"Hello?" Shizuo said into his cell phone; he still didn't know what possessed himself to answer his phone at 3am.

"Oh thank god you picked up Shizuo, sorry I'm calling so late but I really need you to come over." Shinra said quickly to the blonde.

"Ugh, what for?"

"I'll explain when you get here, please Shizuo it's an emergency." Shinra whimpered; Shizuo rubbed his eyes and sighed into the phone.

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Shizuo hung up his phone and quickly got into one of his bartenders uniforms. If Shinra didn't have a major emergency then he would kick the underground doctor's ass six miles up the street. When he got out of his apartment building he was stopped by stepping in a puddle of something red and smelling like...blood.

"Disgusting." Shizuo mumbled as he walked to Shinra's apartment.

(Shinra's apartment)

"Ah you're finally here." Shinra sighed in relief as the blonde walked into his apartment.

"Yea so what's the emergency?" Shizuo asked as he was lead into the living room; he growled when he saw the familiar looking brunet sitting on the couch with bandages wrapped around his head.

"IIIZZZAAAYYYYAAA." Shizuo growled threw his teeth; Izaya just looked at him with a confused expression.

"Who's Izaya?...and who are you?" The brunet asked starring up at the bodyguard with a weird smile….a friendly smile?

"You see Shizuo…Celty saw Izaya fall off the top of your apartment building and land right on his head! I'd say it's a miracle that his skull didn't crack into a million pieces…but unfortunately he's lost him memory. I don't know if it's permanent but he really can't be left alone…so I was wonder if you could look after him until he gets it back." Shinra asked smiling nervously at his childhood friend. Shizuo's eyes widened, remembering the puddle of blood in front of his building.

"So what if he lost his memory? I'm not fucking babysitting him, he's twenty-three!" Shizuo said angrily; the two looked at the brunet who was playing with his switch blade, Izaya flinched when he accidentally cut the side of his pointer finger.

"Oh my god…I'm a tomato!" Izaya said watching the red liquid run down his finger; he licked the blood and cringed at the taste.

"Eww I don't taste very good." Izaya shrugged it off and continued to play with the sharp object.

"See Shizuo, he needs someone to watch him…and keep him away from sharp objects." Shinra said taking the knife away from the injured brunet.

"Why do I have to watch him?" Shizuo asked still starring at the information broker.

"Because I can't find anyone else who can, please Shizuo." Shinra begged; Shizuo looked at his best friend then back at the smaller male.

"….Fine." Shizuo said threw his teeth. Shinra smiled and turned Izaya to face them.

"Izaya this is Shizuo you call him 'Shizu-chan', you're going to go home with him." Shinra said nodding towards the annoyed blonde.

"Kay…and what's my name again?" The brunet asked as he stood up from the couch.

"Your name is Izaya…but Shizuo calls you 'flea'." Shinra said; the brunet smiled and grabbed the blonde hand.

"Let's go home Shizu…chan?" Izaya said trying to pronounce the name correctly.

"You could have left the 'Shizu-chan' part out you know." Shizuo said glaring at the underground doctor as he was pulled the front door.

"Before you go here are some pills Izaya need to take if he gets any headaches; I'll be taking out the stitches in his head in a few weeks. Hopefully his memory will be back by then if he gets plenty of rest." Shizuo took the bottle of pills from the brunet and shoved it into his pocket.

"I don't get this at all…I would have never have thought that the flea would fall off of a building." Shizuo said shaking his head in confusion.

"Well…Celty said it looked like Izaya jumped off the building…"

Author's Note: As promised in my last fan fiction here is the first chapter of my new fan fiction! Yea i know the whole Izaya saying "Oh my god...im a tomato!" was really stupid but i thought it was funny! hahahahaha! I hope you guys liked it and I'll start on the new chapter ASAP. Review, favorite, and alert please!