"Izaya, Kasuka is here so the four of us are going to go get ice cream; did you want me to pick you up some?" Shizuo said walking into the room and closing the door behind him; Izaya shook his head and continued to look out his window at the falling snow.

"It's freezing today." Shizuo said grabbing his winter coat from the closet and slipping on his gloves and scarf.

"Shizuo look I can walk a little." Izaya said moving out of the bed to stand up; he wobbled a few times before being able to actually walk forward. He was only able to take a few steps forwards before he had to sit back down on the bed.

"That's great; just in time for Christmas." Shizuo said happily; Izaya smiled and looked back out the window.

"I'm probably going to move out a day or two after Christmas; I already found another apartment in my old apartment building that's cheep but really nice." Izaya eyes widened at the sound of that.

"…You don't have to move out so soon; I wouldn't even mind if you stayed to February." Izaya said nervously.

"That's a little long don't you think? Its fine I have money saved up and I really don't mind moving out so early."

"But…I don't…" Izaya started.

"You don't what?" Shizuo asked curiously; Izaya just shook his head waving off what he was going to say.

"Well I'll be leaving now; I'll see you later flea." Shizuo said before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him. Izaya sat there with tears running down his cheeks and falling onto his black pajama pants.

"How am I going to live without him; once he's moved into his own apartment things will go back to normal…like we never slept together…never ate together…never…kissed." Izaya's hand flew up to his aching heart; making it hurt every time it beat.

"If I'm injured still then he wouldn't be able to leave me…." Izaya smiled at the thought; he got up from the bed and started walking towards the kitchen. He had to hold onto a lot of things and almost fell over a few times but finally was able to get to the kitchen. He reached into one of the cabinets and grabbed the pills that had put him in this mess. The brunet poured the whole bottle of pills into his hand and poured them back on the kitchen counter.

"Hm… knife or pills?" Izaya thought trying to figure out the best way to do this; he remembered that this all started with him losing his memory by jumping off a building. So if he jumped off it again maybe he would lose it again; forcing Shizuo into having to take care of him for longer. He grabbed his fur trimmed jacket and started down the hallway and to the stairs of the building.

"This is going to take a while." The informant thought as he looked up the flight of stairs.

(A few hours later)

"Izaya I'm home! Sorry I took so long, I had to drop your sisters off at the train station and say goodbye to Kasuka." Shizuo said walking into the now empty apartment; he looked over at the kitchen counter to see the pills Izaya had taken out and the sharp kitchen knife he had also considered using. The blonde quickly started looking everywhere in the apartment, screaming the informants name. When he saw Izaya's coat was gone he ran out of the apartment and up the stairs of the building; he pushed through the rooftop door to see said brunet leaning forward ready to jump off the building. He shot at him full speed, wrapping his arms around his skinny body and pulling his far back from the edge.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Shizuo screamed; turning the brunet around to face him Izaya just stared at him with tear filled eyes.

"I…I….don't…know." Izaya said letting tears spill out again; he gasped when Shizuo pulled him into a bear hug.

"You fucking scared me; I thought you were over the whole "being suicidal"?" Shizuo asked hugging the informant tightly.

"I was….until you said that you were leaving me soon." Izaya said burying his face in the blonde's shoulder.

"That doesn't make any sense; I thought you'd be happy to have you apartment all to yourself again." Shizuo asked curiously; Izaya pulled away to look him straight in the eyes.

"Of course not...I love you Shizu-chan, I always have. I know that you can't say that to me because you hate me…I just thought maybe if I got injured again you would stay with me longer." Izaya said starring Shizuo straight in the eyes; Shizuo ran his fingers threw his bleached hair and blushed at what Izaya had said.

"But since you know what I want to do your probably not going to stay with me if I injure myself again…so I can always just kill myself." Izaya said walking back to the ledge and looking at the snow covered ground.

"If I can't have you…then I don't want to live." Izaya looked up when he felt Shizuo grab his hand and move up on the ledge with him. Shizuo spun the brunet around to face him and smashed their lips together. Izaya's eyes rolled back at the feeling of Shizuo's lips pressed against his own.

"If you jump, then I'm going with you…before we die I just want you to know that….I love you to." Shizuo said hugging the brunet again; he wanted to let go but he couldn't, neither of them could let go of the other.

"Please…please don't leave me." Izaya whimpered, clutching onto the blonde's coat. Shizuo smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around the slim frame.

"I'll never leave; you're stuck with me for the rest of eternity." Shizuo said laying his head on top of Izaya's; the brunet just smiled and enjoyed the moment they had together.

"Do you think that…we can spend Christmas together?" Izaya asked looking up at the blonde with those red eyes.

"Of course; we're living together so we don't really have a choice on not to." Izaya gasped when he was suddenly swept off his feet and carried to the rooftop door by his new lover.

"Let's go home and get into bed." Shizuo said quickly running down the stairs.

"Bed? But it's really early to be going to sleep now." Izaya said confused.

"I was thinking of doing something else in bed then sleeping; I'll give you a hint…we're going to use that lotion that you have for its intended purpose." Shizuo said grinning seductively at the smaller male; Izaya smiled excitedly as Shizuo kicked the apartment door down and rushed into the bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind him and lowered the brunet down on the bed.

"I love you Shizu-chan." Izaya said as Shizuo prepped him with kisses.

"I love you to Izaya."

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