Part 3: Artie

When Claudia entered the dining room, Artie was sitting at the table, sipping his coffee and reading an old history article. He looked up when he heard her come in. "Claudia," he greeted.

"Do you have a minute?

He paused. "You want to talk?"

"Will this 'talk' make me feel old and uncomfortable?"

"Ok, then." He pulled out the chair next to him. "Sit. And Uh, talk."

Claudia sat down awkwardly in the chair. "Oh-kay. Um, you remember Fargo? From this morning?"

Artie's lips pursed, and he muttered something under his breath that sounded like "Oh, if I ever see him again..."

"He wasn't that bad." Claudia said, guessing what Artie was thinking.

"Coming in with his fancy wires and chips and thinking he can just-"

"Fine, never mind!" Claudia said, jumping up.

"No, no, sit." Artie said, taking a deep breath. "What about Fargo?"

"I kind of kissed him and then-"

"You what?"

Claudia stiffled a laugh at the outraged look on Artie's face. "Kissed. You know, when you-"

"I know what kissing is," Artie sputtered. "But, but why did you kiss him?"

She shrugged. "I dunno. We were fighting the robots with the lightsaber-ish thing and it just kind of happened."

"But what about Todd?"

"He broke up with me," Claudia muttered.

"What? When?"

"Right after Fargo went back home."

"You kiseed Fargo when you were dating Todd?"

"Yeah. I feel bad." Claudia said.

"Bad that you kissed Fargo or that Todd broke up with you?"


Artie looked considerate for a moment, when the B&B's phone rang.

"Artie, it's Vanessa!" Leena called a few moments later, from the kitchen. "She wants to talk to you."

Arite blushed, and stood up. Halfway to the kitchen, he turned and lookedback at Claudia. "Do you want me to tesla them?

"No. God, never mind!" Claudia cried, getting up and trudging up the stairs to her room. It was time to call Joshua.

Well, there it is! All done! Sorry this is so bad, btw. I just wanted the last chapter finished and done!