Title: Come Home
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Rating: T
Spoilers: Nope.
Summary: When there were nods all around the room, she continued. "Puck and I joined the army." She stopped, waiting for the explosion that was sure to happen. Army!Santana Two-shot. Brittana, Faberry.
Author's Note: I always wanted to write this, but never got around to it, well, here it is. Enjoy. P.S. if anyone wants to draw some scenes in this, I would love that because it'd be so cool, my deviantart account is on my fanfiction profile page.
Also, I know nothing about the Army, I'm just kinda going off Google and what my family knows about the military. But they don't really explain things well to me, so…Sorry about all inaccurate information…
Disclaimer: I do not own this, I swear!

Brittany Susan Lopez stood in front of a hotel mirror, gently smoothing out the invisible creases in her pale blue dress. She was back in Lima, Ohio. Not for long, just a week or two to go to her high school reunion. She was meeting back up with everyone, it was going to be great.

Sure, she talked to all her friends from Glee, but she hadn't seen them in a long time, some of them, like Artie and Lauren, since graduation. She was excited to meet their families, Mike and Tina's kid for instance, and she was overjoyed to have them meet her son, and to have her son meet her old high school friends.

The small smile that crept up her face fell at the thought of her six year old son who was taking a bath in the bathroom. He reminded her of his other mother, his Mami. She was gone, not forever, just at the moment, for the past year. The boy, Javan Klaas Lopez, was the spitting image of his Mami. Had dark hair with darker eyes and tan skin that would be forever sun-kissed. The only thing he didn't have from his Mami, was his personality. He had the heart of a saint; he couldn't bare to hurt anyone or anything.

But when Brittany saw him, she knew she was missing her. She couldn't look at him and not think of her wife. Her wife who was over seas protecting them with everything she had. Brittany looked down at her wedding ring and thought of when everyone found out Santana had joined the military.

When Santana and Puck came to Glee the last day of their senior year with an announcement, no one knew what to think. The two teens were dangerous, sex-driven, and prone to making everyone around them cry. They waited, just by the glossy black piano, for everyone to come into the room and sit down. The two were silent, not talking to others or each other.

Once all the students were in the room, they took a step forward to indicate that they were about to talk.

Mr. Shue clapped his hands, leaning forward and laughing. "Wow, guys, we made it all the way to senior year! Before we celebrate though, Puck and Santana would like to tell us all something." He nodded to the aforementioned teens and they nodded back.

"So, everyone's been talking about college and stuff," Puck started. "and we know you guys are all gunna be pissed when you find out we didn't tell you, but just listen, we have good reasons."

Santana picked up and said, "Yeah, so no giving us shit-"

"Santana." Mr. Shue said warningly. She waved him off.

"Like I was saying, no shit until we've explained. Got it?" When there were nods all around the room, she continued. "Puck and I joined the army." She stopped, waiting for the explosion that was sure to happen.

The room was dead silent before her words sunk in. Chaos ensued.

"What? Are you kidding?" Artie asked.

"Camouflage is not going to go well with your complexions." Kurt commented.

"Do you want to die?" Lauren demanded.

"Whose idea was this?" Quinn barked.

"Dudes." Sam and Finn said.

"How could you not tell us?" Brittany's soft voice broke through the insanity.

Puck and Santana looked at each other guiltily. They knew what they were doing, and they knew they were doing this for the right reasons; they just had to convince the others of this, which would prove to be most difficult.

"We have to do this-"

"No you don't, you could do to college!" Rachel insisted.

"With what money?" Santana asked. "Both our families are flat broke, no way to afford college."

"A scholarship-"

"Seriously?" Puck raised an eyebrow. "Let's face it, San and I did jack shit the last four years. We did just enough to skim by, enough to graduate."

"We didn't tell you because, well, we didn't want you all to talk us out of it. We knew you'd try, you're trying right now, but we have our papers, we know when we're leaving for boot camp, we know we're probably going to be deployed soon after, all we want from you guys is support."

And support they got.

No one really understood, but they tried the best they could be there for the two teens going to fight in some war. They all worried that one day they'd get a call saying that one or both of them had died, but they kept it to them selves.

Graduation came and went and the Glee club was at the airport a week after, seeing Santana and Puck off to boot camp. His Mom and sister were there and hugged him, and then her because her parents didn't approve of her joining the military and kicked her out. Just as they were about to board, Brittany pulled her to the side.


"Britt-Britt." Santana was silent, eying her once best friend, before opening her arms. The blonde immediately dove into her comforting embrace. Her grip hurt the brunette, but Santana wouldn't tell her. She tucked Brittany's head into her neck and rubbed her back comfortingly, waiting for her to speak.

"I'm going to miss you." She whimpered. "What am I going to do?"

"Go to New York. Go to Julliard, you were accepted for your dancing, remember?" She gently reminded the blonde girl.

"Who's going to help me? I only passed high school because of you." She cried.

"I talked to Berry already. She's going to help you, she and Quinn are going to room with you." Brittany pulled away slightly, her eyes widening.

"Really?" Santana nodded. "I thought we weren't friends anymore." The Latina let out a sigh.

"I never wanted to stop being friends. But even if we aren't, I'll always look out for you, I pinky promised." Tears leaked out of Brittany's eyes and she held Santana closer.

"I'm sorry, San! I didn't mean it! I wanna be friends again, can we be friends again?"

"Of course Brittany. I have to go now. Berry, Fabray!" She called and they made their way over to them. "Take care of her. I'm willing to fly back and kick both of your asses."

"We got it Lopez, calm down and get on the plane." Quinn hugged her long time friend. "Be safe."

Rachel stood awkwardly to the side, shifting from side to side and wringing her hands together. Santana rolled her eyes. "Get in here Berry." Rachel giggled a little and wrapped her arms around her new found friend.

"Write or call or whatever you can do from basic training."

"Lopez! Let's go!" Puck yelled over to their small group.

"Yeah, yeah! Shut it Puckerman!" She turned back to her friends.

"I gotta…you know…go." All nodded, but Brittany grabbed Santana's face and brought their lips together. Santana was shocked, her hands flying to the side as to not touch her. She slowly relaxed, touching the blonde's cheeks to deepen the kiss. The taller girl broke away, panting softly.

"Just so you know what you get to come home to." Santana swallowed and stepped back, a smile caught her face and she walked away, glancing back to give a small wave to her friends and Brittany. The only thought going through her head at that moment: Thank god they pulled back 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'.

She was gone for six months. A whole six months. Brittany moved to New York with Quinn, who was accepted to NYC, and Rachel, who was also going to Julliard. Santana and Puck couldn't contact them much, but they tried. It was a few phone calls every couple Sunday's, telling them how training was going, it was enough for them.

They got news back that they finished training and were coming home. They decided that they'd go to New York, to meet up with their friends. Ironically enough, they didn't tell said friends they were coming.

Brittany yawned and rolled over on her twin bed. She stretched and sat up. Rubbing her eye, she looked over on the queen sized bed to see Quinn and Rachel sleeping soundly. Brittany picked up her pillow and chucked it at them. Quinn jumped up while Rachel blinked sluggishly.

"What was that?" Quinn asked Brittany, scratching the back of her head.

"It's Sunday. I distinctly remember you telling me that you'd make me blueberry pancakes for not putting a sock on the door." Quinn sighed and flopped backwards, careful to avoid her girlfriend. "Do I have to throw something else?"

"No, no, I'll be up in a minute." Brittany bounced off her bed and walked to the door.

"Good, hurry up." She laughed as walked down the small hallway and entered the living room. Her laughter stopped as she saw two soldiers sitting on her couch. Once they saw her, they got to their feet.

Puck and Santana wore their graduation uniforms. A forest green coat over a white button up shirt, the coat had big gold buttons holding it together. Some pins were attached to the coat. Little green hats were atop their heads. Even with the hats on, she could see Puck's mowhawk gone and Santana's hair was in a braid and a tight bun.

Brittany screamed, loud.

Her roommates came running out of the one room in the apartment to see Brittany launch her self at Santana who caught her with ease. Brittany's legs wrapped around her waist and she kissed her face all over, knocking her hat off. Santana held her up and kissed back just as feverously.

"Santana…Don't…Ever…Leave…Like…That…Again!" She demanded in between kisses.

"I'll…try….not…to baby… I'll try…not to." She managed to get in. Puck hugged Rachel and Quinn so his lesbro could get her girl. Brittany eventually was content to rest her forehead on Santana's.

"Hey." Santana whispered.

"Hey." Brittany giggled.

It was great. Puck and Santana were home.

Santana took Brittany on a few dates. Made fun of Quinn and Rachel on a constant basis, but it was more playful and teasing then back in high school.

Santana and Puck were still Santana and Puck. They were still goofballs that loved to make sexual innuendos, still loved to play video games, still loved to wrestle. But there was something different about them. They were always up at five. Before, you were lucky if they were up by ten. They had weird routines that they both followed.

The three roommates assumed their two soldier friends picked it up from training. They were willing to let it slide as it didn't affect them. All in all, they were nearly the same as in high school.

And then, one day, they remembered why they were slightly different.

It was a normal day in January.

A cool breeze blew in from the window, snow could be seen from below, kids laughed from a park across the street, drivers honked angrily, but something was off.

Brittany could tell as she, Quinn, and Rachel came back from the grocery store. It was something she felt deep within her stomach. And she told her friends so.

"I feel it too." Rachel commented. Quinn looked at her, something akin to hurt on her features.

"Why didn't you say something?"

"I thought I was just being silly. Nothing has happened yet, so maybe it's nothing." She shrugged and walked down their hall and into their apartment. There the air was thick and tense. Puck and Santana sat on the couch, letters in both of their hands.

"San…?" Brittany asked, stepping forward. "What's wrong?" She asked again, seeing the identical looks on their tan faces.

"B…" And that one letter said it all.

"No." She backed up. Santana stood and took a step.


"No!" The blonde ran to her room and slammed the door. Santana sighed and followed her. Quinn and Rachel turned to Puck once Santana got through the door.

"What-?" Rachel started, but Puck cut her off.

"We got letters." He said, his eyes dark. "We're being deployed tomorrow morning."

Brittany refused to look at her, to talk to her, to let her touch her. Santana didn't stop trying, to her credit. The next morning, dressed in their camouflage and their backpacks on their backs, they stood in the airport line for baggage with their three friends and other army people with their family.

"Guess this is it." Puck said, hugging all three girls. Santana hugged Rachel and Quinn, before stopping at Brittany.

"Can I at least have a hug?" She asked softly, holding her arms out. Brittany crossed hers and stepped back, away from the Latina.

"Oh." She dropped her arms and smiled weakly. "Bye then."

"Be safe." Quinn said again, as she did before, and as she always would whenever they were deployed.

"Of course." The two soldiers walked away.

"Why won't you talk to her? Or at least give her a hug good-bye?" Quinn asked, holding her girlfriend's hand.

"It'll hurt too much because she's leaving."

"It'll hurt more if she never comes back and your last action was one of rejection." The Jewish diva told her softly.

And she was right.

Everyday Brittany felt more and more guilty about not hugging her friend (girlfriend?). Santana and Puck still wrote when they could, telling them it was bad, really bad, but they were holding their own. They told them when they were coming home, in January, a year after they left.

It was two weeks before they were scheduled to come back. Just two weeks.

Brittany was just getting out of class when Rachel rushed up to her, completely out of breath and panting to get some air into her lungs. Brittany pat her back. "Are you okay?"

"You mean…you didn't hear? Ms. Puckerman didn't…call you?" The smaller girl panted. At the mention of Puck's Mom, Brittany became confused.

"Why would she call me?"

"Noah and Santana, they were hurt. I don't know how." She quickly said when Brittany's mouth opened. "Ms. Puckerman is Santana and Noah's emergency contact. When they were hurt, she was called for both of them."

"Where are they? Do you know? Does she know?" They started to walk fast to the exit of the school.

"They're another country's hospital. I'm not sure which one, she didn't ask. As soon as they're well enough, Noah and Santana are going to be flown back to the States."

They waited five weeks.

Five agonizing weeks. They couldn't get any news on their friends, none what so ever. They took time off school, but had to go back after the first week. Everyday they would call Puck's Mom, Mary, to find out she knew nothing. So it was no surprise they were completely excited when they got news that Puck and Santana were being transferred to Keller Army Community Hospital in West Point, New York, only an hour and ten minutes away from where Brittany, Quinn, and Rachel were living.

They promised Mary that they'd go there and sit with them until she got there and give her updates on both of her 'children', as she now referred to Santana as. When the girls entered their room, thankfully they got roomed together and they finally got a good look at how bad the injuries were.