Chapter 25: Revenge and Goodbyes

A month had passed since the intriguing yet infuriating visit with the eccentric silver haired shinigami Undertaker. Sebastian had forcefully taken over my schooling, insisting that regardless of the situation it was important for me to get a proper education. It honestly made me want to slap that all-knowing smirk off his stupid pale face. As for my own self-enforced regimes I was bringing my katana outside at least five times a week to train, whether it be trying to build up my arm muscles, figure out how to properly swing a sword, or trying to activate the damned innocence in the stupid thing.

If you couldn't tell from my frustration that didn't go down so well. The stupid weapon innocence wouldn't respond to me at all, no matter how much I tried to focus on it.

A week ago on my sixteenth birthday my stupid old neighbour even had the nerve to scream at me from over the fence when I was leaning over the balcony outside my bedroom drinking a cup of hot chocolate. The nerve of him! I wasn't even doing anything wrong! I'll be more than glad to be rid of him when I die.

Now I was standing in the backyard once more, panting heavily with several strands of hair plastered across my face as I stared angrily at the shiny metal blade thrust into the grass. Good old Athena had been getting on my nerves and it was times like then that I was glad the fences surrounding the property were so damn high. It meant that no-one could see me throwing curses and heated glares at the sword that was very probably illegal.

"What's so fucking great about this shitty innocence anyway?" I whined, purple eyes sending out a furious look that could almost rival Sebastian's when he was angry, something I was pretty sure I had only witnessed once in my life. Straightening up I brushed my hair out of my face, tying it up in a ponytail that sat high on the back of my head as I walked over to the katana, holding the sheath in one hand.

"You have been giving me hell lately." I informed the oh-so-special hunk of metal. "You WILL obey me, or I shall have to go on some sort of killing spree, and I'm sure no-one would appreciate that." It felt like someone was watching me, and before I had a chance to turn and check it out I swore I heard some snicker harshly. Spinning on my heel I caught sight of Sebastian in the shadow by the backdoor, a barely there smirk on his lips as he watched over me and my conversations with inanimate objects. He remained quiet even as he watched me glare at him.

"What?" I demanded irritably, walking away from the blade still embedded in the ground to close the distance between us until I was halfway between weapon and demon.

"I merely happen to find it amusing that you are not only having an argument with your weapon, but you are allowing your golem to record it." He replied lightly, tone showing that he truly thought I was being an idiot. A pale blush crept across my face as embarrassment hit home. In truth I had gotten so used to the presence of the golem over the past month that I hadn't even noticed it was out in the garden with me. Not that it should have been much of a surprise seeing as it followed me almost everywhere I went.

"Whatever." I grumbled quietly, averting my eyes from his piercing red gaze.

Turning away I was going to head back to my fruitless attempt at controlling my uncooperative innocence when a massive explosion rang through the air. Confused I shot a questioning look at Sebastian. Explosions didn't just happen, especially not around here where there wasn't even a real army base.

"It was fairly close. I'd say… end of the street." My eyes widened and I just stared at him, dumbfounded by the exclamation. My street was fairly long, and the house was only around halfway up it, but even so, that meant it was in the residential area somewhere.

"Seriously? Shit…"

"Would you like me to go and investigate?" He asked monotonously, watching my mini freak-out. It was pretty obvious that he was only offering to see if the commotion was going to put my life at risk.

"I'll go." Straightening my shirt I hastily retrieved the infuriating katana and sheathed it, holding it firmly in my right hand and beckoning the golem with my left. With more purpose and determination that I'd had in a while I marched through the house and out into the street once more, barely registering the two people climbing the hill and ignoring the weird looks I received from the couple that lived across the road. They should have known by now not to expect anything normal to come out of my house. Concern and curiosity kept me interested and I hurried up the hill towards where Sebastian speculated the source was.

Emma and Mary had decided that something was up with their friend. They had only just found out after weeks of constant harassing of teaching staff that Jasmine had officially left school. It had shocked both of them, not just that she had quit but that she hadn't told either of them. They were heading out to confront the suddenly reclusive orphan, for it had only taken a small amount of digging to find out that that was what she was. An orphan. Sebastian was no uncle of hers, not to mention they looked nothing alike at all, what with his menacing red eyes and black hair.

"Sword…?" Emma glanced over at her friend curiously, trying to figure out what had caused her sudden outburst. Mary normally wasn't the sort to spout nonsense and they were just below Jasmine's massive house.

"There, a sword." Mary pointed in front of them and Emma followed her gaze, letting out a short gasp at what she saw.

"I've seen that sword somewhere before." She muttered, coming to a stop and watching the one they had come to visit and her so-called 'uncle' marching up the street in the direction of the explosion they had heard on their way up.

"I'm not even going to ask this time." Mary stated drily. "If we want to talk our time is now, so we have to at least follow her and find out where she's going. Surely that's our duty as concerned friends?" Emma grinned broadly, white teeth glinting in the afternoon sun in a devilishly menacing way.

"Good plan my dear Watson." She teased before heading off again, adopting a rather practised stalker persona as she went to avoid detection. Mary rolled her eyes and followed her crazy friend in a more normal fashion, strolling up the street and acting as though she hadn't a care in the world, all the while watching Emma dash from telephone pole to telephone pole.

I knew something was up. It wasn't hard to tell, if you forget about all the attention we were getting anyway from the medieval weapon in my hand. Someone was following us, and if I knew it meant that Sebastian had predicted it since before we left the house, being the sneaky demon that he is.

"There isn't anything bomb worthy up here." I commented, throwing a quick side glance at the black clad demon as I hurried up the hill.

"It wasn't a bomb." He confirmed, answering my unspoken question in a completely serious tone. "It would also be quicker if I ran." Scowling I smacked him lightly with the katana, irritated by his suggestion. I was about to throw out some more questions when the innocence on the back of my neck began tingling.

"I guess it's Akuma then." Curiosity dwindling I continued on, it was in my job description after all. I have to kill those god-awful Akuma before they kill any people.

It didn't take long to get to the top of the hill, and once we were there it was frighteningly obvious what the situation was. Explosions could be seen from the abandoned lot at the end of the street, so that's where we headed.

"Allen!" The white haired exorcist was already there, fending off a horde of weird looking Akuma. They were different to what I had seen before, which unfortunately meant that they were probably stronger. Gritting my teeth I ran over to him, unsheathing my katana and turning to face the enemy.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, glancing at me momentarily before going back to his offensive.

"Investigating. I thought you could use a hand." Eyeing the new battlefield I noted two people standing further back, watching the fight. A gasp slipped past my lips as my lazy brain started working again.

"Sebastian, Tyki mustn't be allowed to escape. You know the drill."

"Of course." He dashed off to keep the Noah busy, knowing that he wouldn't be any help against the Akuma anyway. His demonic powers just didn't work against them, something that I just couldn't understand. Allen and I focussed our attention on destroying the Akuma. Curious about what would happen I breathed purple flame across the blade of my katana. Surprisingly it stuck, giving me an awesome new weapon with which I easily managed to destroy my share of the enemy.

"That was different." Allen commented, eyeing my flaming sword cautiously.

"You mean innovative." I corrected him, a loud clash drawing my attention back to the current situation. Shooting an apologetic look I ran over to where Sebastian and Tyki were having a stare off. It was actually a tad comical, but I quickly banished the thought, it wasn't the time.

"It's you huh. This saves me some trouble finding you again. And Road will be pleased too." He motioned to the girl standing not too far off, having been avoiding the confrontation between Noah and demon.

"Sure." Giving him an odd look I stepped forward, looking up at his strange grey face and the markings on his forehead. I still couldn't figure out why he wanted my innocence so badly but it looked like that would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. To repair my soul required the destruction of the innocence, so we now had a common goal in mind. Watching his reaction I stepped forward again until I was standing right in front of him, blade pointed at the ground.

"Someone's bold today." I glared at him, willing myself to be calm. He raised an eyebrow curiously before shrugging and reaching his hand out. I tensed, trying to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. It still wasn't going to be pleasant, even if I was letting him do it by choice. A small sound of fear worked its way from my mouth as his grey hand passed through my throat, fisting around the innocence. His eyes widened in surprise at the lack of resistance, considering what had happened last time. I closed my eyes, whimpering slightly when he crushed it as an uncomfortable feeling ran through my body, settling itself in my chest.

Shuddering I tightened my grip on my katana and opened my eyes. 'That's one part done; now you WILL work for me this time.' I mentally chided my blade, concentrating my energy on it. As I forced my will on the weapon a bright purple light filled the air, burning my eyes and forcing an extra weight into my hands.

As the light died away Road's face lit up with surprise. She stepped forward, clutching the pumpkin umbrella to her chest.

"That looks like the Earl's sword…" She muttered to herself, mulling things over in her head. Suddenly her eyes filled with fear. "Tyki! Get away from her!" Tyki glanced up, pulled out of his daze by Road's voice. He met my gaze and his eyes widened when he saw the massive rectangular purple and grey sword resting in my hands where the katana had been moments before.

"So it wasn't the heart…" He murmured, quickly turning his body intangible as I swung the newly formed sword towards him, a murderous glint in my eyes. He began to smirk, but then the sword made contact with his ribs and he gasped in surprise, eyes wide as they processed what was happening.

"She actually hit him!" Allen cried out in amazement, stopping dead in his tracks to watch what would happen. The momentum of my swing slowed down as the sword cut into him, and I smiled sadistically as he struggled, trying to get away now that he realised that he couldn't phase through the sword. Nothing was going through my mind except for the pleasure I felt at savagely murdering the person who ruined my life. I could hear more footsteps approaching in the distance but I knew Sebastian would hold them off if the need arose. My smile faded to a slight frown as I came across an obstacle I couldn't cut through, forcing me to reverse the swing and yank the unusual sword back out of his side.

"Shit…" The tall grey Noah groaned, sophisticated demeanour completely destroyed as he sank to his knees, clutching the gaping hole in his side as he quickly bled out. That wasn't good enough though. Smirking maliciously I thrust the end of the bulky sword through his chest and watched with a horrified fascination as the light faded from those strange eyes and his skin paled back to that of a normal human. Now I was certain he was dead, and I felt the urge to laugh, so I threw my head back and laughed maniacally at the sky.

Silence followed my outburst until I turned my head ever so slightly to look over at the young girl Noah. Nothing happened for almost a full minute until Allen cried "Road, you have to get out of here now!" I scowled and plunged the rectangular sword into the ground, crossing my arms over my blood-stained shirt as my golem flew in worried circles around my head.

"The exorcist is right, lero. We have to leave before the crazy one comes after us, lero." The umbrella instructed, twitching out of Road's hands to hover in front of her. I stared at it for a moment before I started laughing again.

"A talking umbrella! I should have known. Hey Sebastian, you're really old, have you ever seen a talking umbrella before?" My demon butler – or shall I say ex demon butler – let out a tiny disapproving sigh at my question. He really didn't like it when I called him old. During our little conversation, or rather, during my spaced out monologue, Road had finally pulled herself together. An odd door appeared behind her, one very different from the Ark which Allen had used to get here. She sent one more frightened yet hateful glance towards me and the body of her fallen comrade before stepping through the door. I watched with only mild interest as the door disappeared, something I had suspected would from the beginning.

"Now now Love, this isn't what I had expected to find when Will sent me over here." A familiar voice came from behind me. Smiling I turned around and glomped the red haired shinigami, still in an odd state of euphoria after exacting my revenge. He tensed momentarily before patting me awkwardly on the head.

"I guess this means that Noah have souls too." I murmured, looking up into his face. I could hear voices not far off, people talking, people I knew. Allen, Emma and Mary, confirming the identities of those who had been following me, although I had more or less known from the beginning.

"Jasmine…" Grell was quivering nervously and I let him go, giving him a sly look.

"Go talk to Sebastian for a while; I have something to do before we leave." The shinigami grinned happily, dropping his chainsaw death scythe on the ground and running over to throw himself at the demon.

"Jasmine what's happening?" Emma asked as I turned to face the small group, turning my back on the squabbling pair of demon and shinigami.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that it's none of your business." I shot back, waving my arm around absently in the air and showing off the contract pentagram on my arm.

"Don't give me that bullshit! Tell us! Isn't Allen your boyfriend? Doesn't he deserve to know?" The white haired boy looked utterly lost at the turn in conversation and I rolled my eyes, letting out a pained sigh.

"Emma, Mary, I'm afraid that this is goodbye. Allen, thank you for everything. Please tell Lavi that I'm sorry, and pass on my goodbyes to everyone else at the Order."

"Jasmine are you serious? Lavi's been devastated since you left and now you're cutting ties for good? What about Lenalee? She was happy to finally have a girl her own age at the Order!" I bit my lip nervously, guilt beginning to kick in as light footsteps approached me from behind.

"What do you mean goodbye?" Mary demanded, stepping forward. I looked away from their piercing gazes, stepping back into Sebastian's arms.

"Grell's taking care of Tyki now right?" He nodded as he hooked one arm under my knees and lifted me up in his arms, holding me bridal-style.

"I believe it's time for us to take our leave milady." Nodding I buried my face in his chest, not wanting to see the looks on their faces as my good mood quickly evaporated. Sebastian smirked at the group over my head, holding me possessively as he stepped backwards into a portal of darkness, black feathers raining down on us.

"Goodbye." I whispered sombrely as they faded away into nothingness.

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