Hello everyone, it's Mass again and I thought I'd get this out so I can start having more inspiration for my other stories and such. This just a filler chapter really, not meant to really tell a whole lot of story but it's quick so enjoy it. Also I'll be updating a lot more often. The tides haven't shown me their steps yet so I'm a little stuck and I have been for a while. Anyway, let's get on with it, shall we?

Dancing With the Tides – Filler Chapter

"Do you think she's going to let up anytime soon? You know, stop being moody all the time?" August added while sitting across the bar from her adoptive father, who had been in the process of cooking dinner. The smell of spaghetti danced about her nose as Gru stirred the meaty sauce.

"I am not sure. I have nevor seen Edith like dees before." He responds quietly, trying to hide the despair in his voice over Edith's rage towards the girl. It was a severely uncomfortable thought process to think that Edith was mad at any of them. Unfortunately it had been the case though, and a couple hours earlier she'd gone into an extremely depressed state of mind.

"However I can see why she does have a beet of reluctance to stay in dee same place as her stress aneemore." This made August's head perk up for a minute as she'd expected a reason behind Edith's odd behavior, but she was met with an odd explanation instead.

"Wheen I was forst beginning to become used to veellainy I started to have deese odd thoughts about how my father would react to such a grievance. Even though I nevor met dee man, it seemed to trouble me. Eet had dawned on me dat I could not rely on dee thoughts anymore. I needed to get as far away as possible." He reminisced shortly after setting the mixing spoon aside.

"What do you mean? Do you think she's just having a small crisis right now, a war with herself so-to-speak?" She inquired thoughtfully.

"Of course. Eet is not obliveeous to my attention, August. Even I see dat you may have problems of your own at the moment. It's not dat hard to read anymore. Even after she yelled at Agnes for yesterday…" Gru had been specifically talking about Edith's parents when he explained his short lived problem to August. This sort of thing really got him on his toes, but also made him feel more sympathetic for his girls. They didn't seem to speak abundantly about them and that told him right there that there was a gap somewhere in the girl's lives before he'd adopted them.

"Well, she did yell at me before she left. Said something about going away for a few weeks and threatened to never come back. I was met with tears in my eyes later on." She remembered.

"Oh?" Gru responded absently.

"Yeah. Did you know she stopped me at the funeral for Margo?" Gru's attention turned away from the noodles and onto August's thin face.

"She wanted me to stay behind and become adopted. She treated me like her real sister. When she left…well...I think all of us were depressed that day." She added nervously.

"Dr. Nefario notes my…absent minded look on my face dureeng dee day. He reminds me here and again, but at some times I don't pay attention to eet." He says as he picks up the noodles and dumps them into the sauce.

"I can see why." August concludes. She'd seen the look in his eye as he went back to that day. She felt bad for him, and mostly sympathy accompanied her mind, also with guilt but she wondered why.

"Do you think that it would be different if you actually stole the moon?" She asks accidentally out loud as her thoughts sneak up on her.

"Eet is very posseeble. I'm not very sure dough. Go geet Agnes and Margo. Eet ees time to eat."

Later that day..

Edith sat at the end of her bed contemplating whether or not to finish the newly constructed, and well forgotten about, hoverboard. Her thought process was not as clear as it had been lately, but that was mainly because Margo had just attacked her.

There was a loud and startling knock that came from her bedroom door. She got up to check who it was, and after seeing it was Agnes she'd open the door. The scent of spaghetti filled her nose so quickly that she almost fainted, but that was mainly because Agnes stood there with a massive plate of it.

"Here, I didn't know if you were busy so I just…brought it to you instead." Edith stood bewildered by her sister's expression of affection, but took the plate and thanked her. Edith placed the food at her table and then opened a small compartment containing the hoverboard and her tools.

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