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October 30, 2011

"No, Benny. I don't think that I can." Ethan said. He and Benny were in Ethan's house. It was Friday, so Sarah was babysitting Jane again. Benny's cousin, Dakota, was also there with Sarah and Jane downstairs. Benny and Ethan were talking about the Halloween Dance at school on Halloween night.

"Ugh! C'mon, dude! This is like the seventh time this year, that you've chickened out on asking Sarah to one school dance. She isn't getting any younger!" Benny said as he sat on Ethan's desk, looking at Ethan who was sitting on his bed.

"Well she isn't getting any older, either!"

"Okay, fine! But, even I didn't chicken out when I asked Erica to this dance! And, she actually said yes. Even Rory asked Dakota! You two are the only ones left." Benny argued, jumping off the desk and sat next to Ethan. "Come on, just ask her."

Meanwhile, the girl in question was downstairs, having the same conversation with Dakota, but in a differtent point of view.

"I know. It's just that I don't understand why he's still so nervous about asking me to one simple dance."

"Ugh! C'mon, girl! This is like the seventh time this year, that he's chickened out on asking you to one school dance. You are not getting any younger!" Dakota argued, sitting in the chair looking at Sarah who was sitting on the couch, Jane already have been put to bed an hour ago.

"Well, I'm not getting any older, either!"

"Okay, fine! But, even Benny didn't chicken out when he asked Erica to this dance! And, she actually said yes. Even Rory asked me! You two are the only ones left." she said as she got up and sat down next to Sarah. "I just hope he asks you soon."

Back upstairs, Ethan was pacing in front of the open window.

"Hey guys!"

"AHH! Rory!" Ethan yelled as he turned to his vampire ninja friend.

"Sorry. Hey, is Dakota here?" he asked.

"Yeah, she's downstairs. Why?" Benny said.

"'Cause, I want to talk to her about something. Can I come in?"

"Yeah, sure." Ethan said as he opened the window wider.

"Thanks." he said crawling through the window, and walking out the door.

"That,... was weird." Benny said looking towards the door after Rory left.

"Yeah..." Ethan agreed. "Why didn't he just go downstairs and knock on the door like a civilized person?"

"I don't know."

As Rory went downstairs, the girls heard the doorbell. "I'll get it!" Sarah yelled, as she opened the door. "Erica? What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to stop by and see what you were doing. And, I was also in the neighborhood, getting dinner." she replied, flashing her fangs. Sarah rolled her eyes. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah." Sarah said as Erica walked in.

She started looking around. "Hey, is Benny here?" she asked.

"Yeah. The question is when is he not here. He's upstairs. Hey, Rory."

"Rory!" Dakota yelled running up to him.

"Hey, baby! What's shakin'?" he asked as they hugged.

"You are such a dork!"

"Yeah, but I'm your dork."

"True. What are you doing here?" Dakota asked as Sarah went to the kitchen.

"I wanted to talk to you about the dance tomorrow." he said sitting down on the couch with her.

"Ok, what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, how are we planning on getting there?"

"Rory, we're vampires! Well, I'm a fledgling. But still, you can fly. You can fly us to the dance! And if not, Sarah said she'd take all of us in her car."

"Wait, I colud fly us both to the dance!" he said jumping up. "Why didn't I think of that?"

Dakota grabbed his hand, and pulled herself up. "You know, Rory, for as cute as you are, you're slow. But, I love you anyway." she kissed his cheek.

"Thanks." he giggled as he blushed a dark red. "I love you, too."

Just then, Erica and Benny came down, holding hands, and laughing.

"What are you two so happy about?" Sarah asked as she came out of the kitchen, carrying a tray full of drinks. Four were blood substitutes, the other two glasses were just water. She handed out the drinks, until she realized that there was one glass left. It was the other water for Ethan.

"Oh, nothing." Benny said looking into Erica's eyes.

"Oh, um, where's Ethan?" Sarah asked.

"Upstairs. Why?" Benny turned to her.

"You left him alone? He shouldn't be left alone! Not with Jesse still out there!"


"Yeah, oops!"

Just then, they heard a scream. "Ethan?" Sarah yelled.

"Help!" he yelled. Sarah ran up the stairs, and tried to open Ethan's door. But it was locked.

"ETHAN! What's wrong?" Sarah yelled.

"Sarah... Help!"

"Okay, Erica, Dakota, and Rory. We need to break down this door! Now!" she got in position with the other three. "Okay, 1,... 2,... 3,...GO!"

When the door fell down, it revealed nothing but a trashed room, and a motionless Ethan laying on the floor. "Ethan!" Sarah yelled as she ran to him.

"Sarah..." he whispered as she knelt down beside him.

"Yes, I'm here, Ethan," she said as she pulled him up into her lap.

He tried talking again, but his throat was dry. "Hang in there Ethan, okay?" he just looked at her, and cried. Seeing him like that made her cry too. She looked up at the window. The open window.

"When one leaves,

The window is left opened."

She looked behind her and saw Benny crying. "Benny," she gestured for him to come help her get him on the bed. "Rory, go make sure Jane doesn't come in here. Dakota, go get your Grandma. Erica, go get him some water." Sarah ordered. Without looking at them, she knew they were crying too.

"The heart is left behind,

To linger.

The loved ones cry,

As they spread their wings,

To fly."



"Don't leave me, please?"

"I won't. I-I can't."

"Here." Erica said with a shaky voice, as she handed Sarah the water. Sarah sat Ethan up and gave him the water.

"Sarah," Benny's Grandma and Dakota walked into the room. "What happened?"

"We don't know. I think Jesse came back." she replied wiping away her tears as she sat on the bed with his head in her arms.

"Can you tell me what happened, Ethan?" Grandma asked.

"Jesse... bit in... again..." he said as he weakly held his arm up. Everyone gasped.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sarah asked crying harder.

"Because,... I wanted... to be... with you... forever..." he started crying harder too. "I...love...you, Sarah..."

"I love you too, Ethan." she replied. Benny stood up, and walked to Erica. He hugged her tightly as he cried while he watched. Dakota and Rory held onto each other tightly, as if for dear life. "But you weren't supposed to do this. You're supposed to be mortal, get married, have kids, grow old. Not live forever."

"Someone once told me: The future is unclear, unwritten, unthought of. Live in the moment. Live in the now. Live with love." he said, getting his strength back.

"Here you go, Ethan. Drink up." Grandma said giving him a glass of blood supplement. He sat up and drank it halfway. "Now, you're a fledgling. Like Dakota."

"As sad as this is, we are alike." Dakota said, pulling away from Rory's tight grip.

"Sorry, Ethan." Rory said.

"Ethan, that was most likely one of the stupidest things you could have ever done." Benny said. "But, congrats. On being an undead creature of the night. And for finally saying you love her, and she said it back."

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