Title: Come Home
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Rating: T
Spoilers: Nope.
Summary: When there were nods all around the room, she continued. "Puck and I joined the army." She stopped, waiting for the explosion that was sure to happen. Army!Santana Two-shot. Brittana, Faberry.
Author's Note: I always wanted to write this, but never got around to it, well, here it is. Enjoy. P.S. if anyone wants to draw some scenes in this, I would love that because it'd be so cool, my deviantart account is on my fanfiction profile page.
Also, I know nothing about the Army, I'm just kinda going off Google and what my family knows about the military. But they don't really explain things well to me, so…Sorry about all inaccurate information…
Disclaimer: I do not own this, I swear!

Rhythmic beeping could be heard as they walked into the room. It was smooth and steady; a heart beat in all working order, nothing to worry about. They could also hear Santana and Puck arguing

"Just one."


"Please?" Puck pleaded and from his voice they could tell he was pouting.

"No." Her tone was firm and absolute.

"What if I just-" There was a clicking sound, something like a camera shutter and Santana yelled at him.

"If you even send that, so help me Puckerman, you'll wish you were back there!"

The trio decided this was a good time to walk in, to stop them from causing any further damage. Both occupants of the room stopped and turned to look at who moved the curtain hiding the door from their sight.

Puck was in his bed, his foot up in a cast up to his knee, his right arm was wrapped in tight white bandages, he had cuts and bruises all over him, as did Santana. She had her left arm in a sling and the girls could see a long cut that was stitched up going from the middle of her left temple to her left jaw line, something that would surly scar.

"Britt…" Santana whispered. Brittany noticed the Latina's hair was cut short. Short like Quinn back in high school.

"What happened to your hair?" Quinn asked, knowing how much the other girl loved her hair. Santana brought up her right, IV covered hand and ran her hand from the base of her hair to the short, abrupt ends.

"In the explosion, it was singed." She grimaced.

Rachel stepped up and was the first to hug Santana. "It looks wonderful." She moved on to Puck to hug him as well. Quinn did the same, but Brittany stayed where she was.

"Explosion? I thought you were going to stay safe?" Quinn joked, poking Santana in the ribs. She winced and flinched away. "Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't even think-"

"It's fine," The Latina breathed.

"What happened anyway?" Rachel asked, trying to get some information on what happened to her two friends. Santana glanced at the dancer in the room before looking back at Rachel.

"We were in our humvee and it hit a well placed landmine." Santana recounted.

"Was everyone okay?" Quinn asked, concerned. Santana shrugged, looking down.

"San and I were the only ones to survive." Puck filled in. "We were sitting in the back and flew out the back of the humvee."

"What's wrong with you?" Rachel asked. "Medical wise." She clarified

"Um," Puck looked around, gazing at his body, trying to remember. "Broken leg, seven broken ribs, two on the left, five on the right, burns on my chest, severe cuts on my right arm, slight concussion, I think that's it." He poked a bruise on his cheek. "And cuts and bruises." He added.

The girls turned to Santana to get her list as well. "Dislocated my left shoulder and fractured my left wrist, several bruised ribs, four broken, all on the left side, burns on my right side, cut on my face from shrapnel, and my hair is gone." She pouted, grabbing her short locks again. Quinn, Rachel, and Puck started to laugh, but stopped at Brittany finally speaking.

"That's what you're worried about? Your hair?" She shouted at Santana, her fists clenched at her sides. "I had no idea what happened to you, no idea how bad your injuries were, and you tell us you were the only two to survive and you are worried about your hair?" Brittany had tears streaming down her face as she screamed at her soldier.


"No, you don't get to 'Britt' me, I was worried-" Santana cut her off.

"Yeah? So was I. Puck and I only just got to see each other when we were being transferred here. I had no idea if he was okay. And then I get here, not knowing if you're going to come because you would barely speak to me when I left and never returned my letters or talked to me when I called." She spoke coolly, her voice never wavering.

"I was scared." Brittany whispered, stepping forward. "Scared that I would lose you, scared that you'd leave me behind and I didn't want to let you get any closer, incase you died out there." When Brittany was within reaching distance, Santana grabbed her with her right, working hand and pulled her closer.

"Marry me." The room was silent, shocked with her words.

"What?" Brittany stammered. Santana laced their fingers together.

"Marry me. That way you'll know I'll always come back. I'll be forever tied to you. I wouldn't leave you forever, I will always come back, no matter what." She told her best friend, her voice soft and raspy like it usually was.

"I…I…" Brittany couldn't formulate words. Santana kissed her knuckles.

"You don't have to give me an answer now, just think about it."

"I don't want you to marry me to convince me that you won't die; I want you to marry me because you love me." The tall blonde told her. The look on Santana's face would have been laughable had it been with someone else and not during this conversation.

"You think I don't love you?" She questioned. "Brittany, I love you more than my own life. As long as I live, even when I die, I will love you."

"Yeah?" Brittany sniffled. She knew the woman in the bed loved her, though she rarely said it, it just made it sweeter when she did say it. And after that… "Right now. Yes, let's get married right now."

"Right now?"

"Right now."

"I know a guy," Rachel spoke up, her phone in hand. "I can get him here to get papers signed. If you want…?" Santana continued to stare at Brittany before nodding to Rachel.

"Get him here Barry."

And they got married.

Mary squealed and hugged Brittany, welcoming her to the family when she got there. The news spread like wild fire, all former Gleeks texting Brittany with well wishes, even a text from Artie. Puck and Santana were in the hospital for a few more weeks and when they were released, Santana and Brittany took a week to celebrate being Wife and Wife.

It was an easy transition, surprisingly.

When they were all healed, the President invited the two soldiers and their family for them to receive a Purple Heart for being wounded by the landmine. Noah Puckerman and Santana Lopez took them with the greatest respect and blushed at the applause they received. With the lines of 'We're just doing our jobs.', they left, going home and letting Rachel frame their medals.

Eventually they had to go back and Brittany, while still not liking it, kissed her wife full on the mouth to show her she was still going to be waiting.

"I'll miss you Sanny." Brittany whispered like the first time.

"I'll call, write, video chat, whenever I can, I promise." She kissed Brittany's lips and then her forehead tenderly. She pulled away.

"Bye Britt-Britt."

"Be safe." Quinn called to them. Santana and Puck laughed and started walking backwards.

"Are you always going to say that when we leave?" Puck asked her, while Santana raised her eye brow in agreement, her facial scar moving slightly up as well.

"Everytime." They rolled their eyes and turned to leave.

"I love you Santana!" Brittany called, not caring about the few looks of disgust that shot her way. The Latina stopped and turned. Puck stopped a few feet ahead of her and looked back also.

"I love you more Brittany Lopez, and don't you forget it." She smirked and the two were gone.

She came home a year later, Puck too. On time and no life threatening injuries. This went on for a few more years and they all turned twenty six. Santana casually brought up having a baby with Brittany.

"We're getting old." Santana commented, doing the dishes, while Brittany put left-overs away in their fridge of their house that they bought two years ago.

"We're getting comfortable." Brittany corrected her, moving stuff around in the fridge to fit in the tupperware container that held mash potatoes.

"Maybe we should have a kid." When silence met her, Santana turned around to see Brittany staring at her, mouth agape. "What?"

"You want kids? But all growing up, you told me that you didn't want kids." The Latina shrugged.

"Yeah, but when I was younger, I also told you I wanted to be a dragon when I was older. Things change, people change." She turned off the water and dried her hands. She crossed her arms and leaned against counter, waiting for her wife to answer.

"How long?" Brittany asked, shutting the fridge and putting the mash potatoes on the counter.

"How long what?"

"Have you wanted kids?"

"Oh…Since you agreed to marry me." Brittany crossed the room and crushed her lips against Santana's. Clothes came off fast and later they rested on the kitchen floor, using the sweat jacket Santana was wearing as a pillow.

The air was heavy with the smell of sex and both women were breathing heavily. Santana rested her head on Brittany's chest, subconsciously drawing patterns on her abs. Brittany closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of her wife's touch.

"Yes." Santana stopped and Brittany groaned at the lack of simulation.

"Yes to…having a kid?"

"Yes." They made love on that kitchen floor, not moving until that morning, only to go to the bedroom and continued to make love all day long.

Brittany was the one to get pregnant, but she insisted on using Santana's egg, as to have a piece of Santana close when she was over seas. Santana was, luckily enough, home for the birth. They named him Javan Klaas Lopez. Javan, pronounced Jay-van, was Latin for Angel of Greece and was Santana's favorite. Klaas was Dutch for Victory of the People.

He was everything close to perfect and Santana had no shame to say she cried when he was born and she cried every time she was deployed.

Santana Lopez was deployed when Brittany Lopez received the letter in their New York home that McKinley High School was having a reunion. She packed for her and Javan and they flew to Lima, Ohio, the home town of the Gleeks went straight to Puck's Mom, Javan's paternal Grandmother, before finding a hotel to set them up.

"Mommie?" Brittany shook her head and turned to find her six year old wrapped awkwardly in a huge towel to dry him self.

"C'mere, let's get you ready." He moved over to the bed, where his Mommie laid out his clothes.

"I'm gunna meet your friends?" He asked, letting Brittany take hold of the towel to help rub the left over water spots.

"Yes, the ones I was in Glee with." She told him.

"Is Uncle Puck gunna be there?" He took the Spiderman underwear she gave him and put on.

"Yes. So are Aunts Quinn and Rachel." She helped him into nice dress pants.

"Do I gets to meet Mercedes and Kurt? The ones Mami talks to?" He held out his arms and she slid the short sleeve, red button down shirt on him.

"It's get, not gets, and yes, you will finally meet them." She sat him on the bed to put his shoes and socks on.

"Mami says gets. What about Frankenteen?" Javan squished his face at the mention of his Mami, Aunt Quinn, and Aunt Rachel's less than favorite person.

"His name is Finn and yes, we will meet him too. Everyone from Glee club, come on, let's go." She pat his head and grabbed her hand purse, checked to see if her key card was in it and grabbed her rental car keys and mother and son left.

The school looked exactly the same, so the blonde knew where everything was. She stepping into the gym and it looked like it did during their prom. Except everyone was older now. Twelve years older. She took survey of the room and when she saw someone she knew, she walked forward, tugging a little on her son's hand to get him moving.

"Mind if I join in?" Brittany asked. Mercedes, Tina, Lauren, and Kurt turned around and stared at her.

"Brittany?" Lauren asked, looking sort of surprised. The blonde smiled and did a half wave.

"It's me." All of them squealed, except Lauren, and group hugged her. Mercedes pulled away first.

"Where's Satan?" She looked around, trying to find her.

"Deployed." She said simply.

Lauren's face showed her confusion. "Deployed?"

"You don't know?" Brittany asked.

"Mami is in the army." Javan spoke up. Four sets of eyes landed on him.

"Is this him?" Tina asked, crouching down.

"Yes," Brittany stood behind him with her hands on his shoulders. "This is Javan Klaas Lopez, mine and Santana's son."

Tina held out her hand. "I'm Tina Chang." He looked at his Mom, who gave a nod, then gripped her hand.


"That's a great handshake there, Javan." Tina commented.

"Mami taught me." He said proudly. Tina laughed lightly with a smile on her face.

"I'm Kurt Hummel." The man did as Tina did and stuck out his hand. Javan took it and did the same with Mercedes.

"Mercedes Jones-Evans."

"Oh, 'Cedes, I heard about you and Sam, how are you taking it?" Brittany asked, squeezing her friend's arm comfortingly.

"We've been separated for a long time now; divorce is just the next step." The black diva commented, blinking back tears that contradicted her tone and previous statement. "Let's move on to a different topic. When does Santana come home?" Brittany sighed.

"I don't know, and neither does she." Javan pat his Mom's hand. "I mean, she's been gone a year now. She missed all of Javan's kindergarten year, I just…want her home."

"Javan!" Puck came running, picked Javan up and tossed him in the air, catching him with ease.

"Uncle Puck!" The boy cried joyously. He didn't know that Puck was his biological father, but that didn't stop the boys from bonding closely.

"Puckerman." Lauren said civilly. Puck glanced at her.

"Zizes." She broke up with him the moment that Glee ended the day he announced he was joining the Army, claiming that she couldn't be scared every time he went to work. He understood that, doesn't mean he liked it.

"This is awkward." Kurt said flatly. Mercedes laughed and Tina nodded in agreement.

The rest of the evening went well; Javan met everyone from Glee and even Mr. Shue and he, much like his Mom, made friends with them all, except for Finn, who he immediately disliked. He was currently playing with Travis, Mercedes and Sam's seven year old son, and Mike and Tina's twins, five years old, Katie and Nick.

Brittany sat at the Glee table and talked with everyone she missed so much. Puck introduced his new girlfriend, a woman named Kourtney; he met her in Seattle, where he lives now. She found out Artie, Lauren, and Finn were still single and Finn never left Lima. Kurt told everyone how Blaine would be there if he wasn't on tour in France. Quinn and Rachel, who she saw almost everyday, announced that they, Rachel, was pregnant.

Brittany also ran into Sue, who was, surprisingly, mellow. She said her pleasantries, well Sue-like pleasantries. She found out Emma Pillsbury moved from Ohio nine years ago, to Connecticut. Dave Karofsky came up to her, asking where Santana was, then telling him to tell her to tell Santana how he finally came out and he owed it to her.

Finally sitting down by herself for a second was nice. She talked to a lot of people in the past two hours and needed time to regroup. Just then, Mr. Shue came on stage with a mic and waited until the crowd was silent.

"Hey guys, I know you want to get back to talking and catching up, but I want to bring up one of my former students, Brittany Lopez." The crowd started clapping as she blushed, and made her way up to the stage, a little confused. Now that she really looked, Puck stood up there too, right next to their old teacher. "Hey Brittany."

"Hi Mr. Shue, what's going on?" She looked at Puck, who only shrugged.

"I'm here to talk about two special people, but since Santana can't be here, I thought we'd talk to you Brittany, you and Santana are married."

"Oh, okay." Brittany smiled. Mr. Shue turned to the mic.

"If you didn't know, Santana Lopez couldn't be here because she's deployed right now. She's fighting and has been along side Noah Puckerman since they were eighteen, twelve years ago. They have been awarded the Purple Heart for being injured by a landmine years ago.

"Santana now is married to Brittany and has a little six year old boy named Javan, come up here too, right now." Javan let go of Quinn's hand and run up to the stage to stand next to his Mom. He took her hand in his little one. "This boy is her son." Mr. Shue said.

"Hi." Javan said quietly, waving to the adults.

"Brittany, how long has Santana been gone?"

"Eleven months and three days."

"And when does she come back?"

"We don't know."

"Do you miss her?"

"I can't even put it into words to describe me wanting her here right now." Brittany sniffled. Javan hugged his Mom's waist. "She's missed everything this year. Javan's kindergarten year, his new friends, his projects, his artwork, the only thing she hasn't missed is his birthday, but she doesn't know when she's coming back, so that isn't likely." She sighed. Mr. Shue bent down to Javan's level.


"Hi." He said again to the teacher.

"Is your birthday coming up?"


"What do you want for your birthday? A toy?"


"A bike?"


"Action figures?"


"Then what?"

"My Mami." He said honestly.

The women in the crowd teared up.

"That's all?" Mr. Shue asked.

"Yes, I miss her. I want her to come home."

"Well, she sent a video, for you and your Mom, do you want to watch it?"

"Can we Mommie? Can we?" Brittany gaped at the words and nodded wordlessly.

"Roll the tape." The lights darkened and on the wall behind him a video started to play.

"Is it on?" Santana asked, looking to someone behind the camera. It shook a little.

"Yes, just hurry up Lopez." A gruff voice said from behind the camera. Santana was dressed in army pants and a white shirt tucked into the pants. In the background, you could see other military personnel, and dirt, and humvees, and tents.

"Hey Britt-Britt, hey Javan. I know you're at the reunion, so hey everyone else too." She waved with a grin on her face. Some people waved back with laughs. "Hi Britt, I miss you, and I love you. I'm sorry about not being there for our anniversary, and your birthday, and Duck Day, I think about you and Javan everyday though, does that make up for it?

"Now, my main man, my Javan, my Mijo. I know you want me home, and I want to be home too kid, but I'm trying my best. I know you started school and I'm sorry I haven't been there. I really am. I'm going to be there from now on, I promise. I love you Javan, I always will. I'll be home soon Mijo.

"I love you both and I hope to see you soon!" Santana blew a kiss to them and the camera shut off.

Brittany was silently crying, and Javan was wiping his eyes to make sure they were clear of tears. Puck rubbed both their backs. Mr. Shue cleared his throat and the Lopez's looked at him.

"How're you feeling?" He asked softly.

She rubbed her eyes and put her hand on Javan's head. "Happy, I haven't seen her in a long time. Their webcam broke a few months ago and seeing her makes everything okay, it shows that she's really okay like she says she is." Everyone started to clap suddenly and hoot and holler. Puck backed away from the Lopez's and they looked at him weird, wondering what he was doing.

Warm arms wrapped around Brittany from behind and instantly, she knew who it was. Brittany spun around and looked into the chocolate brown eyes of her wife. "Santana!" Brittany looped her arms around Santana's neck and pulled her in tight.

"Mami!" Javan screams and scaled her body to do the same thing his Mom was doing. Brittany was crying into her neck and Javan soon followed. She held them close, murmuring comforting nothings into their ears.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I welcome home from over seas, Sergeant Santana Lopez, here to be with her family!" Mr. Shue yelled, clapping as well. People started standing and clapping, yelling louder. Brittany pulled away, laughing, wiping her eyes to rid them of tears.

She didn't move far from her wife, her body was still touching every part of her that she could. Javan wouldn't let go, so Santana adjusted him to make both of them more comfortable. Santana stood there in her Sergeant Woman's Uniform, a pant suit of Army green with her hair out, kept manageably short since the explosion.

Her face still had the scar down the side of it, it never really went away. It was a few shades lighter than the rest of her skin tone, which made it stand out on her face. It never really bothered them. 'Scars are sexy' Santana shrugged whenever asked about it.

"Hi Baby." Santana whispered with a smile on her face.

"How are you home?" Brittany closed her eyes and rested her forehead on her wife's.

"Honorable discharge." The blonde raised her head and opened her eyes, holding hope, but not wanting to jump to conclusions.


"I'm free. No more. No more deployment. No more missing important things. Now I'm home Baby, I'm home for good." Brittany surged forward and caught Santana's lips with her own. Santana's right hand ran up Brittany's back and went to her neck to hold her there.

After a moment they rested their foreheads against each other.

"Mami?" Santana turned her head to look at her son. He had grown so much since she had last seen him.

"Yeah, Mijo?"

"Are you home now?"

"Yeah Mijo, I'm home from now on."

"Then I got my birthday present!"

The End