Tarantallegra!" he yelled, pointing his wand at Severus's kidnapper.

The man began to dance wildly, and Severus slipped from his grasp.

"DON'T!" Sirius yelled, seeing Severus start to run to Nora. It was too late.

"Sectumsempra!" the man holding Nora yelled.

Severus fell to the ground.

Sirius couldn't decide what to do. Severus looked like he was losing blood rapidly, but the man who held Nora was almost to the staircase. He backed away toward Severus, hands raised.

"That's a good lad," the kidnapper said. "Drop the wand."

"I need it to help my brother," Sirius said quietly. "Bombarda!"

The stairs and part of the wall exploded. The kidnapper dropped Nora and covered his head.

With another whistle, Sirius ran over to Nora and pushed her onto the Thestral. "Go!" Looking up, he could see the team of Aurors descending. He ran back to Severus, who was choking on blood. "Fuck," he said. "Vulnera Sanentur," he whispered. Some of the wounds began to close, but it wasn't enough. "Vulnera Sanentur," he said, with a bit more force. He sighed with relief as the wounds closed, completely this time.

"Where did you learn that, boy?" a voice asked. "Very impressive…."

There was a wand at Sirius's temple.

"You were the most unremarkable Potter," the kidnapper said, pulling Sirius to his feet. "Fifteen, with no extraordinary talents. And suffering from nightmares and delusions. But I think now…now that we know you better…you'll fetch a larger price than you brother and sister combined. Drop your wand."

Sirius did so. He saw the Aurors behind the man.

"Don't any of you think of doing anything stupid," the kidnapper said. "Or the boy dies."

"Severus is hurt!" Sirius yelled.

"Shut your gob!"

"Get him back to the castle." With that, Sirius kneed the man in the groin as hard as he could. He grabbed the wand he'd dropped and ran back to his brother. "Severus?"

"He'll be okay," one of the Aurors said. "Thanks to you."

"Sirius!" It was Tonks. She ran over to him. "Oh god…"

"He'll be fine, Tonks," the Auror said, lifting Severus up. "Get the other two back to the castle."

"Nora's already there. Harry flew with her. Sirius, let's go."

Sirius watched the kidnappers being arrested, only following when Tonks tugged on his arm.

"Let's go," she said softly. "Everything's fine. Let's get back to the castle."

By nine o'clock the next morning, absolutely everyone in the school knew about Sirius the Seer. He'd finally had enough around lunchtime. Slipping out of his group of friends, he made his way to the hospital wing to see Severus. Nora and Scorpius were already there. "Can't believe Pomfrey's allowing the party," he said.

"Some party," Nora said. "We're just griping about all the nosey gits at this school."

"Can you blame them?" Sev asked. He still looked, and sounded, a bit weak, but it was clear his health was improving. "It's not every day someone gets kidnapped…."

"Thank Merlin…."

"Had any more visions, Sirius?" Scorpius asked tentatively.


He really hoped it stayed that way. Because now he recognized the look he'd seen in Rex's eyes—it was the look he'd one day have. The look of a Seer.