Author's Request- After you read this please let me know if I should make it more than just a One-Shot. I need to know. Let me know if you would like me to continue this as an actual story. People, please, seriously. I need to know if you guys want this continued or not.


A Chamiko story that I thought would be kinda cute. Kimiko is remembering what things were like in the alternate reality where Chase was good. She doesn't realize they're memories at first, but if I continue it she will realize that they are in fact memories and not dreams. It opens with a dream…

A warm chuckle echoed over the beautiful forest surrounding the farm like home they had all built together when they were chased out of the temple.

"You're doing it wrong," Chase said with a sweet kind of laughter, "you have to position yourself like this…"

He reached down to help Kimiko to her feet. His blue robes conflicting with her pink dress she had made.

"Okay then smart aleck, why don't you help me?" she asked once he pulled her to her feet.

Chase spread his feet apart and Kimiko imitated him perfectly. He positioned her arms just a little higher than she had been and she tried to perform the attack once more.

She failed again and started falling over again. She grabbed Chase's robes and pulled him to the ground with her. She fell to the ground with Chase landing on top of her. His body landed halfway on her own; the upper half of his torso positioned on to the bottom of her torso. His muscled chest landing on the bottom of her flat stomach and they fit together perfectly.

"Ow… That still didn't work Chase…" Kimiko grumbled, rubbing the back of her head. She opened her sky blue eyes and found the golden eyes of Chase staring into hers.

"Kimiko…" he whispered her name, closing his eyes and leaning in closer to her face.

"Chase…" she whispered as she did the same as he and leaned in close to him.


"Kimiko! Hey, Kim! Wake up!" Raimundo's voice woke her from her dreaming, "It's time for training! Get up!"

She groaned and opened her eyes in time to see Rai running out of her room. She groaned angrily; she had been having such a nice dream.

'Wait, a nice dream with Chase in it? That never happens… He's not nice…' she thought, sitting up quickly, 'Maybe my mind wanted that to happen… Maybe I wanted him to be good… But we almost kissed…'

Kimiko shook her head a couple of times, it was just a dream. She pulled her robes on over her head and tugged her white pants on. She fell over as she tried to get her shoes on, but she quickly regained herself and hurried out onto the obstacle course.

Today they were doing the course with the fake alligators and the swinging blades. Kimiko was in the swinging blades section and she was currently struggling to dodge the swinging metal. She bent herself down, her feet apart. She lifted her left arm up and folded her right arm under her bosom and was about to move forward when a vision passed before her eyes.

"Lower your center of gravity and you'll move faster," Chase stood before her, in the same position she was in, wearing his blue robes he had when he was good. They were in the forest again and he was teaching her how to dodge fatal attacks from Hannibal Bean.

Suddenly reality came back to her. She turned her head and saw the blade heading straight for her. Her head said move, but her legs just froze. Her eyes widened in horror and she felt her legs go weak. The blade was inching closer and closer to her.

Then it froze. Master Fung had pulled the rope to stop the course. Kimiko looked up as he walked towards her; hands behind his back, face stern.

"Kimiko, you are distracted. Perhaps you should meditate to clear your mind…" he said softly.

She nodded and walked over to the sand gardens to meditate. She slowly lowered herself to sit. She had finally quieted her mind when another vision attacked her brain.

"Meditating can really be beneficial. C'mon, Kim, sit down!" Chase said happily, motioning with his hand. His legs were crossed in the lotus position and he folded his hands together under the fabric of his blue robes.

Kimiko stood next to him. "If I sit like that people will be able see my undies, Chase…" she said nervously.

Chase chuckled. "Promise I won't peek," he said, closing his eyes to prove his point.

Kimiko sat next to him and closed her eyes. Chase opened one eye to look at her, a small smile creeping across his features.

"KIMIKO!" Omi's screeching voice woke her from her fantasy world. Kimiko screamed and fell backward. Omi continued as he helped her up, "Dojo has sensed a new Shen Gong Wu! We must hurry!"

She hurried after him and hopped onto Dojo's back. She hadn't done anything too special for clothes today. Just her monk robes and she put her hair up in a clip, letting several strands hang loosely around the frame of her round face. Nothing fancy; she kind of regretted not putting on a better outfit.

They landed in the midst of a mountain range. They all hopped off and hurriedly began searching for the Shen Gong Wu. Omi went North, Raimundo went South, Clay went East, and Kimiko went West.

She scrambled along a fairly steep ledge on the side of the mountains. She tried her best to hold on to the rocks, but even with the Fist of Tebigong she was still struggling to keep her footing. And then she slipped.

She fell backward and she was certain she would fall to her death when she felt a strong hand grip her wrist and pull her back up into the owner's embrace.

She didn't care who it was, she was just thankful they saved her life. Kimiko clung tightly to her savior as she felt them hopping up to a flat surface. They reached a flat area upon the mountain. She felt her rescuer kneel as they set her down on the slightly grassy ledge.

Kimiko opened her blue eyes to be met with golden ones staring back. And another vision took hold of her.

Kimiko had been training on the hills, perched precariously upon the edge of the ledge over the steepest cliff. She was trying to get that attack Chase had shown her earlier. But she still messed it up, and this time she toppled over the edge of the cliff. She thought she was falling to her impending death, but a voice told her she was alive.

"Kimiko, you really should be careful… You could've gotten hurt…" Chase's kind and caring voice told her sternly. He cared for her like an older brother would have, at least, that's what it seemed like to Kimiko. His strong arms were wrapped protectively around her tiny frame. He gently stroked her hair and stared into her sky blue irises. He whispered, gently nuzzling the top of her head with his chin, "I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt…"

Kimiko suddenly snapped out of it when Chase ripped the Fist of Tebigong off her hand.

"Hey!" she shouted, trying to snatch it back from him. Chase held it just out of her reach while still holding her arm's length away from him. Kimiko finally grabbed a hold of it, but as soon as she held it the Fist began glowing.

Chase smirked at her. Kimiko's face fell. The Fist was the only Wu she had, what else would they be wagering? Chase's lips parted to speak, but Kimiko let go of the Fist the instant it happened. She was not willing to trade her freedom for a silly Shen Gong Wu. Chase's smirk faded when she let go.

"What's the matter? Afraid you'll lose?" he asked mockingly.

Kimiko spat back, wrenching herself from his grip, "Yes! There's no way I'd win against you!" She staggered away from him, still trying to regain her lost balance.

Chase stood slowly, lifting his weight evenly, making even that simple movement look graceful. He stepped toward her with very slow, calculated movements. Kimiko lost her grip on the situation as another fantasy took hold of her.

"See? That one looks like a little bunny!" Kimiko said, lying in the grass beside Chase. She was pointing to the clouds above them and Chase nodded in response.

"Oh, and that one looks like a dragon!" he said happily pointing at a cloud that did in fact look like a dragon, just on two legs. Kimiko giggled at it.

"Hey Chase…"


Kimiko sighed, but continued, "Ever feel like you know someone shouldn't be the way they are, but you really don't want them to change?"

Chase sat up, his golden eyes scanning her in confusion. "What do you mean?" he asked, worry evident in his voice.

Kimiko smiled. "Never mind… It's stupid…" she mumbled, looking away from him.

Chase rolled himself into a position where he held himself above her. He looked down into her blue eyes and smiled. "Tell me what you were thinking, Kimiko. You know you can tell me anything, we're best friends," he said, temptingly stroking her cheek.

Kimiko looked at him and said, her voice on the verge of sad, "Ever since I got here, I've felt like you should have been evil… I know it's stupid, but I've just always felt like you shouldn't have been on our side…" Chase's face fell when he heard her say that. He rolled off her and sat beside her.

"It's not stupid Kimiko… I've felt like I should have been evil for a long, long time…"

Kimiko felt a strong arm wrapping itself around her waist. She felt a gloved hand against her forehead and she heard Chase's voice.

"You have been dazing off since you arrived here… Do the other monks know you're sick?"

Kimiko swatted his hand away and snapped, "I'm not sick!" She then noticed where his other hand was and she pulled herself out of his grip. Her face was scarlet. Chase raised an eyebrow at her curiously, but when he went to speak to her again, the landscape around them began to shift dramatically. The Xiaolin Showdown had started and the two of them were dragged to watch it.

Raimundo and Omi had grabbed it along with Wuya and Jack and were currently in the midst of a Showdown Tsunami. Clay stood next to Kimiko and Chase and watched with Dojo curled around his neck. Kimiko was trying her absolute hardest to focus on the Showdown, but her mind kept wandering.

"Chase, should we have…?" Kimiko asked with a slightly quivering voice. She stepped into his room, hoping to talk to Chase about something, but found it empty. She looked around, standing in the doorway before finally going to sit on his bed. She sat there, running her hand along the mattress. She gently moved his pillow, but stopped when she felt a strange lump underneath it.

Kimiko lifted the pillow to find a small black box. She carefully lifted it up and opened it to find a diamond ring inside. She gasped and quickly closed it, shoving it back under the pillow and hurrying out of Chase's room.

The end of the Showdown was what woke her from her daydream. Rai and Omi had won. Happily, she jumped onto Dojo's back as he morphed into his giant size. They all flew back to the temple, but just before she wouldn't be able to see him, Kimiko looked back at Chase.

His golden eyes were firmly rested upon her own. His gaze seemed so much gentler than it had ever been.

Kimiko wondered if he was being plagued by these strange daydreams as she was.