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There are no words. Our eldest daughter can only hope her day in the sun will someday come. Chin up, Hrist!

He stood there. Ok, he was sitting there, on the sidewalk against the wall of some building, holding up a sign with "Will fight monsters for oth" on it. He sighed, no one payed attention to him, just kept walking by, heading to their jobs... Jerks.

He decided enough was enough and got up, gathering his things, which was just a torn hat and a very large sword, he proceeded to walk off somewhere and claim a place to sleep before any hobo's got the good spots and boxes. That is, until he was whacked on the back of his head. Turning around to yell at someone, he saw no one, until he looked down to see a woman a head smaller then him, wearing what looked like dark purple to almost black armor, and an apron covering it. Her long black hair reaching the middle of her back, and a scowl on her face.

"Arngrim!" The woman said, her scowl turning into a smile.

She sat down two glasses on the table, the small cafe was currently empty. Well, that's what it looked like for the past five years anyways. Grabbing the small glass of liquid, Arngrim took a large drink, only to spit it out.

"What the! What is this?" He asked as if he just drank poison.

"It's water." The woman said, finishing her drink.

"Really? Wow, crappy water." He answered back before downing it.

"You get used to it. Anyways, Arngrim, where have you been!" The woman asked.

"Well Hrist, two games and you only get paid so much. I really didn't have anywhere to go." Arngrim said laying his head down on the table.

The woman, now known as Hrist just frowned at him. And then started crying. "Oh Arngrim, you may think you had it bad, but I had it worst."

~flash back time!~

Hrist was sitting down on the side walk, with a small tin can in her hand, waving it, hoping someone would give her something. She was saddened that no one paid her no mind. Until...

"Look Lenneth." A blonde woman said cheerfully. It was Silmeria, and Lenneth, her sisters. They would save her from this life of poverty.

"Ew, don't touch it Silmeria, you might get homeless people germs." Lenneth said before grabbing Silmeria by her hand and dragging her away. Hrist cried.

~end flash back time~

"Ouch... What happened to your helmet?" Arngrim asked, saddened at the fact Hrist's own sisters forgotten about her.

"I had to pawn it to pay my rent this month." Hrist sobbed.

"...You pay rent?"

After washing some dishes that were probably the cleanest thing in the small old establishment, Hrist took her apron off and sat it on the table and brought Arngrim another glass of the murky water.

"Do you get payed here?" He questioned before bracing himself for the evil drink.

"At random, and very small pay." Hrist sighed.

"Ya know! I'm sick of this, living in poverty, being blown off by most of japan, having to fight for my place to sleep." Arngrim yelled out, standing up, surprising Hrist. He remembered some of the times he had to fight to get a place to sleep. Hobo's don't give out much exp, and don't even have good drops.

"I say it's time we take a stand! How about it Hrist, let's march over to Tri Ace and demand for some money." He said holding his hand out.

"...You're right! I don't want to work in this dump anymore, if my sisters can have a fancy life, then I deserve one as well!" She yelled out as well, grabbing the apron and chucking it behind her. "Hey Mr. Morikotosoto, I quit." She yelled proudly.

An old man walked out of the kitchen, "Alright Harry, you're fired. See you wednesday." He said before slipping on Hrist's apron. "My hip!"

Arngrim and Hrist quickly ran out, but not before she grabbed a bucket that was near the door.

With swords in hand (and bucket on head in Hrist's case) they ran, and ran, and continued to run, even past a no crossing light at the street. Halfway crossing the street, a red convertible swerved, "Ahhhh!" "Ahhhh!" "HOOONK~"

And crashed into the side of another car, before being hit by more cars. The man at the wheel, dark brown hair and glasses, had hit the airbag. Arngrim and Hrist didn't stick around.

They had arrived, finally! They entered the area, weapons in hand, screaming at the top of their lungs. "Arrggh!"

They were quickly surrounded by security guards. "I grow tired of you!" Arngrim said, getting into a battle stance. "Finishing Strike! Final Blast!" He yelled out, and blasted away all the guards in front of them before piling in to an elevator.

"...I don't get paid enough for this crap..." A guard said before falling in to unconscious land.

Riding the elevator up, still holding on to their weapons, and listening to the cheesy elevator music, they went to the top floor. It's just that, Hrist forgot something about Arngrim...


Hrist jumped out of the elevator, gasping for the sweet, precious taste of fresh air.

"I said I was sorry." Arngrim said. But no matter, they continued their attack.

Soon they ran into someone, and it was he who they were going to attack first.

"You, Yoshinori Yamagishi!" Hrist yelled, pointing her sword at the game designer's neck.

"Don't kill me, I didn't do it. She lied about it, I swear." He cried.

"Uh, actually we're here about something else." Arngrim pointed out.

"Oh, uh..."

"You helped create Valkyrie Profile, correct!" Hrist yelled, fixing her bucket helmet.

"Yes!" He yelped as the sword got closer.

"I want my own game! How come my sisters have their own, and yet I am forgotten about! Hm?" She said.

"Y-You have to speak to the president about that." Yamagishi cried out.

"Alright then, you're free to go." Hrist said putting her sword away, as she continued her assault on Tri Ace with Arngrim. Yamagishi sighed.

As they continued to run around causing havoc and other suck things, they ran past Odin.

"...Damn kids, they shouldn't be running around with those fancy scissors of theirs'." He said to himself, before picking up a cell phone and pressing a few buttons on it, pointing it at the window. "...This channel sucks! And this remote needs new batteries. Better call Freeto or what her name is to go buy more." He said to himself, picking up a tv remote and holding it to his ear.

Arngrim busted the door down and Hrist walked in calmly. There he was, the president of Tri Ace, wearing a fake mustache, trying to hide from his attackers.

"Yoshiharu Gotanda!" Hrist yelled, pointing her sword threateningly at him.

"Damn, I told them it wouldn't work!" He yelled before ripping the falsetache off.

"Why! Why do my sisters have their own games, and yet, I am left with only supporting roles in both! Why don't I have my own game!" She yelled, getting closer.

"Now, Hrist, look. We can talk about this. No need for violence." He said, reaching underneath his desk to push a button.

As she continued to walk forward, a panel opened on the floor, leading to a bottomless pit of doom... Three feet away to the side of her. "Dammit, plan B!" Pressing another button, a panel on the wall flipped to reveal, a hamster. It got near Hrist and... Ate some pellets.

"Dammit, I knew I should have put something more dangerous in there!" Gotanda yelled, before he was facing a blade to the neck.

"Ok ok Hrist, you win. Look, we are making a new Valkyrie Profile game." He pleaded.

"*gasp* Am I the main character!" She asked happily.



"It's a uh... Spinoff title. Look, we could use more Secret Bosses in the game." He said.

"A secret boss? They get paid a crap load!" She was surprised.

"Yes, we need more, since Lezard was in a car accident, he is unavailable." Gotanda replied.

Meanwhile, at the hospital...

Lezard was currently in a full body cast, the only thing you could see that would allow you to recognize him are the glasses and hair. He struggled, and then made some grunting noises, and then other noises a person in a cast could make.

A young woman in a nurse outfit and pigtails, walked up to him watching his struggling and trying to make out what he was saying. She pulled out a stick, but it was no ordinary stick, it had a gloved hand at the end of it. She walked over and with the none gloved part of the stick, reached into the back of his cast and began to scratch his back.

Lezard sighed happily as she continued to scratch the itch he could not scratch.

Back at the ruins of Tri Ace...

"...Alright, I'll do it. But only if Arngrim can be one too!" She said, pointing her sword again.


"Yes!" She cheered as Yoshiharu handed them both a check. Looking at the numbers, Hrist couldn't believe the zeros.

"Catch me Arngrim." She said.

"No." He replied as she fell backwards.

"Ow! Dammit Arngrim!"

They walked down the street, happy that they have a new job. Now Hrist won't get kicked out of her crappy apartment.

"Well Arngrim, looks like we're in the good life now." Hrist said cheerfully.

"Yeah, until we run out of cash after this gig." He replied a little more serious.

"Yeah yeah... But Arngrim, don't you feel like this has happened before?" Hrist asked, walking ahead of the muscled man.

"Duh, the author just remade this story since he likes you so much and cause he lost the original story." He said, before I, The Author, proceeded to make a pan fall out of the sky and hit said man on head.

"Ow! What the, dammit Author!" Haha, I win again.

"Did you say something Arngrim?" Hrist asked, concerned for her friend's mentality.

"Nothing. Come on, tonight I ain't sleeping in a box in some alleyway." He said.

"Ok, you get the couch." Hrist replied, stunning Arngrim.

"...You have a couch!"

To be continued ^^

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