LbN: Written for Hppjdragpncode's World Triwizard Challenge. Happy reading. :)

"Teddy…are you—"

"Stop, Harry," Teddy said with a grin. "You're doing it again. I'm sure."

"This isn't something you can just quit, if you get chosen."

"I know that. And I know that I can do this. Do you not think I can?"

"No! I think you'd be great… it's just that I want to know that you've thought about this."

"I have," Teddy assured him. "And if I'm chosen, I'll be careful. I promise."

Harry nodded.

Teddy's heart pounded as the Beauxbatons boy disappeared through the doorway. There was only Hogwarts left now. He watched the flames in the goblet go from blue to red once more, and sparks fly as it expelled a piece of parchment.

Headmistress Krane smiled as she unfolded it. "The Hogwarts Champion—Teddy Lupin!"

The noise from the Slytherin table was deafening. Teddy sat shock still, and had to be pulled to his feet by Freddie Weasley, who had run over from the Ravenclaw table.

"You got it!" he yelled over the crowd. "Get moving!"

"Bloody hell," Ginny said, looking at the paper. "Bloody hell!"

"What?" Harry asked.

"Teddy's one of the leaders in the standings!" She walked over to the couch and snuggled against Harry. "He's in fifth place worldwide."


"A kid named Jessi, from America—she's in fourth. Then it's Sheng, Ayira, and a boy named Syd is in first. But the Asian cup has been close—that kid Kyosuke could overtake him if he wins the last task."

"The entire thing is close. I wouldn't be surprised if the final standing is completely different."

Ginny smiled at him. "You're just hoping he won't have to go on."

"He's been cut up, knocked unconscious, and frozen solid…. I'm terrified of what else they'll put him through if he gets to the World Cup."

"He'll be okay. He's just as stubborn as his godfather."

Teddy didn't stop running, even though he had the cup. He ran even though he was at the starting zone. He ran straight into the stands to where Harry sat with Ginny and James. Dropping the cup, he threw his arms around his godfather. "I did it."

"Looks like we're going to America," Harry said, smiling at him.