Hello my readers! And welcome to the very last chapter, of Edith's struggle to become a villain. If you have not read "Soft Wind and Death Tales" Or "Hard Wind and Family" I suggest you do so, to get an idea of where this is leading, in terms of Edith's previous struggles! This third Fic will be the ends of the trilogy, so please, enjoy it! Feedback always helps! And since it is summer, I have more time to work on things like this.

Dancing With the Tides…. Prologue


In a suburban town somewhere in Ohio, lived a young girl named Edith Parker, along with her two sisters, Margo and Agnes, with their adoptive father Felonious Gru. In an attempt to become the best villain possible, Edith faces a challenge, when her sister Margo is brutally murdered by Gru's arch enemy. Blaming the incident on Gru, Edith disappears for the next 11 years, to find refuge and become the villain she's always been. Using the same things Gru had taught her (Patience, Stealth, and imagination) Edith managed to keep herself a secret, and avoid any unwanted contact. After 9 years, Edith goes to a villain foundation to get a loan, and build her fortress in Port Jervis New York, where she then uses as a base of operations for her next plan. In her efforts, which were successful, 30 million dollars was stolen from the most secure vault in the world. Now being able to pay off the loan, she tracked down Gru's arch nemesis, Vector. After a series of events leading up to a hit being placed on Edith by Vector, and a beating in a dark room, Gru rescues her. Now compelled by strength given to her, Edith takes revenge on Vector, kills him, and blows up his fortress.

With the creation of an artificial intelligence, Margo is brought back to accompany Edith, and the family lives for a full year, untouched, and unbroken.

With 30 million dollars remaining, Edith spreads 90% of it around the world and keeps a large chunk for her family. The fortress is fused with Gru's underground lab, and male and female minions meet… Now with almost nothing to worry about, a new enemy gathers power while the family relaxes, and now, the enemy is prepared to strike at any given time.

Mr. Perkins sat at his desk, apple in hand, and the same old angry expression on his face. Only this time, his expression was multiplied, as he looked over his son's obituary.

The body was nowhere to be found, as it was likely to have disintegrated when his home exploded. However, a shark was recovered from the moat of Vector's home. Oddly, who would have a shark as a pet? Perkins slammed the file onto the desk, vaulting out of his seat and storming across the room to a filing cabinet. Pulling open the cabinet, he took out a file with the last name 'Parker'.

He opened the file, "You. Will. Die. Edith, PARKER!"

1 year later, August 1st, 2023

In the cold dark blue chamber of Gru's laboratory, past a corridor and into an even colder room, sat 24 year old Edith. The only sound that could be heard from the secluded young woman was her breathing, and the tools being used to create a contraption. She studied over the blueprints mounted on the wall in front of her, and took in every detail she needed to form the specified object. The wires and technology were that of none other, as they were used to a certain extent for building things almost unimaginable. But lucky for Edith, Gru had technology and Dr. Nefario, which was a fantastic combination and the fact that Margo was somehow living as an Artificial Intelligence made her even happier. Margo could do all sorts of calculations and wacky things; she could look at something and say things like: do this, connect that, no, that doesn't go there. And that was one of these times. Another thing about virtual Margo, was that Gru installed the new 'Life size' projectors, which meant she could practically go anywhere in the house, walking around like a real person. Plus, she was interactive! She could touch, operate machines, anything.

Edith cranked on the wrench to screw in a bolt which was connected to a small metal bowl, containing the element for stabilized levitation. Building the body of the board was rather simple, and with Margo's help, Edith got the measurements all correct.

Now with the bowl in place, it was now time for wires, and tubes. Margo beamed herself next to Edith, and watched her connect everything to make sure it was correct according to the plans.

"Wait," She stopped Edith from connecting a blue and red tube together; "Those tubes shouldn't be together, you see that capacitor at that end of the board?" Margo said, pointing to the bow. "The red one should always be in the front, blue in the back and yellow on the sides. The reason being is the gyro scope, and how much of the element the board needs to use, depending on what side the rider leans on. The element is then used to propel the board at a certain angle, pushing against the ground." Margo explained

Edith nodded, "So what is used for thrust?" she asked connecting the tubes in their correct positions.

"Well you see that vent back there? The element fuses with Carbon Nano Foam to give it power and propel it forward." She explained.

Edith got her welding tools, and started to synch the metal restraints together, to hold the tubes in. She took off the face guard, and then looked back at the blue-print.

"Why does it say we need plutonium?" she wondered, looking back at Margo who was typing on a virtual arm mounted keyboard.

"I just sent a message to Gru, he'll be down here in a second" Just as Margo finished her sentence, Gru advanced into the room with a small box in his hand.

"Damn that was fast..." Margo implied.

Edith turned on her stool, and watched Gru approach the table. "So, you guys need deese for dee hoverboard?" he asked them.

"Yes I do," Edith started. "Margo helped me with the plans, trying to help me figure out which elements to use and what not. She suggested plutonium because of the magnetic properties."

Gru looked at the hollow hover board curiously, studying the components. "You two should use Cobalt." He suggested.

"Why Cobalt?" Margo wondered.

"Well," he started "Cobalt is ferromagnetic, meaning eet ees highly magnetic. In physics, several different types of magnetism are distinguished. Ferromagnetism (including ferrimagnetism) is the strongest type. So if you want greator speed, I'd go with cobalt." He suggested.

Margo and Edith both looked at each other, "How are we supposed to use this in the hoverboard then?"

"I was getteeng to dat." Inside the small box, was another yet smaller bowl, which already contained the necessary components for an element.
"I weel get some cobalt tomorrow, in the meantime, you won't have any forward thrust until I can get eet."
"That's fine," Margo said "We're gonna finish this up and then come upstairs."
"Mkay." Gru left the room.

A few moments later, and more components, it was ready. Edith screwed on the top, and plugged in the board. A car battery was wired to the house's energy to channel it through the board.

Edith flipped the switch, and the board started to hum. A few seconds later, and the board was now cooing, levitating perfectly. She messed with it, turned it at different angles...

"Nice job Edith." Margo congratulated her.

Edith put the board on its station, letting it levitate. She connected the wires and left it there. Margo beamed herself back into the house's mainframe.

"Let's get upstairs, it's almost lunch time." Edith said, her stomach growling. She walked into the elevator at the end of the corresponding corridor, then selected the house level.

"Gorls! Lunch is ready!" Gru shouted. August was already at the table along with Agnes, and Edith was about to enter the room before Gru retrieved plates from the cupboard.

"Ah, dere you are" he acknowledged her. Edith said nothing, but advanced to the table, almost exhausted. She propped her head up with her left arm, her hand resting gently on her smooth and rather pale skin.

Gru stopped in the middle of carrying their plates to the table, and looked at Edith with a concerned expression. Edith's eyes were closed and unbeknownst to anyone but Margo, her head hurt really badly.

"Edith, you ok?" Gru asked softly. She sighed, "Yeah, just… a small headache." She assured them, opening her eyes. Gru wasn't pleased, he knew she had to eat, but there was something that caught Gru's eyes...

As soon as Edith opened her eyes, they flashed a dark blue. Very weird for someone with silver iris, but why did they flash?

Gru closed the gap from him and the table, and set in front of the girls a plate of left over spaghetti, topped with parmesan cheese and meatballs. The saucy smell was rather inviting, and the girls began to dig their forks into their food, with Edith being the last one to start.

Gru placed the remnant containers of food back into the fridge, then left the kitchen to go into his lab. He descended into the elevator, and female and male minions greeted him as he walked out. The minions really had no other job to do, so basically, they'd get the females and run off with them to do who knows what. Gru didn't really want to think about how they did stuff. Gru was getting bored, so he decided to go into the armory and maybe shoot some things. He felt a hand grab his shoulder, and Edith stood next to him as he opened the armory door.

"Ah, Edith. I thought you were eating upstairs!" He said, "Yes, I was" she assured him, "But then I came down here to shoot stuff."

"Well in dat case, maybe you can try dee new weapon I made." He suggested, pulling out a rather small handgun that was about the size of a Glock g19. Edith studied it with wide eyes; it had a beautiful dark blue, iridescent finish and looked a lot like technology found commonly in Gru and Edith's lab. A spike protruded below the barrel, and a small glowing green casing occupied the butt of the gun. Edith clicked a small red button on the side, and the weapon pushed out two electrics spikes above the one in the front.

"Now hold eet weeth two hands, and hold the trigger until you know what I mean." Gru instructed her.

Edith did as instructed, and held one hand on the handle with the trigger, and one below the clip. She held the button gently and all of a sudden, the electric spikes started to form small lightning bolts, which jumped from spike to spike. The streaks of electricity crossed, forming an electric ball in the middle, in front of the barrel. The gun was starting to vibrate, and Edith now held the trigger down all the way. The gun stuttered for a second, then the green and glowing casing in the back was now gone, shooting violently out of the barrel and connecting with the electricity. The green ball of electricity hurled down the range at an incredible speed, then smacked into a dummy at the far end.

The remaining high polymer material remaining on the model was now covered and dripping with molten green gel.

"Nice shot Edith" Gru congratulated her. But when Gru saw the aftermath of the model, his mouth hung wide open in disbelief.

"W-w-w-What!" He yelled. The bolt went clean through, a dead on bullseye.

Edith pushed a few more buttons on the console next to her, then more models and dummies came to the range, this time being moving targets. Edith got in a combat stance and Gru stood back as the young woman held the gun one handed. Edith shot several times, each hitting directly to the center of the bullseye.




and after 2 more shots, the floor of the range was scorched from the green gel. Gru almost fainted when he saw Edith's accuracy. His mouth hung open and all he could say was "Damn..."

"I know right, I'm an excellent shot." She winked, then set the gun onto the table beside her.

Edith's arm was occupied by a harness, containing a few pieces of electronics. A watch, mini computer, and hacking module sat gently on the harness, and Edith lifted her arm to use it. She typed a few things into the computer then turned to Gru really quickly.

"Crap it's 2:30, I promised Agnes I would take her to buy a car." She held her hands out beside her, and looked at Gru with a rather blank expression.

"Alright alright, take any car you want, just not the tank..."


The key dug into the side of the door, and Edith turned it sideways. The lamborghini's doors rose to greet the two sisters. Agnes observed the interior of the multi-million dollar car, and her mouth hung open in a shocked state. It was ridiculous of how incredibly interesting the car was, not to mention its tendency of attracting lots of attention.

Of course, you'd never see this nice of a vehicle all the way in Ohio, especially not in the suburbs.

"It's a beauty, isn't it?" Edith suggested, Agnes nodded and smiled greatly.

"Well get in, we don't have all day. I need to be back around 3:00." Agnes sat in the passenger seat and pulled down the door shut. Edith turned the key in the ignition and the twin engines roared with power. Blue flames jolted from the exhaust pipes...

Edith stepped on the pedal and drove out of the garage, then sped down the road near an auto shop. The show room echoed with the voices of customers examining cars. Agnes walked next to Edith as they walked down an isle lined with different types of cars. A large sign in front of them sported the logo of AUDI on it... Agnes looked away from the sign and to the car below it, then her mouth dropped and she could barely speak. She shakily held up a finger as her mouth hung open.

"I- I want that car!" she jumped up and down with excitement.

And there it was, an Audi R8 sporting angel eyes.

Edith smiled and hollered for an assistant, then she pointed at the car with the brightest smile on her face. Agnes' eyes were huge... Edith had just realized that, although she thought so the first time she saw the unicorn at super silly fun land or whatever the heck that place was called. After about an hour of paperwork and registration, Agnes proceeded to her first super car. An agent threw her the keys, and Agnes opened the car with so much anticipation. Agnes turned the key in the ignition, and the engine roared with much force. The car smoothed out in noise, and hummed throughout its first start up.

Edith stood in front of the driver's door, and Agnes rolled down the window.

"So what do you think lil' sis?" she asked, adding a small tone of hilarity against Agnes' delight in the vehicle.

"It's powerful... I've never had anything like it!" she shouted happily, feeling the steering wheel and taking delight in its craftsmanship.

"Haha, now let's get you to the gas station and top off your fluids, I have to do the same with my Lambo."

Edith drove out of the garage followed close behind by Agnes in her new AUDI.

Just down the street was a BP gas station..

People gasped as the two super cars drove into the pumps. The cars caught lots of attention, and no doubt everyone was awe struck by them. Edith stepped out of the Lambo and swiped her G-Card on the pump. Agnes did the same with her AUDI.

"So, what do you think of Margo being an A.I.?" Agnes asked.

"I heard that Agnes"

Edith face palmed herself, "How did you manage to get into my car?"

Margo opened a small system in the front of the car to project herself, "Simple, when we rebuilt it we installed a new feature so now I can be at the house or in any of our cars all at one time." She explained.

"Not to mention eet is very useful!" Gru said on the other end of the channel.

"Huhhh. Well that's pretty cool." Agnes suggested, pushing the nozzle into the side of the car. Both girls held down the trigger and gas started to flow gracefully into their cars.

Edith sighed and looked at the sky. My life is crazy, plus we're so close to the future! I can't wait to see what Nefario and Gru come up with that will change this world completely... She thought.

"Edith, I am detecting a rise in stress levels, are you ok?" Margo asked softly.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a small headache." she rubbed her temples beneath her blonde spiked hair.

Agnes pulled the nozzle out of the car and stuck it back into the pump. "Edith, I'm going in to get a monster, do you want anything?"

"Nah I'm fine. I'll have something when I'm home again." she answered back.

Agnes nodded and walked into the small building. Edith leaned against her Lamborghini and watched her young sibling trot into the building.

"I'm worried about Agnes" Margo admitted.

"Why?" Edith questioned her sister's insecurity about their young sibling.

"I don't know, it just doesn't feel like she'll grow up to be the same as each of us." Margo worried, "Of course she won't.. August didn't, and you yourself didn't even want a part of villainy." Edith criticized.

Margo frowned and looked back at the store. "Maybe you're right, I worry too much don't I?" She looked back at Edith, "Yup, you sure do. Agnes is in college and the villainous secrets haven't been released to her yet. If anything she'll grow up to be as stubborn as me."

"You don't know that and neither do I, but I know one thing. We didn't have the same parents back then... Agnes, you, me and August have no bloodline, we were all orphans at one point!" Margo argued.

Edith looked back at her and frowned. She sat in the driver's seat and turned on the engine. Agnes came swiftly out of the store and back to her car.

"Well let's get going, I don't have all day..."


Wind pushed softly against the Lamborghini as it sped down the highway. A small earpiece occupied Edith's left ear, and on the other end of the channel was Agnes, with an Audi close behind.

Edith and Agnes passed several cars at a high rate of speed, both jetting flames from the exhaust pipes.

"You're losing Agnes, try to keep up!" Edith shouted, turning the wheel to avoid another car. Agnes did the same and drafted her older sibling. Little did Agnes know, Edith was going easy on her. A large bend approached them, and cars of all types avoided the two super cars that hauled ass across the highway. Edith remembered the day in the track and everything slowed down. The cars were now in slo-mo, and Edith did what she always wanted to… Pulling the handbrake and turning at 45 degrees, she executed a 400 yard drift, across the whole bend. Agnes followed behind driving normally with her mouth hanging open.

Agnes saw her sister's car disappear around the tight bend, then on the other end of the channel she heard, "Agnes, as soon as you come out of the bend, stop right away!"

Agnes did as instructed and stopped near her sister's car. She emerged from the vehicle and slowly walked to Edith, who was now standing in shock with her hands at her sides. Agnes put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her back just enough to see the side of her face.

She looked past her sister and to the sight in front of them. Cars were everywhere, smashed and people screaming. A car was then thrown into the air from the center of the pile. It flew through the sky slowly, then landed not even 30 feet from Agnes and Edith with a loud thud. The ground began to shake like something big was emerging.

"I'm getting a lot of seismic activity from the center.." Margo calculated, warning Edith and Agnes.

A bright blue flash erupted from the center, and a dome was now circling the pile of cars, making them levitate with chunks of road. The dome imploded then exploded, sending each piece of car, road and people out in all different directions.

A sphere, about the size of a small building now hovers in place, slowly advancing upward into the sky. The sphere took off into space, never to come back down.

Edith stood with her mouth wide open and Agnes looked at her lifeless sister. Agnes placed her hand on Edith's shoulder, but out of nowhere, Edith's eyes flashed an extremely bright blue. Her Iris' pulsed and Edith began to hear words.

You will die..Edith Parker. A deep voice warned her and Edith fell to her knees, staring up into the sky. Her eyes now softened, returning to the once drained silver they once held.

"Edith! Are you alright? What happened?" Agnes shouted, shaking her sister back into reality.

"I- I don't know.. Wait, that sphere…. It took me over for a minute, made me hallucinate about death.." she cried.

"Margo, drive the Lambo back home, I'll take Edith." Agnes commanded.

She extended a hand to Edith, "Let's get home"


"A minor stage of shock and fear, should be of no harm Edith, may I suggest getting some rest though." Gru calmly told her. Edith nodded and stood from the couch. For the past hour she had sat in dismay, pushing her face into her hands. How could she have seen death so close?

Edith said nothing; instead she walked to her fortress section. Slowly down a corridor was the door to her home. She slowly advanced in, "A.I., get my bed ready please, and get me something to drink, I have a massive headache." Edith rubbed her head, she felt as if someone had split her head open with an axe.

"Yes Edith, do you want a massage while you fall asleep?" The A.I. asked, handing her a cup of water.

Edith gulped it down and set it onto the table next to her couch.

"Yes, Please."

She lay onto the couch as it turned into a flat and cushiony surface. Edith rolled onto her stomach and let the robotic arms take their time. She removed her shirt and pants, and let the arms take over.

The rubbing motions of the padded arms were completely inviting, and she moaned with every push and slight feel. Soon she had drifted into the early stages of sleep. Her limbs became numb and her brain began to start the sleeping process. Edith closed her eyes again, and fell into deep sleep.


Not too far away, in Gru's home…

Margo slowly walked down the hallway and to the living room. She waved to Gru as she entered the kitchen, crossing her arms and leaning against the stove. Gru shuffled the plates in his hands and continued to stack them. He shut off the warm water and dried his hands, turning to his virtual daughter.

"We are ready to start dee process… this will only take an hour; Nefario will have it ready when you get dere." He smiled.

Margo smirked and beamed into the houses mainframe.

"Nefario! Are we all set?"

"Yes, download yourself into the brain and we can get started…."

4 hours later…..

A pounding knock abruptly awoke Edith from her slumber, and she found herself still half naked and sprawled out across the flat couch. She looked through the peep hole and saw a brunette standing in the corridor.

She opened the door, and there..was Margo…

Edith's mouth dropped as she saw her older sister, now completely alive and well. Everything was spot on. It looked like Margo, felt like her, talked like her….

"M- M- Margo…" she stuttered.

"It's me Edith, I have my body back, well, most of it." Her eyes flashed green.

Edith violently hugged her, and tears began to stream down her face. She squeezed tightly and didn't let go. The two sisters were looked in a tight hug, and for the first time in 12 years, they were enclosed in each other's arms….