I based the story off the original story written by Lewis Carroll, but a few scenarios had to change to better fit the One Piece character personalities better. Also, the story didn't have a talking doorknob like the Disney movie one. I really wanted the talking doorknob and you'll see why.
Alice in Wonderland belongs to Lewis Carroll and One Piece to Eiichiro Oda. I am just using the plot and setting from the former and the characters from the latter and I thank them both for creating such imaginative wonders.

Strawhat Luffy fiddled about impatiently at the dining table.

"Sanji! Hurry up and pack my lunch, I want to go explore the island now!" he whined.

The blond cook gracefully turned from the oven and set down a box of onigiri which he then proceeded to wrap up.

"All right, Luffy, you're all set," Sanji held up the box. "Now get the hell out of my kitchen and don't come back until dinnertime. Maybe now I can finally get some peace and quiet…"

Luffy happily snatched the box out of Sanji's hands and ran out the door.

With one hand, a girl with orange hair grabbed him by his shirt collar before he could jump off the Thousand Sunny. With the other hand, she slapped a nearby sleeping swordsman awake.

"Hold it, Luffy. You shouldn't go on your own, it's too dangerous. I'm sending Zoro to go with you."

The swordsman frowned at Nami as he rubbed his cheek. "Tch, fine. Come on, Luffy, let's go." And with that, he jumped off the ship, landed onto the shore, and continued onwards. In a matter of seconds, his green hair was lost among the darker green leaves of the forest's various plants.

"Oi! Zoro, wait for me!" the captain quickly got off the ship and sprinted after him. Before he completely disappeared into the dense underbrush, he turned to wave goodbye to the rest of his crew.

"Hey, you think Luffy's going to be okay?" Usopp asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

Chopper looked up. "Sure! I mean, Luffy's really strong, right? And Zoro's with him."

"Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. He was following Zoro. Following. Zoro," Usopp made sure to emphasize the second time he said "following."

The importance of Usopp's concern finally dawned on everyone. In the silence, the only sound that could be heard was Robin's giggle.


Luffy wandered about the trees and ferns. He paid particular attention to anything mossy, in the hopes that it was Zoro, but so far, that strategy wasn't working out so well. Just then, he heard rustling from the side, and spotted the swordsman. Before Luffy could call out to him, the bobbing green head vanished. Bewildered, Luffy wandered over to the spot where Zoro was and fell down a hole.

It was a very deep hole. A deep hole with weird things down it. Like somebody used it for a disposal chute for furniture. There were cupboards all over the place, but not a crumb of food. One jar looked promising and he grabbed it before he fell too far down. When he opened it, there was only air. Dejected, he stretched his arms back up to the cupboard and placed the jar back onto one of the shelves. Except he didn't push it back quite far enough and the jar fell past him and a shattering noise was heard from down below.

"Oops, " Luffy said, "Hey, if I was able to hear it, then I'm getting closer to the bottom now!"

And he was right. Luffy landed on a pile of straw and jar shards and without even taking a moment to look around, bolted straight ahead into a narrow hallway.

"Zoro! Where did you go?" Luffy called out.

He turned the corner and came to another corridor, this one full of doors. He tilted his head.

"Which one would Zoro go through?" he wondered, as he tried to open the first door. It was locked. As was the second one. And the third one, and the fourth one, and the one after, and the one after and the one after and the one after and the one after, all the way down to the last door.

"Zoro couldn't have gone into any of these doors, then," Luffy decided.

He looked around some more and spotted a little curtain. He pulled it aside which revealed a tiny door.

"So cool!" he shouted. "Zoro must have gone through this one!" He immediately turned the tiny knob, but this door was also locked. Refusing to give up so easily, he jiggled the knob harder. The more he fiddled with it, the more the door handle was beginning to take shape. It looked like…a face. The keyhole stretched to twice its size and howled in annoyance.

"Stupid, flashy brat! Knock it off!" the door shouted.

Luffy was slightly taken aback but immediately recognized the voice and face.

"Buggy! You're a door? Haha, and your nose is the doorknob!" he grinned.

The door continued to fume. "What did you say about my nose, Strawhat?"

Luffy laughed harder and continued to poke Buggy's nose until he realized that he was supposed to be looking for Zoro.

"Oi, Buggy, did Zoro come through here?"

The door stopped in mid-rage. An evil grin slowly spread across his face.

"Why, yes. Yes, he did," Buggy lied.

The raven-haired boy perked up. "Really? You gotta let me through!"

The door sagged a little, in mock sadness. "Well, I would love to, but you're just too big."

Luffy looked down at himself. "Oh yeah. Forgot about that."

"You didn't notice? You're a bigger idiot than that flashy redhead!" Buggy yelled. As quickly as he lost it, he regained his composure. "There's something you can do, though. See that table over there behind you?"

Luffy turned around and saw a table with three legs. It was completely made of glass. The tabletop was empty except for a single bottle.

"Drinking that will make you small and then you'll be able to go right through to find your little friend," Buggy explained.

"Oh, ok," Luffy said as he picked up the bottle. As it drew closer to his lips, Buggy sniggered to himself. That flashy brat doesn't even realize that he's drinking a bottle full of poison! So long, Strawhat!

And that's why I wanted a talking doorknob. So I could write about Buggy being offended over remarks of his nose.
Thanks for reading! I have no idea when I'll get to writing the next chapter (hopefully soon), so I apologize in advance.