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Chapter 3

Secret Places

Part 1

"I can't believe that I'm a fledgeling."

"I can't believe it either."

"Boys, just stop. Us three are fledgelings now. You two are making me sad."

It was only an hour after Benny was bitten, and Benny, Dakota, and Ethan had been having this same conversation every five minutes. Erica, Sarah, and Rory sat across from their three fledgeling friends.

"Will you all just be quiet?" Sarah asked.

"Please?" Erica added.

"Sorry." They replied.

Dakota got up and walked over to the three bags of blood remaining. She picked up the one that was labeled: ERICA: AB POSITIVE. "Erica?"


"What was your blood type? You know, before you were a vampire?"

"AB Positive. Why?"

"Because this is a bag of your blood."

"What?" she yelled jumping up.

"Yes. This is your blood!" she replied, practically throwing it at Erica. "There's another note here, too." she said, reading the note. "Good job, Dakota. You found Erica's blood. But, please, give this note to her." she handed her the note.

"Dear Erica, Yes, this is your blood. But, you must give it to your love." she said, turning around to look at Benny. "Benny. You are my love. You need to drink this bag of my blood. Then, you will be a full vampire." she handed him the bag.

"Really? You want me to drink it?"

"Yes. Then we can live forever, together."

"Ok." he got out another cup, and drank her blood until it was gone. When he was done, his fangs came out as he smiled, and wiped his mouth. "Full vampire." he whispered.

"That's what he meant by, one for Dakota, one for Benny, and one for Ethan." Sarah said.

"That means, the other two bags are mine and Sarah's blood?" Rory asked.

Dakota picked up another bag: RORY: B POSITIVE. She read the note attached to it out loud. "Again, good job, Dakota, you found Rory's blood. Please give him the note." she handed Rory the note.

"Dear Rory, this is also your blood." he read aloud. "Don't ask how we got it from Erica. Please give the blood to your love, the one you turned." he turned to Dakota. "Dakota, I turned you into a fledgeling becuase you are my love. I love you. This means you drink my blood." he said walking up to her.

"Ok, I love you, too." She got out her own cup and was about to drink it until Ethan stopped her.

"I don't know why Jesse is doing this for us. But, I really do want to be a full vampire instead of being a fledgling. The cravings are too strong, and Sarah's blood smells way too good." Ethan said as he grabbed the bag labeled: SARAH: A POSITIVE. He grabbed the cup Sarah used, and poured cup after cup as he drank the red liquid. Dakota did the same, until it was all gone. When the blood was gone, all the vampires sat down.

"So, what now?" Dakota asked, looking at everyone.

"Let's go for a walk." Benny said pulling on his sweatshirt, and handing Erica hers.

"Sure." Dakota and Rory said in unison, they looked at each other and laughed. They all got up, grabbed their umbrellas, and walked out the door.

"So, where to now?" Erica asked holding Benny's hand, as they walked down the street.

"I don't know, I wish it was night time, though." Benny said.

"Yeah. Even though I just had an entire bag of blood to myself, I'm still hungry." Dakota said, grabbing Rory's hand.

"So, what do you all think might happen tonight at the dance?" Ethan asked, with one arm over Sarah's shoulder. "I mean, with Jesse still out there, who knows what will happen."

"I don't know. I just hope that if he does come back tonight, that we all survive." Sarah said as she grabbed Ethan's hand and pulled it off of her, and clasped her hand in his.

"Yeah." the others agreed.

"I know what where we should go!" Rory suddenly exclaimed. Then looked at Dakota with a knowing smile.

"More like, what we should do."Dakota said matching his childish look. The other four looked at them confused. "Well, we are all full vampires now. Right?"

"Yes." they replied.

"So now we all have full vampire powers then, right?" Rory asked.


"So we can fly!" Dakota thought, knowing that everyone else had heard her in her mind.

Everyone, except Benny and Rory, jumped at the sudden second voice in their minds, but had gotten used to it, so it wasn't really that shocking anymore. "Ohhhh..." they all said slowly.

"Yeah. So where should we go, though?" Dakota said aloud.

Everyone thought for a minute. Dakota could hear what they were thinking. The two thoughts she liked the most were Ethan and Benny's thoughts.

"Ethan, Benny, that's a great idea!" Dakota told them through what she calls a 'Mind Text'.

"What is?" Ethan MT'd her back.

"Blue Lagoon Island." she MT'd them both.

"Oh. What about the Secret Forest?" Benny MT'd.

"That too. Have you two been there since we were ten?" she thought.

"No." they both thought.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" Sarah asked looking between the three.

"Yeah." Dakota said.

"Why?" Benny and Ethan asked.

"Because, you haven't said anything for a while." Erica said.

"Oh. We were Mind Texting each other. Sorry." Dakota said. "But we've figured out where we should go."

"Where?" they asked as they stopped walking.

"Follow us." Dakota said grabbing Rory's hand and took off. Ethan and Benny grabbed their girlfriends' hands and took off after Dakota and Rory.

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