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A few days had gone by since Kimiko's last operation, and she was feeling more like herself with every passing minute! True, she would occasionally have a Chase moment, but she figured that was going to happen. After all, she was turning into him for a while. There hadn't been much activity of late. It seemed like there were no Wu revealing themselves, and Jack was on vacation… Kimiko found out by checking the Mind Reader Conch. Wuya never came to raid their vault, she wasn't that desperate for Wu! Come to think of it, Kimiko hadn't seen Wuya in a while… Even at Chase's palace! Maybe she was on vacation too… Chase needed a vacation; that guy overworked himself. He needed a little relaxation.

When Friday finally came, Kimiko felt great! She no longer had the urge to eat Dojo and she found herself caring less and less about how strong she looked, and more about how pretty she looked. She felt cured of Chase's DNA. (Side note, I wrote ZNA once, I think. My bad)

The monks had been out training, but the guys had taken a break to eat sandwiches that Dojo had made. Kimiko said she'd eat one in a minute, she just wanted to fix her shoes. Her shoes felt like they were too big on her, she didn't really understand why, so she sat and began taking them off.

Strong arms wrapped themselves around Kimiko's tiny frame. She froze.

"Hello again, my beautiful…" she recognized that voice and it made her smile. Chase had come to say hi.

The guys came out and saw Chase with Kimiko; they freaked out, as one would expect them to. They started yelling at him to let her go and that they'd rip his head off if he tried anything and things like that.

Kimiko thought the fact they were yelling at him was odd, Chase had just come to say hello. What was so wrong with that?

A lot more than Kimiko could have expected. All of a sudden Chase's grip tightened drastically and he stood up, pulling her to her feet with him. That confused her.

"Chase, what're you doing?" she asked, trying to squirm out of his grip.

Chase smirked and replied, "taking you as my queen. As I said I would."

Kimiko flipped. "I thought you were joking about that!" she shouted, trying to wrench herself from his grip now. She couldn't; she was just flailing her legs around like a fish flopping when it's dragged out of water.

The guys ran over and tried to help her, but Chase took her back to his palace as quickly as possible. He set her upon his throne, where she proceeded to slap him across the face.

Chase touched his cheek and asked, "What was that for?"

Kimiko pouted at him and snapped, "You know very well what that was for! Why the hell did you kidnap me!"

"I told you I was going to make you my queen," he said, frowning a little, "If you didn't want to be my queen, you should've said so then…"

Kimiko squinted her eyes angrily and said, "I like you Chase, but you didn't ask me to be your queen, you just said you'd make me your queen… You didn't give me a choice, and I thought you were joking in the first place…!"

Chase folded his arms and frowned down at her.

"You kissed me, and slept with me, that gave me reason enough to assume you wanted to be my queen…" he said, his voice angry.

Kimiko wasn't afraid of him anymore. "Oh don't start that crap Chase," she hissed, "Yes, I kissed you, but you can't just kidnap girls you like! Dumb ass!"

Chase frowned angrily and growled a little. Kimiko only stuck her tongue out at him; which Chase proceeded to lick. That freaked her out, she nearly fell out of his throne.

"Don't do that without telling me first!" she yelled as she finally regained her balance.

Chase smirked and whispered, "Sorry." before he leaned in and kissed her. The two of them sat there kissing for a while before they heard the familiar shouts of Raimundo.

Chase looked at Kimiko and said calmly, "I'm not going to give you up, Kimiko. If they want you back, they'd better be willing to fight for you." Kimiko stared at him, perplexed. Was he really that freaking stubborn? Idiot…

Raimundo barreled into Chase's palace, shouting, "Chase! Let Kimiko go! I challenge you to a showdown for her freedom!"

Chase seemed bored when he accepted, his voice coming out a slow drawl, but he seemed excited when they began their fight.

Raimundo was trying to kill Chase; he had trusted Chase to help Kimiko when she had been turning into him, and here he was kidnapping her! Raimundo was slicing away at him with his sword, which stayed solid. He had actually hit Chase several times, cutting across his Dragon flesh.

Chase wasn't trying to kill Rai, just trying to win. But he was hurting Raimundo too. He had slashed away at some of Raimundo's flesh on his chest and had actually taken out a large part!

The battle between the two of them wasn't a pretty sight. Slashing, snarling, clawing, blood spattering, punches being thrown, kicks landing hard against skin; all of it. Their fight went on forever, neither one seeming to have an edge over the other. Both of them were battered and broken, but neither willing to give up.

Blood dripped off Chase's snout and onto the marble flooring of his palace. Blood trickled down from a cut in Rai's forehead, it went down his neck and got on his robes.

They were both losing their life liquid.

Omi and Clay had only just shown up, they were both trying to convince Raimundo to call it a draw, he was in terrible shape. But their cries fell on deaf ears. Raimundo was determined to teach Chase the error of his ways.

"I will not call it a draw! This creep needs to learn that Kimiko is not a plaything he can help and then take away from us! I won't let him hurt her anymore!" He shouted as he knocked Omi down.

Kimiko blinked when she heard that. Hurt her? Chase didn't want to hurt her. He never had. Chase had loved her! He had even tried to propose!

She stepped in, stopping Chase from slashing at Raimundo. He was going to take his head off; had she not stepped in front of him.

"Kimiko…?" he breathed, staring at her. When she didn't speak, or move, he told her to do so.

"No," she stated firmly. Kimiko walked up and held Chase's snout in her hands and said softly, "Chase, if you really cared about me, you'd see how stupid this fighting is…" he stared at her, so she continued, "I remembered that you had been planning on proposing to me when you were good…" Chase flinched, the others all inhaled in shock. "If you were that kind of man, why can't you be now?"

Chase stared at her fro a few more seconds before whispering, "I surrender, you win, dragon of wind…" He slowly morphed back to his human form and knelt before Raimundo. Raimundo didn't know what to do; Chase had surrendered… What was he supposed to do now?

Kimiko spoke, "Chase Young, as punishment for losing this showdown you shall be forced to return to the Xiaolin Side and fight for the side of good until you have paid back this defeat." She sounded very official, Dojo said she sounded like Dashi.

Chase stared up at her, she was just smirking at him happily. Chase smiled in response, understanding her game.

Chase stood and wrapped his arms around her waist, whispering, "Fine, but I get to have you all to myself…" Kimiko giggled at this, but said not tonight.

They walked back to the temple, Chase being assigned to a new room; his old one had become Clay's room. They found that weird. He went into his new room, and Kimiko came in with an outfit for him. It was blue; just like his outfit when he was good in the alternate reality. He stared at it, but took it from her after a little while of staring.

"What's this for?" he asked, holding the clothes in his hand.

Kimiko smiled, leaned against the door frame and replied, "For you to wear them. Unless you'd prefer to go naked." Chase smirked at her when she said that and said he'd prefer her naked.

The monks all grew incredibly close to Chase over the next month or so, he was actually a nice guy once you forced him to stop being such an ass. He of course, had made it very clear to the guys that he was interested in Kimiko, and that she felt the same way. He didn't want any competition. Raimundo had been a little less willing to give her up, but eventually he saw how much Kimiko really liked him and he backed off.

Chase was sitting outside with Kimiko, in the courtyard of the temple grounds. They were cuddling, as they often did, and Kimiko was slowly beginning to fall asleep in his arms.

He roused her from her slumber. Kimiko groaned, asking why he was waking her up. Chase only smiled.

He pulled out a little black box and opened it. He then whispered,

"Kimiko, will you marry me?"

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