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All heads turned to look at the boy. He blinked.

"Me?" Luffy pointed to himself.

Crocodile sighed. "Just get over here."

Having nothing better to do since sitting in the jury box was getting boring, he jumped down to the courtroom floor and looked up at the king and queen.

"What do you know about this business?" Crocodile questioned him.

Luffy answered with complete honesty. "Nothing."

"We have found evidence written in the knave's handwriting!" A guard suddenly appeared with a note in his hands.

"Let's hope it will tell us who the culprit is so I can get on with my life," Crocodile leaned back in his seat. "Read out the note."

With shaking hands, the guard carefully unfurled the note and read out loud:

"My head begins to jingle,
Most ev'ry time I nod
'Cause obviously, quite obviously, I'm odd."

"What does that stuff even mean?" Luffy interrupted.

Everyone stopped to think, for nobody was really certain and those who were fairly certain were too afraid to speak up in case they were wrong.

"Read some more," Crocodile told the guard.

"Each Christmas I go fishing
To catch a Christmas cod
'Cause obviously, quite obviously, I'm odd."

"I'm hungry," Luffy said at the mention of cods.

"What does this even mean?" Crocodile asked out loud.

Hancock's hands flew to her cheeks. "Could it be…? I think…this is…Luffy's love poem…for me!"

"This is not something that strawhat idiot could possibly come up with," Crocodile snorted.

Before anyone could even laugh in agreement, the Queen stood up. Her leg blurred around the same time Crocodile disappeared from his seat. He ended up taking a haki kick straight in the gut and was just getting back onto his feet over by the wall. Slowly, he brushed off the rubble on his suit.

Hancock glared so hard at him that a few people nearby could have sworn they smelled sand burning. "How dare you insult Luffy like that! I ought to have you executed right now!"

Crocodile bit down on his cigar and glared back at the pirate empress just as fiercely. "I am the King of Hearts, pirate empress Boa Hancock. I have as much power over this country and its people as you do, and possibly more, thanks to Baroque Works."

There was a commotion from the jury box when Vivi and Cobra stood up. Everyone was brandishing weapons at one another already. Vivi glared straight at Crocodile. "Crocodile! You're no king! It is my father who is the rightful king! You have stolen the kingdom from us but today, we will take it back!"

"Vivi's our nakama! We're going to help Vivi!" Luffy shouted to his crewmates.

"Aye, captain!"

"If anyone dares to harm Luffy, they'll have to answer to me, his fiancée!"

"I keep telling you, Hancock, I'm not going to marry you."

"Ohhh, you said my name again…"

"Can somebody get me out of this damn rabbit suit already?"

"Ahahaha! It suits you, Marimo!"

"I still got the king's crown! I'm rich, I'm rich! Heeheehee! Sanji-kun, you better protect me; I can't let anything happen to this treasure!"

"Hai, Nami-swan!"

"Oi! Wait! Get me out of this thing first!"

"You're on your own, Marimo!"

"That son of a—"

Shouting, gunshots, and the clashing of metal resounded throughout the entire courtroom. The trial was all forgotten and the tarts that had been lying on the table continued to sit there, getting cold, and waiting to be eaten.

"You seem to know a lot about him," a female voice said.

"Well, of course," a man said. There was a slight tremor in his voice. "A long time ago…here on the Grand Line…I met that man in person."

Oh, that's right; we were talking about Pops, weren't we? His hand drowsily reached for a leg of meat. And then his snot bubble popped.

"Huh? You know the old man?" Portgas D. Ace asked Buggy while chewing.

"He's awake!" the whole crew shouted.

Hmm they seem a little tense. Ace stood up. "Hey now, you guys! C'mon! This is a party! Let's kick it!"

"O-Oh yeah!" Buggy said, his voice a little strained by trying to sound upbeat. "We were having a party, right?"

And so, Buggy and his crewmates began to party with Ace. They were rather hesitant with their actions at first, but Ace was such a nice guest and the alcohol soon took effect so they all forgot about just how dangerous he could be.

"Hey, you're not such a bad guy, are you?" Buggy laughed. "Here, drink up!"

Ace graciously accepted the refill and spotted Richie. "Oh! Oh! You got a lion!" With a few strokes of his arms, he formed a large, flaming ring. "Come! Jump through this ring of fire!"

The lion tried to roar out a protest, claiming that he was far too hungry and out of practice, but Mohji patted the great cat's back. "Yosh, show him your stuff, Richie!"

Richie may have been a performing lion, but being feline, he still had some authority to inflict harm on his owner.

"Ow!" Mohji winced.

That brought a chorus of laughter from everyone as all sorts of comedic acts ensued. Ace even became drinking buddies with Buggy, enjoying his time greatly and completely forgetting about that really bizarre dream he just had.

I hope y'all know where that scene's from. Yup, the original Oda text. And yes, this whole thing was nothing but a dream. Ace's dream. Because I've always wondered what he dreams about when he falls asleep in his food. I could have used a different time when he slept but this one had Buggy...and with Buggy, I feel like it's come full circle from when he was just a door...

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