Cartman was going to Kyle's house. Cartman did not particularly want to go to the damned Jew's house, but he had come to the conclusion he could find Kenny's poor ass there, and he needed that poor fuck for manual labor he was much too fat and lazy- I mean powerful and important for Cartman himself to do.

Mrs. Jew Bitch was obviously not too happy to see Cartman's fat ass at her doorway, but she felt a sudden wave of gratitude towards said ass when his intentions to remove the stoner from her property became apparent.

After ten minutes of screaming for her buddah or whatever the fuck she calls him and however you spell it, it's not Cartman's fault he doesn't understand their damn Jew language, Kyle came sauntering down the stairs. With Kyle came Kenny. Kenny looked slightly more smirky than usual, and Kyle looked… happy. How dare he be happy in Cartman's presence?

"Hey, Jew-rat," Cartman called at him. Kyle merely flips him off.

"Fuck you, fatty." There is little actual anger behind those words, but his mother squawked nonetheless. "See you tomorrow?" he says to Kenny. Kenny grins and nods, departing with a grope that he went surprisingly un-slapped for.

As they left, Cartman swears he heard Kyle humming.

"What the fuck crawled up his ass and planted some rainbows?" Cartman asked as they stepped off the porch.

"I gave that bitch a blowjob," Kenny replied. "Bitches love blowjobs."

AN: See that line up there that Kenny says? I swear to God, that is the only reason this drabble exists… What? Drabbles are only a hundred words? Meh. You say one, I say two. Plus forty-four. Also- I was feeling silly. Go review the silliness. PS- named after a song by Alien Ant Farm.