Sleepless by the Caravan

Summary: Another insomnia haunted night shared by a greaser and a newsie. Alternate Universe. Traveling as a Gypsy Caravan. Oneshot unless I get reviews asking for more.

Disclaimer: I do not own copyrights to the newsies or to the outsiders. I do however own the movies and the outsiders book bought them for around $30 I think.


"Let us close our eyes to this insomnia ridden night, Spot" I sighed, "We have traveled far, and we have farther yet to go."

"You think I don't know this, Two-Bit." I could see him sitting next to me, "Look at them sleep, our caravan. Mush and Kid-Blink are in each others arms, Darry and his brothers sleep soundly next to one another. Evening has fallen yet we remain up, why is this?"

"Because we are tortured with restlessness, but we cannot move as we please. Dallas can he too is tortured with insomnia, he battles it and walks as much as he is carried. Jack doesn't like it, you know." I sat up, and let my eyes wander over the caravan.

An army of gypsy boys, orphaned by their mothers when their mothers were killed and joined together by the will to survive. There was Jack, our leader, and Racetrack, second in command. Then there was the rest of us, Davy, and his kid brother Les. Then there was Crutchy, Mush, and Kid-Blink, he had an eye-patch over one eye, intimidating because of it but he was a good guy. There was also Specs, Skittery, Bumlets, Boots, Dutchy, Swifty and Steve, he was Soda's best friend. There was Ponyboy and Sodapop, Darry's younger brothers.

Then there was Johnny, he was a dark skinned boy with dark hair. He stood out because he knew his parents, they were still alive, but they didn't want him, and he couldn't take it anymore, he ran away. He was found before we found him, he doesn't mention it and we don't ask him about it, but who ever found him had beaten him to a bloody pulp and left him for dead. We found him shortly after that and took care of his wounds, but he still travels with the scars and a haunted look to his eyes.

"As you say, Two-Bit, we should close our eyes to this our insomnia ridden night, before dawn breaks the sky." Spot said, I glanced over to him as he lay down, his muscular form rippling in the moonlight.

I laid back down, Spot reached over and entwined our fingers. I smiled, and soon I heard his breathing become regular and quiet, he had fallen asleep. I let my thoughts wander as I closed my eyes in attempt to catch the sandman before he left camp leaving the insomnia to keep control. As I finally drifted, I heard others start to arise.


I had only been asleep for a few moments, when I was being shaken to wake up. I opened my eyes, it was still dark out though there was a bit of light on the horizon. I looked over to Spot, he was rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He still had dark circles under his eyes.

"You didn't sleep." He said quietly, as he dug through his bags for a bit of food.

"For a few moments I did, I believe I drifted off as Jack was waking." I answered, finding a bit of food in my own bag. "You know how he is, we have to get an early start."

"But you should sleep longer," He insisted.

"Insomnia kept me all night. I don't think it wise to ask the sandman for a few moments more, when he granted the few I had so late in the night." Spot nodded, he knew the torture of insomnia. We envied the others who had never felt the clutches of insomnia. Only Dallas knew, he had felt it as often as Spot and I had.

I put away my food and packed up my things. Jack had given us the signal to move out. I would fight insomnia another time, now I had to focus on keeping my ride in control.

(So, insomnia struck again. Yeah I think I have mild insomnia, and what happens when I am struck by it I don't sleep, I tend to read or write or draw or think, thinking usually leads to writing. In any case, I wrote this hoping the insomnia would leave, maybe we'll see. I will post more if I get any reviews, for now this will be a oneshot. Read and review. -luvs Cassy)