Lycan Story Ch.1

I tore through the forest, leaving chaos in my wake. Who would stop me? The humans? I'd driven them away years ago. I still went down the mountain to scavenge food from the abandoned village. A vampire? Unlikely. I try to make a point to kill every vampire I meet, if for no other reason than to send the message across that I'm sick and tired of Twilight. (The birds are constantly chirping to each other, "Edward or Jacob? Edward or Jacob?" It drives me insane even more than the Humans used to.) Another Lycan? I'd like to meet the idiot that would try to take me. I've held this territory for fifty years, and I'll hold it another hundred. Maybe a younger wolf could take me in a fair fight. That fits me just fine. I try to avoid fair fights whenever possible. There are too many ways a fair fight could turn against me. And yet, my nose twitched. The smell of fresh blood wafted from the east, near the heart of my territory, not far from the cave I made my home in. And that infuriated me. And yet, I smelled nothing that could have killed it, and that confused me. Which was why I was currently dashing for the blood, ready to rip the threat to shreds. And that's when I smelled it. Something flowery and sweet, hidden underneath the smells of the mountain forest. I saw a dead deer lying on the ground just ahead, between me and the sweet smell. And just as I reached it, something silver and gleaming fell all around me, burning my essence. I was dragged by something unseen, and then the silver was lifted from me as I was cast into a cage. Around me was a wooden box, apparently off of the ground, and a human female stood in the opening to the contraption. A pair of animals I dimly remembered as horses pranced nervously behind me, terrified at carrying a predator such as me. The female put some of her fingers into her mouth and made two sharp, shrill sounds that curled my tail. Moments later, a tall, heavily muscled male appeared next to the much younger female, and glared in at me, evaluating me as he made noises that sounded like he was saying "Hmmm" repeatedly. "Looks like you caught the Alpha male." He said finally. "How can you tell Papa?" The female asked the male. "This fellow is big and aggressive." The male pointed one of his fingers at my notched ear, just one of my many battle scars. "He probably got this from a dominance fight. This is defiantly a Lycan!" I snorted and rolled my eyes. I could have told him that. Still, the female jumped. "It just rolled it's eyes! Can it speak?" "No, no." The human called "Papa" chuckled. "They can understand us though. Lycans are smart, like a human, but they're mostly just plain ol' wolves." I took offence at that comment. So I decided to show the humans my thoughts in the most elegant way I know. I spat in their direction, and slammed the cage, causing my prison to roll, dumping me onto what used to be the wall of my prison, currently the floor. "Violent fella, ain't you?" Papa said, patting down his legs. Then, surprisingly, he reached into his skin and pulled out a white triangle, which seemed to be attached. He did the same thing to his other leg, then spat several words I didn't recognize (I believe one such word was muyafookingbich, or something along those lines. He said them so fast I couldn't tell how he pronounced them, but from the female's reaction, they were something unpleasant.) "Damn it," He said in between bursts of the mysterious words, "I lost my wallet. They won't let us back across the bridge if we don't have money to pay the toll!" The female started. "We have to find it Papa!" She exclaimed. "Where did you last have it?" "At the camp." "Well, maybe you lost it when you were hiding?" The male made a clicking sound with two of his fingers. "I think I know where it is. Sera. watch the Lycan while I go look for it. Be careful. There might be more Lycans. They usually run in packs." The female, apparently named Sera, gulped nervously and nodded as

Papa left my vision. I wrinkled my nose in distaste. The moment he left, the smell of fear began to poor off of her. She climbed into the contraption with me and sat near my cage, but unfortunately not near enough for me to bite at her. Furious that I should be locked up like this, I made myself as comfortable as I could and fell asleep. Unfortunately, I was woken up by the humans' laughter in the middle of what seemed to be the most pleasant dream. I dreamed that I was running after the female, Sera, and she was fleeing me, eyes wide in fear as she looked back over my shoulders as I quickly closed the gap. I had already overcome and eaten Papa. I unfortunately woke up to said individuals, laughing quietly. Papa noticed I was awake and smiled at me. "Quite a nice dream you must have had there. You were running and chewing in your sleep." I snorted again. If only they knew.