Killing Me Softly

By Angelfan15

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Rob Thomas… I just own the storyline…

Pairing: B/A, G/F, W/O, X/A, V/L

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Spoilers: This is completely AU

Rating: PG-13 right now but will become NC-17. No little eyes!

Summary: Buffy is your average girl with some bad luck, that soon turns into everything she could ever want and NOT want. Bad summary but its my first fic!

Authors Notes: I would really love feedback but this is my first fic so be gentle! I currently have 30 chapters written at this time. I will be posting whenever I can. This is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars cross over story. Thank you! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Introducing….

Buffy looked around her old bedroom. She hadn't really spent much time here since she graduated from Sunnydale High School four years ago. Buffy had spent most of her time with her friends, her boyfriend, and going to college. Now as she looked around her bedroom she noticed everything was still as she had left it when she was in high school. Her mom, Joyce had cleaned the room of course but she didn't change anything in case Buffy ever wanted to come back and spend time in "her space". It had always been and always would be Buffy's room. Everything was the same right down to the comforter on the bed, the purple Butterflies above said bed and the pink and purple painted letters B-U-F-F-Y hanging on the wall by the dresser. 'I'm surprised "Mini Me" hasn't come in here like the tornado she is and taken all that down already.'

Speaking of her little sister, Dawn… where was she? Things have been quiet for far to long. Normally she would be bouncing all over the place. 'Dawn has a lot of pent up energy for a 16 year old. She should look into joining a sport or something.' Buffy thought. People called Dawn. Buffy's mini me because they said Dawn is just like Buffy was at that age- Buffy didn't see it. Not only was Buffy a lot calmer then Dawn but Dawn was tall and had long dark hair Verses Buffy being more on the shorter side and blonde hair.

Buffy sat down on the edge of her bed, still looking around her bedroom slowly. She began thinking about how much her life had changed. Looking back on her time in high school everything was simpler. At the time of course the smallest thing seemed like the end of the world, who would have thought having to wear a press on nail wasn't so bad. Buffy wasn't overly popular in high school, but she wasn't a loser either- despite what some people called her. Some people liked Buffy, some didn't- but she always tried to help them when she could. Heck, at Senior Prom she was even awarded with "A little umbrella surprise" as she liked to call it. Her class mates had voted and they made a new award just for Buffy- Class Protector.

A small smile appeared on Buffy's face as she remembered Saturday night movie nights with her best friends Willow Rosenberg, Veronica Mars and Xander Harris, spending the night with Willow and Veronica, going to The Bronze to blow off steam and of course talking about boys!.. Well the latter hadn't changed much. Buffy, Veronica and Willow still talked about boys but only potential ones for Buffy since Willow was in a committed relationship with her high school boyfriend, Daniel "Oz" Osborne and Veronica was in a on again off again relationship with Logan Echolls. Now when talking about boys there were a few added girls into the conversation. Anya Jenkins and Tara McClay had joined the group in college. Anya being forced into the group as Xander's girlfriend and Tara everyone loved from the beginning. Anya moved to Sunnydale senior year of high school and even going to prom with Xander but after graduation Anya left Sunnydale in hopes finding a place that "actually had something to offer" but came back a few short months later empty handed. Anya was annoyingly blunt and forward, much like Xander's ex-girlfriend Cordelia Chase. 'Maybe Xander is attracted to girls with no tact what-so-ever.' Buffy thought 'but then what does that say about me?' Xander had, had a slight crush on Buffy in high school, ok so slight isn't really the right word to use. Xander was pretty much in love with Buffy for years but she only ever saw him as a best friend or a big brother.

Tara was the complete opposite of Anya in everyway. Tara was quiet in the beginning, didn't really talk to anyone but she slowly came out of her shell after she got to know Buffy, Willow and Oz in the Psych 101 class they all took freshman year of college. Tara had, had a rough life- not rough like living on the streets but rough as in her family wasn't the nicest to her which resulted in low self-esteem and trust issues. Once Tara came out of her shell she was very sweet, loving, and sometimes even funny, she was still on the quiet side though. Being quiet was just Tara but Buffy found that Tara gave some of the best advise which was good because Tara wanted to be a Therapist. She wanted to help kids like herself who didn't know how to stand up for themselves. Tara knew how to talk to Buffy, how to make her feel better. Tara was a lot like Willow.

Willow. Buffy loved Willow like a sister. She and Veronica had been her best friends all her life. Xander too, but really, sometimes Buffy just needed girls to talk to. All four of them had grown up together in Sunnydale, California. Willow had been quiet when they were younger- just like Tara was when they had first met her. Buffy was the perky one and Willow was the quiet smart one. Buffy was smart too in her own way but when it really came down to it, Willow was the brain! Willow had tutored not only Buffy and Xander but a few other students at Sunnydale High too. Xander often gave Willow all the credit for him ever making it out of that hell hole they called High School. Buffy graduated by the skin of her teeth 'Do teeth have skin? If they do, that's kind of gross' Buffy thought as she ran her tongue over her top teeth. Even though Willow said Buffy "kicked ass" on her SAT's. 'How I scored so good on my SAT's is beyond me. I was having another one of those "At least I know my name" moments that I often had in high school.' Willow was now interning as a computer science teacher at Sunnydale high.

Xander was the class clown in high school and he was just a clown now… but a clown with very nice clothes. Buffy started to chuckle as she thought about Xander- how he used to be. How he is now. He was the same. Still making wise cracks at the worse moments and sometimes at the best moments. There was always something funny coming out of Xander Harris' mouth, but he knew how to tone it down too. He could be very serious when he wanted to be. Like when someone hurt someone he cared about, that just down right pissed him off. Xander was very protective of his girls. Xander was the one from high school that stayed the same but also changed the most. The goofy kid who always stepped on the popular girls designer shoes now ran his own construction company and was damn good at it too! Who would have thought?… well actually Buffy knew he had it in him. She always believed in Xander. He had a lot of potential in him, he just never saw it. The change may have started when Xander dated Cordelia back when they were 17 but they ended up breaking up senior year 'pity too, I was just getting to the point where I didn't ALWAYS want to ring her neck.' Cordelia had moved to LA after graduation claiming she was going to be an actress. ' I don't think that worked out to well for her but then again, we never heard from her again.. Or saw her on any TV shows or movies. Never saw her at any of the Echolls family Christmas Parties either.'

Veronica was most like Buffy. They both just couldn't keep their fingers out of anything… which came with their job description. Veronica's dad, Keith Mars had his own Private Investigation's company where Veronica and Buffy had worked for the last few years, officially. In High School they shouldn't have really been working there and they didn't get paid much unless the clients they took on paid them which mostly consisted of the students at Sunnydale High but they helped Keith out on their free time with answering phones, making appointments and sometimes behind Keith's back, solving a case or two. Or so they thought it was behind his back. There wasn't much they could hide from Keith Mars, he was a good PI, one of the best and they learned everything they knew from him. Veronica is dating the hot shot Logan Echolls. 'At least I'm pretty sure they are together- today. Sometimes they break up and get back together so fast I get wipe lash! I'm sure you have heard of him though. His mom and dad are both actors- Lynn and Aaron Echolls. Award winning. Like that matters.' Buffy dated Logan too a few times. It seemed like Logan just couldn't make up his mind about who he wanted to be with. Buffy or Veronica.

And lets not forget Giles. Rupert Giles. 'I don't think he really likes being called Giles but he tolerates it because he loves us. I'm convinced he really likes his name- Rupert. Sounds all proper. And he is, proper that is. He's British. So that explains it all. Now if you call him G Man, then he gets huffy- just ask Xander' Giles is known as the grown up friend. He is the Sunnydale High Librarian too but just because they graduated and left that part of their lives behind them, they couldn't leave Giles with it. 'I don't know if I could have survived without him. He is like a dad to me since my own dad doesn't overly like me. I used to spend every summer with my dad in LA. Yeah, my dad lives in Los Angeles. How cool is that! But after what my dad said to me that day he came to my high school, I don't like to think of him as my dad. He actually told me he thought I would be smarter, I should have been a boy! He never once said anything like that to my little sister though, its just me. I'm a disappointment in his eyes. So since that day, Giles has been my father figure. So to say I have guy issues is an understatement. I tend to just not trust guys. it's a flaw.' Giles is more then just a father figure to Buffy though, a lot of the gang have parental problems and often went to Giles for guidance, sure there are other adults they go to for help too but Giles has that British thing about him that no one can resist. He kind of holds them all together and gives them support threw everything. Giles holds everything together.

There isn't much to say about Oz. He is a year older then everyone else in the gang. He is in a band- Dingo's Ate My Baby. 'Weird name. Cool band." He had always been really smart even though at times you wouldn't know it because he doesn't talk much. All though the longer he has been with Willow the more he has started to talk. When they first met Oz he was a two word kind of guy but after being with Willow for 6 years, he was bound to be more vocal at some point. '6 years .' Buffy couldn't believe it had been 6 years already. 'It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Willow was getting all flustered because the guy on stage at The Bronze may have or may not have been looking in her direction.'

Willow wanted Buffy to have what she and Oz have and Buffy almost thought she was going to have it. Sophomore year of college, Buffy began dating the Psych 101 TA, Riley Finn. Riley had been in the Army before he and Buffy got together, he was a good soldier- never disobeyed an order and he loved his mother. She liked that about him, until she found out how much of a mama's boy Riley really was. Loving your mom and being a mama's boy are two very different things and the latter one bugged Buffy sometimes… but Buffy and Riley had been together for 3 year. Riley, for the most part took Buffy for who she was, faults and all. And Buffy had A LOT of faults- or so her father told her. So she took Riley for who he was… until she found out who he REALLY was.

Now, Willow wanted Buffy to get back into the dating saddle… Buffy wasn't ready. Those pesky guy issues always get in the way.

Just then a knock brought Buffy out of her thoughts and she looked towards her bedroom door. "Come in" Buffy called.

Buffy's mom Joyce Summers slowly opened the door just wide enough to stick her head in. "Your friends are here, Sweetie."

"Thanks mom, I will be right down." Buffy replied.

Joyce was only a little taller then Buffy with dirty blonde curly hair just past her shoulders. She was a very loving mother now that Buffy was older. When she was a teenager Joyce got all of her parenting tips from books and a best friend who just happened to hate Buffy… and Buffy wasn't to found of Pam either. But she always kept her mouth shut about her mothers friend. She wanted her mom to be happy and while being a mom to two beautiful girls and owning her own Art Gallery made Joyce happy , she didn't have many friends and didn't date much. Actually her moms social life was pretty much non existent after Buffy and Dawns father, Hank Summers left them. Slowly Joyce starting making friends when Buffy was in high school and even dated a very creepy guy named Ted. Buffy saw it as her job to get rid of the guy for her mothers sake so she did everything she could to make Ted leave but it didn't work. Buffy began to wonder if maybe Ted really did just love her mom… but as soon as he brought up the notion of marriage, Buffy knew he HAD to go. At that time in her life Buffy had just wanted her parents to get back together. Buffy enlisted the help of her best friends to get rid of Ted. Veronica was easy to convince since she had the same problem with her dad dating the school therapist a few months before. Willow wanted what was best for not only Buffy but Joyce and Dawn too so after a little pushing Buffy and Veronica got Willow to join. Xander was the hardest since the way to Xander's heart was his stomach and Ted just kept making cookies and pizza! What the hell kind of guy cooked like that? A crazy guy, that's who! And it turned out Buffy were right. After using the Private Investigators Database in Veronica's dads office they learned that Ted had 3 wives and was looking to make Joyce Summers number 4. What was even weirder was that only one of those wives were still alive! They gang took a little visit to wife number 3 and found out that Ted was very abusive and even admitted to his third wife in a drunken stupor that he had killed his other two wives just because he felt like it and if she pissed him off he would do the same to her. After Ted passed out that night his wife ran and never looked back. Ted had looked for her but she did a very good job at covering her tracks. The only way Buffy had been able to find her was threw the database but it still worried wife number 3 that if a group of teenager could find her then so could Ted. The gang had convinced her to press charges against Ted for abuse and tell the police about Ted's murder confession and they knew someone who could keep her safe. That someone was Veronica's dad, Keith. Keith had been a little disappointed that the kids would get involved in something this serious but was happy they had found out so that nothing happened to Joyce. Since the whole Ted incident Joyce hadn't dated much. 'Lucky her." Buffy thought.

"Buffy, are you okay?" Joyce asked opening the door a little more.

"Fine mom. Really." Buffy said giving her mom a small smile. "Just thinking"

Joyce opened the door the rest of the way and walked in. "Do you want to talk about it? I know you are going threw a lot right now. Moving back home is kind of a step backwards from where you were going in your life and…."

"No, mom. Honest. I'm fine." Buffy said cutting off her mother. She really didn't feel like getting into this right now and her friends were waiting.

"Just know that I am here. When you need to talk." Buffy's mom said with a little smile.

"I know mom, and I love you for it." Buffy said getting up and giving her mom a hug.

"I love you too, Sweetheart."

Buffy walked slowly down the stairs and turned into the living room. Buffy had to let out a little laugh when she saw that her mother had already made her friends a snack while they were waiting. She didn't think she took that long to come down stairs but she also got lost in thought again. Maybe thinking about her past and Riley Finn wasn't the best thing to do.

Willow heard Buffy's small laugh and turned to greet her with a big smile. "Hey Buffy! How are you today?"

Willow's acknowledgement of Buffy caused Anya and Tara to look up at Buffy. "Hey Buff" Anya said nibbling on a chip. Tara just smiled while Oz nodded his head in greeting. Xander took a few seconds longer to notice Buffy since he was shoveling chips and finger sandwiches into his mouth. Xander turned to grab another chip and noticed Buffy. "Oh, hey Buffster!" He said as he put the chip into his already full mouth. 'Something's never change."

"Are you ready to go to the Expresso Pump?" Tara asked quietly.

"Yeah, sure. I could use a little out time." Buffy said giving Tara a small smile.

The Expresso Pump:

Willow smiled at Buffy. Normally they would all meet up at the Expresso Pump but they had decided to meet up at Buffy's mom house so they could make sure Buffy actually went. Willow was worried about Buffy, she didn't really want to do much anymore. It was almost like Buffy just didn't want to have fun since her relationship with Riley ended. Willow hoped it was just Buffy going threw a long wallowing process.

Just then Xander and Oz walked up with the girls drinks. "Lets see if I got this right…" Xander trailed off looking at the cups of steaming drinks he was holding.

"Wasn't a hard order." Oz said setting the right cups in front of Willow and Tara, then turned around to head back to the counter to get his own drink.

"I don't think I remember which one is which." Xander looked back and forth from one cup to the other.

"We got the same thing." Buffy said with her head down.

"You would think that would make it easier, but nope. Not for my sexy monkey man." Anya commented.

Oz walked up with two more cups and set one in front of the chair Xander was going to occupy. "You run your own business?"

Willow shook her head at her boyfriend rhetorical question. "So, Buffy. I met a guy."

"huh?" Buffy said with her eye brow raised.

"But…." Xander said pointing to Oz, looking a little confused.

"Not for me!" Willow said raising her voice just a little to get her point a crossed. "For Buffy."

"No. No no no and NO." Buffy put her hands up like a crossing guard to get HER point a crossed.

"Come on Buffy, you and Riley broke up months ago!" Willow tried to convince her.

Of course Anya had to put in her two cents. "Yeah, I'm with Willow on this one."

"Thank you, Anya." Willow smiled.

"I mean, even if you don't date the guy at least have some great sex!"

"Not where I was going with that Anya." Willow said as her smile dropped. She turned to Buffy who was sitting beside her. "Buffy, please. I want you to be happy. At least meet the guy. He's really nice! His name is Ben and he's a nurse!"

"A nurse?" Buffy and Xander asked at the same time.

"Men can be nurses too! Its not like its strictly a women's job! Men can do anything woman can do just like we can do anything men can do." Will defended.

Anya took a sip of her Vanilla Latte. "Maybe he will be good in bed then… aren't nurses good fucks? I mean they make all those porn's about them."

"Ewwww!" Came from Willow, Buffy and Tara.

"Sweetie, we talk about this." Xander said putting his arm around Anya. Just then Logan Echolls walked into the Expresso Pump and went straight to the counter to place his order.

"You said I couldn't talk about our sex life, you didn't say I couldn't talk about other people's sex life."

Buffy signed. "Will, I know you are just trying to help but I just feel like I have to much stuff going on right now."

"Oh, right. Sorry." Willow said looking a little sad. "So you are really going to look for a new apartment? Living with your mom again might not be to bad… I mean the last few weeks have been okay, right"

"Yeah, they have… but then as soon as Dawn gets home from school I want to pull my hair out! I don't remember being that annoying at 16."

"You could always live with us." Willow offered and Oz nodded his head.

"Thanks, but I don't want to get in the way."

"You can live with me, Buff!" Xander said excited.

"Xander I don't need to know more about your sex life then I already know. Living with you would give me more information then I would EVER want to know."

"Well maybe you could learn a few things from us." Anya offered. Buffy's eyes got bigger. "Please don't tell me anything about your sex life." Buffy whispered.

"Its not like I tell you our favorite positions." Anya defended.

"Actually, you have Ms. Helicopter." Buffy shot back.

"You were with Riley for 3 years, Did he ever to anything other then missionary?" Anya asked.

"He was military. All about the mission." Joked Xander.

Just then Logan pulled up a chair and sat down. "If the cuddling was the best part then he was doing something wrong, Buff."

"Really? Can we NOT talk about this? Where is Veronica? You two are together still, right?" Buffy said trying to change the subject

"Yeah, she is working a case. Told me to tell you she will catch up with you later." Logan said taking a drink.

"Why am I not working the case too?" Buffy was a little offended.

"Maybe you just aren't good enough." Joked Logan.