Full Summary-

Isabella Swan is hanging on by a string. Seventeen years old and a hard-working, blunt smoking, Bella , is trying her hardest to get out of small town Forks by dedicating herself to school and work. With her re-married father no longer present in her life, and a flighty mother thousands of miles away, she has only few friends and new step-siblings and a step-mother that have taken away the relationship with her father she once barely had.

Edward Masen, eighteen, and a seemingly bad boy, moves into town and takes Isabella's life for a spin. When they quickly fall into a fast blissful romance during the end of a school year and during the summer, what happens when Edward has plans of his own not to stay in Forks with his mother and her new husband? Will he decide to follow his dreams to Juilliard and leave behind the girl he loves that is barely hanging on?

There is one thing I want to touch base on with this summary. Charlie is going to be somewhat of a jerk in this story, but Bella's step-mother and siblings will not be all like that. As you read the story, you will get the idea of it, I promise!

Edward and Bella's relationship will progress quickly and they will become a couple early on in the story. I know that gives it away, but I just wanted to forewarn because it won't be a story where I drag it out. But here's a warning, you will be drowning in fluff for awhile.

I don't imagine this story being longer than 30 chapters, but I don't know for sure how long it will be.

This story is rated M for drug use, depression with characters, alcohol use, strong language sexual situations- I will not be writing descriptive lemons that go into detail, that's not something I am thinking about doing for this story right now. Most of the sexual situations will be suggestive and descriptive in other ways. To get to the point; If you are looking for hardcore lemons, then this won't satisfy you.

So, yeah, here is the first chapter!

Disclaimer- S. Meyer owns all things Twilight.

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As a child, life is perfect, at least, pretty close to it. Mine was. Especially when you have parents that are both together, happily married and perfectly content with what they have. I was an only child, my mother, Renee, and my father, Charlie and I lived in a small town in Washington known as Forks. It's not commonly known, probably because our population doesn't even reach four thousand and it's an all around boring town. In order to do anything remotely fun you have to go to Port Angeles or Seattle, both of which range from being two to three hours away.

I still had a love for Forks when I was a kid though, it was fine for me. My life had basically been completely charmed. That was up until I was fourteen years old.

It was the summer before high school started when things went haywire, and my life had completely did a three sixty and turned upside down.

The day started out good, actually, it was a great day. The sun was shining brightly through my bedroom window, and I got up with a huge smile. Forks probably got sun three times a year, and that wouldn't even be an exaggeration. It was always raining or cloudy around here, and especially with the sun shining in summer, we were definitely heading to the beach.

My best friend, Angela, and her family were going to La Push Beach along with Angela's younger twin brothers. I'd packed up all my beach gear, put on my suit and was ready for a great day. My mom had made me my favorite breakfast before I left, waffles with bacon, and fresh strawberries on the side with a sprinkle of powder sugar.

We spent the entire afternoon in the sand, in the water, and laying out tanning. It was a really fun day and we had a great time. Her parents were really nice, and I'd basically grown up with Angela so they knew me well. Everyone in Forks really knew each other, because it was just a small town and everyone was friendly and nice to everybody, for the most part.

That day when we headed back from the beach we got to Angela's and her dad grilled up some burgers and hotdogs, it was around six in the evening. Her mom also prepared a salad and we all ate outside around their bonfire pit. It was around seven that Angela and her dad dropped me off at my house. With promises to call Angela tomorrow, I headed into my house and immediately knew something was going on. It was quiet, the house almost felt...cold, and not in the sense of getting goose bumps, in a way that it didn't feel homey.

I saw my parents sitting at the kitchen at the table, they looked stern, serious. It was unfamiliar to me; they always were smiling and happy around me. At that moment the warm feeling of home was just gone.

My parents sat me down that night and told me that they were getting a divorce. They weren't happy together, they said.

I'd never seen it coming.

They'd never fought in front of me, maybe a tiny argument about something stupid here and there, but nothing that alerted me of anything close to separating. It was a complete and total shock and I remembered not saying one word, and I had just left the room and ran upstairs, not believing that it had been happening.

The worse part of it all, was knowing that I had to pick. I would have either gone with my mother, or stayed here with my father. They made the choice themselves in the end, though, I didn't have to make the choice, and I was staying here in Forks. I was fourteen at the time, and I was a girl, it was a big changing period for me. I needed my mom the most then.

I found out that she was going to Phoenix, and that she already had arrangements for where she was going to live and what-not. The day she walked out of the front door was probably the worst, because I knew that once she did, it won't be the same as when she says she will visit.

It all happened so fast, and it was an awful time for both my father and I.

At first, I was sad, and I felt alone. But it wasn't long until the pure anger set in.

My father had a full time job working as Chief Police of the town of Forks, and a lot of the time I was alone at home. We had barely ever talked after she left; only spoke a word when we absolutely had to. At first, I understood. We had bills to pay, and I tried to help out as much as I could. My father was also grieving, but at the same time; so was I. Nothing ever made a difference though even if I tried talking to him. He was gone, I made dinner for myself, and the relationship that we had wasn't even anything I could call a relationship anymore.

I understood he was upset over the divorce. I didn't understand why he shut me out completely. He never bothered to look at me anymore, I think at one point it was because I looked like my mother and he hated the reminder of her. He started working late shifts, pulling doubles and was maybe home for a few hours every three days. It was like he was purposely avoiding me.

Right after I turned fifteen, that's when I noticed my dad spending more time at home, with a woman named Sue Clearwater, who lived on the reservation in La Push. I'd never seen her once around there. She was a widow as of five years when she lost her husband, Harry, to a spontaneous heart attack I'd found out.

That's when I was angry the most. I rebelled a lot against my dad, and I really had gotten myself into the wrong crowd at that point. I was angry that he started spending more time with her then me when he had time off, and that he paid more attention to her. When I would attempt to offer going fishing with him, he would say he was going out on a date with Sue afterwards. It hurt me, a lot. He had absolutely no interest in me, and he made that very clear in his actions and the way he ignored me

What had made it worse was that it had barely been four months since my parent's divorce. A big part of me was upset with him because of that. Maybe it was because he was able to move on so fast, and I was still broken. One thing was for sure, I was upset that he opted to find comfort in Sue, and never said a word to me. It was like I didn't exist to him. Whenever we spoke, it was always something that turned into a conflict or an accusation of something. He was hostile towards me after Sue came around

That's when I got into James' crowd, and I willingly staring getting into smoking and doing pot, drifting away from Angela and Jess, who were my really great friends and always have been. I'd go over after school and James and I would smoke joints in his basement.

At one point I hung out with his friends and got more into a party scene, and I also was almost pulled into sex with some of his other guy friends when I was coming around more often. I honestly could only blame myself. A lot of his friends I started fooling around with, but when one of them thought I wanted to resort to sex; I realized that I had to fucking stop that. That didn't stop me from getting completely high and drunk off my ass completely though.

James is two years older than me, and in the beginning, he showed a lot of interest in me. We've never done anything together, he's a really cool guy and I now think of him like my brother. He kept me away from his friends after that entire ordeal with one of his buddies. James and I just started doing pot alone. He actually was the one person who looked out for me at that time, and still does to this day. I realized what a great friend when we spent more time alone together.

I keep up the smoking pot still. It gets rid of the constant edge I always feel. I needed something to help me. Although my dad never found out about that, at this point, I don't think he would care all that much.

One careless day though, my dad caught me smoking a cigarette outside the house when he got home early from work, I was fifteen. I was unable to escape quick enough, he saw me put it out and knew immediately what it was. It also the same day when James' older brother Felix had pierced the right side of my bottom lip. I was grounded for three months after those two stunts, and I'd never seen my dad so completely angry at me.

The first thing that came to mind was that at least he actually paid attention to me in some way. I had gotten in trouble, but at least he noticed me for the first time in so many months.

We had sat down and tried talking about it, more like I sat and he yelled. I yelled at him, too. I said a few shitty things about what I thought of him being with Sue. I screamed at him for loving her more than me, because he ignored me. He told me that I was only ending up like a screw up like my mother had. I told him that it was his fault. Sue ended up breaking up the fight that night. He apologized for what he'd said to me later, but nothing changed.

The entire conflict was strained. Both of us very obviously didn't get each other anymore, and didn't care to change that. I'd changed since the divorce, and my father wanted to move on from Renee, but with me around; I was a constant reminder of their failed marriage. He didn't understand how awful that made me feel as a person. I would have never thought in a million years this would have happened after the divorce, if anything I thought maybe we would be closer and spend more time together.

It was a few days later that I had found out that my father and Sue were getting married in the spring. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I realized that I'd finally lost my entire relationship with my father, or at least what was left of it. He was moving on in a big sense. The only ties that binded us was that I was his biological daughter and I lived with him; that was about as far as it went.

I finally realized that he was happy with the way things were. It didn't matter anymore, and I had given up on trying to mend things with my father. He didn't care anymore about me, and he was moving on with Sue. He was getting married and that was the end of it.

I was introduced to Sue's kids, Seth, Jake and Leah, and then my father and Sue were married the spring before I turned sixteen and entered my sophomore year of high school. Sue was actually very nice, and I knew she saw how Charlie and I were from the beginning. Many times she would sit down and talk to me in the beginning of their relationship and try to stop the constant sobs and nightmares I had in the middle of the night. As time has gone on, Sue barely talks to me. Seth, Jake and Leah are basically like my replacements when it comes to my father. He treats them like he used to treat me; with love, caring and compassion.

I could tell my dad was happy again and that he loved her. I accepted it because Sue was honestly nice. I couldn't be upset. But the hurt that I felt never went away. Angela, Jess and Ben were there for me a lot, and so was James. They were the only ones I had.

It's been over a year now since Sue and her kids entered our broken family. I'm already seventeen, a junior in high school and trying my hardest to get out of here.

Leah is a year younger than me, sixteen, and is a sophomore. She is really nice, always has been towards me and really pretty. Her hair goes down to her shoulders and is a deep dark brown, and she has a naturally tan complexion. She is slim, and probably about an inch shorter than me, standing at five foot three.

Seth is twelve, and completely a sweetheart. His hair is a shaggy light brown and he is basically usual for a twelve year old in size and height. He's always been such a good kid from the start, always respecting me.

Then there was Jake, he is fourteen now, and basically a huge troublemaker at times. When I first met him, he was around thirteen. Jake is almost taller than me, short spiky black hair that is almost darker than Sue's, and brown eyes. We don't exactly talk much, Jake is a little resentful towards his mother's new marriage. I understood.

Leah's Birthday was February 4th, and she turned sixteen this year. Jake's Birthday is July 19th, and he will be turning fifteen later this year. And Seth's Birthday is August 1st, and he will be thirteen later this year.

When our parents got married we, of course, decided to stay in our current house here in Forks; I at least was happy about something. It was definitely tight at first, but some changes to the house were made. There was a smaller room across the hall from mine that was storage for many years, and we had packed it up in boxes, put it in the attic and that became Seth and Jake's room for the time being.

My dad had decided to renovate our basement. It wasn't dirty or filled with boxes like most basements one would think. It was built with three additional bedrooms that Charlie did himself. He had gotten carpet down in the entire space and three rooms and a bathroom were installed down there for Leah and Jake who are now down there in their own bedrooms. We also had a guest bedroom set up down there if any friends stayed over, or just in case it was needed. Phil and my mother use it when they stay here for the holidays they spend here.

Leah and I shared a room for about a month, and we got along okay, but I liked my own space, it was clear. Leah actually thought it was fun, but it was hell for me. I hated walking into my room and hearing her bubblegum pop music, it was annoyed to say in the least. Her Britney, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Pussycat Dolls posters were off the wall within an hour of her basement room done.

We are really different; she is more preppy and girly than I am. I am definitely a little more dark and toned down. Also very much personality wise, I'm calm, collected and quiet, and Leah can be all over the place bouncing around and giggling. She is a very bubbly person, one that is hard to bring down. A complete social butterfly that texts between classes and does homework last minute.

I am, and always have been, very dedicated to my school work. I want to be able to get a scholarship into any school I want to attend, and if I don't get a scholarship, I have money I am putting away for myself. I knew that my father at one point had a fund for college put away for me, but who the hell knows what happened to that. I work hard mostly because I want to be able to graduate early.

I still get along with Sue for the most part, I think she feels sympathetic towards me, and I knew that Seth didn't really understand my relationship, or non-relationship, with my dad. Leah never said anything about it or questions it. It is what it is, that's all. Jake is generally quiet and keeps to himself. He's kind of like me.

As I headed downstairs after getting dressed for school, I saw breakfast already made and my dad was sitting at the table with scrambled eggs and coffee. I grabbed myself a cup of coffee, pouring myself a big steaming glass. I'd only gotten three hours of sleep last night, so I needed something to keep me up.

Sue said a quiet 'hello' to me, and I replied back quietly. She was always polite and nice to me, and I was the same towards her. Yes, we never actually talk, but I still knew she was a nice person.

As of right now my own mother is living in Jacksonville, Florida, much farther away then she used to in Arizona. As of recently she has re-married to a major league baseball player who is thirty years old. I wasn't surprised that my mother picked someone younger.

He was definitely a young one, considering my mother's age, but that was my mom for you. Phil is alright. He is a bit finicky, and uptight, but whatever made my mother happy was alright with me. Phil definitely doesn't get along well with my dad. With Phil on the Marlins baseball team, and my father a diehard Mariners fan they clash a lot not only baseball wise, but Phil is very different from Charlie.

My mother knows how my father treats me, and on some of her visits I've heard them talk about it. The conversation always ends with Charlie telling her to drop it. Even though my mother is flighty and not very often around, I knew that she felt awful about how everything worked out with Charlie and I, and she tries to make up for it.

I was okay with it though. Once I graduated I would be gone. Until then; I was hanging on a string.

I flicked my lip ring with my tongue. I had only gotten two piercings since my lip ring, which are two on my left cartilage. Recently I'd been thinking about a tongue ring. I had connections to get it done but I hadn't decided if I wanted to go through with it.

For a short amount of time around the time my father had gotten remarried, I had stopped smoking cigarettes. I took it back up in my sophomore year when I started hanging out with James more often. Charlie never says anything when he sees me smoking outside. After all, he doesn't care what I do anymore. He doesn't care when I come home at five in the morning, or when I don't come home at all.

I still smoke blunts with James, which is something Charlie doesn't know. It's not like I would be smoking marijuana outside of the house anyways. I may be careless about everything that goes on around my house, but I knew that it wouldn't be right.

James get's my situation, and usually we will have a blunt in his van or at his house. He doesn't do cocaine, or any heavy drugs. I knew that if he was into all of that shit I wouldn't be hanging around him. But he is still a drug dealer, despite it all.

Of course, smoking pot isn't great for someone, but it's not a big deal. It makes me feel like the stress of everything just falls right off my shoulders, and I can relax and focus on feeling good. Nothing else matters. I forget about everything going on at my home life, and the stress of working hard to get out of here.

Even though I still smoke pot sometimes, I am still friends with Angela and Jess, along with Angela's boyfriend Ben. For awhile I was distant from my friends at school, but eventually I started talking to them again, apologizing for my actions. They don't know I still do pot, I'd told them I have, but not that I do it now. I didn't want to risk anybody knowing and letting it slip. I am not out of control with it; obviously my friends would know if I got high at school, I do it responsibly at least

With a deep sigh I took a last swig of coffee, and somewhat listened to Sue and my father's quiet muttering near the kitchen table.

Today I was dressed in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that were tight on my skinny legs, Angela would call them scrawny. My shirt was a tank top that crossed in the back, and white with a cool grey design on the front. I had my hair down straight in its usual choppy style but somewhat pulled back with bobby pins, and I had on a pair of black flats that had silver studs on top of them. My makeup was just simple dark silver that kind of sparkled, with black eyeliner on the top and bottom, a little thick as usual. I had on some foundation for my deathly white skin, making me look somewhat alive, and a little bit of special makeup powder under my eyes to cover the purple under my eyes from only three hours of sleep last night. Of course the beginning of the week started out with me tired. I finished off my outfit with my red chain heart necklace, leather jacket with silver studs and black school bag/satchel.

It's April 2nd today; Monday.

Apparently starting this week were three new kids that have just recently moved here from Chicago, and ironically, James does know them. The last name I recall is Cullen, James has said it a few times in passing. When there are new kids coming to school, generally it's the biggest news ever at Forks. It's a big deal to everybody. I don't understand the fuss. Then again, nothing exciting ever happens so Forks looks for any reason to be excited.

When James was around fourteen years old, he was uprooted from Chicago and moved here with his family. He actually was best friends with one of them, to which I can't remember the name for the life of me, but I think it's something kind of old school and not heard much of these days.

I've heard around that their father is a surgeon, and I wondered why they decided to move here, must have been a good promotion at the hospital or some shit, because I would definitely not choose to move here myself, it must suck for their kids to go from a big city of Chicago to a small town Forks I imagined.

James had told me that his friend was a senior, as was his brother and younger sister who is a sophomore. I wondered how the brothers were both same grade. James never mentioned them being twins, or a merged family possibly? Adopted?

Realizing that I was analyzing shit that probably isn't my business, I finished my coffee and put the empty mug in the dishwasher, and grabbed the keys to my old dark blue Chevy. I had gotten it from Billy Black, one of my dad's good fishing friends on the reservation, he'd been giving it away a few months ago and my dad got it for me. It was the only nice gesture he'd done for me, but I think he did it because of how Sue had to always drop me off at work and pick me up. I had re-painted the old thing and fixed up the leather and it was my baby. It ran a little bit slow, but I was cool with it.

Leah and Jake were already gone, and had taken the seven fifteen bus. Seth was gone by seven twenty on the junior high bus. Generally they leave for school earliest they can to hang out with friends or some shit.

I walked out of the kitchen without a word and went outside to my car. I started it up and headed to Forks High School, ready to begin another week. Next week was Spring Break, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. Hopefully I would spend most of my time with my friends instead of at home. The air was chill, and it was not raining, but of course cloudy. I pulled into the parking lot five minutes later and parked in my usual space and stepped out of the car.

I noticed the new kids immediately; they were very hard to miss when people were flocking towards them like moths to a flame. Two new shiny cars in the lot really showed that they had money. There was a huge black hummer that was really fucking shiny and state of the air, and a shiny silver Volvo parked right next to it, it looked brand new and perfectly waxed. The three of them were standing somewhat together, talking to students who were probably introducing themselves. I saw Jessica Stanley there, a good friend of mine. She's really nice to everyone and all around friendly, so I have no doubt she would be talking to them and welcoming them to the school.

When I saw the huge burly man, I was shocked by his size, not in height, but the rest of him. He definitely worked out a lot, and his arms were like twice the size of my thighs, muscles straining against the sleeves of the t-shirt he wore. His hair was short, a buzz cut but it was obviously a really dark brown, and I could see hazel eyes, and dimples on his cheeks. He probably roughly stood at six feet tall, maybe six two at the tallest.

Next to him was a shorter girl, probably just reaching five feet, and she had the really dark brown hair, almost black, but it was in a pixie cut and stuck up in different directions perfectly. She looked very fashion forward with her clothing, a very updated wardrobe with the highest fashions. Her eyes I think were also brown from what I could tell. I grabbed my bag and slammed the door of my truck shut and stepped forward.

Then I saw what I imagined was the other Cullen son. I was star struck.

He was pretty tall; I am sure about three or four inches taller than his burly brother. I saw he was also like really skinny, his legs were very tall and thin, and he had a thin torso, but I could see a tad bit of muscle. His arms were long, too, and his fingers also long, and slim like the rest of him. He didn't look creepy or anything, he was definitely in proportion with his body, but he was just really lanky and skinny. I looked at his face and just about had a heart attack. He was beautiful, just damn beautiful. His face was perfectly angled and his jaw was a little narrow, a perfect nose, perfect cheekbones, and what I was shocked by was the brilliant emerald green his eyes were.

His hair was this odd bronze shade, and it was really different and cool. It stuck up and literally looked he rolled out of bed and ran his fingers through it. I liked the look.

I also took notice that on his right ear he had four cartilage, rim (or helix), piercings. On his lip he had a ring that went off towards the left on the bottom lip, and I noticed there was another next to it.


" Whoa, those are the Cullen's?" I heard Angela say from next to me.

" I think so." I said, half dazed.

" You are so going to go for the tall skinny one. Christ, he has like really small thighs, like the size of my bicep."

He was wearing skinny jeans; they were an ash kind of color and looked kind of tight, but not too tight. He had on a white v-neck shirt, it was fitted, and a black pea coat over it, he looked put together in a way, but with some kind of style of his own. His shoes were just flat black shoes that were probably van brand, but they weren't the usual chunky gym shoe one would picture, whole different style

" I couldn't be that damn lucky, let's go."

Angela laughed and I sighed and jogged up the stairs towards the front entrance of the school.

" Bella, watch out!"

Suddenly I felt myself crash into a hard body and I flew back on my ass on the step, smacking into Angela's legs and almost bringing her with me, except she was able to grab the railing. The concrete hurt like a bitch and I let out a painful grunt. When I looked up I saw the tall, skinny bronze haired boy standing there looking apologetic.

" Fuck, are you alright? I didn't mean to knock you on your ass." Even with the swearing, his voice was still the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

He stared at me with a weird expression. It was almost...Lust? I had no idea but he looked attracted to me in some way, his pupil's very dilated; either that or he was on something. Everything in the world seemed to just still as we watched each other. I didn't want to look away from those piercing green eyes. They captivated me.

I scraped my teeth against my lip ring and he reached out for my hand to help me. I grasped his hand and felt sparks shoot up my arm. He helped me up, dropped my hand, and I brushed my pants off with my hands

As I stood next to him, I saw that I was probably about a foot shorter than him.

" It's alright."

I would have a huge bruise on my ass. I knew it.

" Are you okay?" he asked.

I nodded, " Yeah, fine."

With another reassuring smile I gripped my bag and walked up the rest of the stairs, slightly embarrassed at my stupidity. Once Angela and I got inside of the school building, she grabbed onto my arm and gripped it tightly, leaning towards me to whisper in my ear quietly.

" He totally wanted to bang you."

I rolled my eyes at her. " Okay."

" You saw how he was looking at you. I bet it was the lip ring, probably turned him on."

" Sure, Ange."

" Oh, you saw it."

" He's a teenage guy. He'd go for anything with legs and a p-"

" Okay, I get it. But you should go for him. He's hot."

" Got to get to my locker before first period. See you at lunch." I stated, ending the conversation before it took off further.

" Aw, don't be mean. I love you, Bella."

I rolled my eyes once again at her and walked off towards my locker on the top floor. I walked up the stairs, slowly treading my way there down the halls. The school is kind of small, not that bad, but there really aren't many people around here anyways. Let's face it, this town will always be fucking small and in thirty years the population will still be under four thousand.

When I got to my locker I grabbed my books and headed off to my first class of the day: English Literature, which is also one of my favorite classes.

I always enjoyed this class, reading classic novels was something that I always loved. Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet. I couldn't get enough of them, and most of the books; I read over and over. Wuthering Heights has always been a personal favorite of mine; the spine on that book is probably the most worn out of all of them. I have a whole bunch of classics on my bedroom shelf, ones I've read for school, and ones just for fun. Most of them went into the same category. Generally I spend most of my time reading novels when I am at home. It keeps me busy, and keeps my mind from wandering.

Right now we are reading The Scarlet Letter, even if I have read it before I have no issues having to read it again and analyzing. Not that I have a fucking choice unless I want a zero. But I bet I could pass without even reading it again. I had this class with my other friend Jess, but with the already assigned seats as per usual, she was basically across the room in the front.

I sat next to stuck up, bleach blonde Tanya Denali. She has always been the schools biggest bitch, and personally, I hate her for my own reasons. I don't hate her because she is popular, and guys are all over her.

When we were in junior high her and her best friend, Rosalie Hale cornered me in the girl's bathroom once when I had been washing my hands.

Tanya held me down while Rosalie pulled a pocket knife to my wrist, threatening me with it. She said she was going to make it look like I had cut myself, as payback for something I had no idea she was talking about. I guess it was a good idea I wore my black docs because I kicked that girl in the knee so hard, and fucking elbowed Denali in her nose and ran out of there like a bat out of hell. They got suspended for four days because of that stunt, and it would be in their school file.

Bitches should have thought before messing with me.

I sat down in my seat and set my bag down on the table.

Tanya then came strutting in, wearing the shortest pink mini skirt I have ever seen, typical her. I could see her fucking thong strings on the side pulled up above her skirt, but hey, at least she had enough decency to even wear underwear. She had on a pair of red pointed toe shoes with a pointed heel that could kill a guy, and her shirt was white and very tight, a v-neck and a thick, pink leather that was pink around her waist. This was typical attire. Even in the rain and cold weather.

Mr. Berty walked in and all were silent then. We were watching parts of the Scarlet Letter, and it was really kind of boring compared to the book. What we read, we watched, not the entire thing through. It was clear if a student wasn't reading a book because a lot of the movies based off aren't all right, I guess it comes in handy

I watched the movie, or at least looked like it, and instead was reading the next assigned chapter underneath my desk. Once class was over I went off to Trig, and then World History, another one of my favorite classes. I enjoyed most History; it doesn't really bore me like other classes.

After that I had Spanish, next was my lunch period. I met Angela in the lunch room and we sat down at our usual table with Ben and Jess who were waiting for us. I grabbed an apple and made a small salad from the salad bar, and got a bottle of lemonade from the machine. When I sat down Angela had Ben next to her and they were giving each other all lovey dovey eyes.

" You guys are gross." Jess said.

" Oh, shush. Don't be so very obviously jealous, Jess."

I rolled my eyes and stabbed a cucumber with my fork. I speared it into my mouth and glared at her. I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket and I grabbed it and looked at the screen after opening the message.

Message from: James Grahm

Hey, my car ten minutes?

Got smokes and blunts.


Once I swallowed I took a swig of my lemonade. I quickly finished with my salad and apple, ignoring their stares as to why I was now in such an obvious hurry.

" Got a text, I'll see you guys later."

" What? Bella, come on not again." Jess whined as Angela shook her head at me.

" I'll spend tomorrows lunch with you, the entire time, I promise."

I headed towards the school parking lot for a quick smoke with James. His pitch black van was started up and running and I knocked on the side door before getting in. He was smoking a cigarette, leaning back against the inside walls of the car. His back of the van was a typical style; shag carpet and random pillows flittering around.

He handed me a cigarette and lit it for me. I took a deep drag and laid down on my back with a sigh.

" Hey, you." he said in his rough voice.

" Hey, thanks for this."

James smiled, " I saw you get knocked on your ass by Edward."

Edward! I knew his name was something like that. I kind of liked it; it was old school and classic.

I rolled my eyes, " Yeah."

" He came up to me and asked about you today. We have Algebra together."

" Cool. Must be nice to have a good friend around here, huh?"

" Yeah, he's really chill. I think you two would get along good. He's eighteen."

I looked at him skeptically and he nodded at me. " Well, what did he say about me?"

He put out my cigarette for me and passed me the blunt. Usually, I wouldn't do this at school but two drags wouldn't do anything. I took a hit and passed it to James, I felt slightly relaxed and I liked the feeling. I loved it.

" Wanted to know who you were."

" What'd you say?" I asked, taking the blunt again and taking another puff.

" Bella Swan; wild and freaky between the sheets."

I slapped his shoulder and laughed, leaning against a pillow and laughing at his stupidity. He was teasing me, I knew it. I took one last hit and handed it back over to him, wanting more but knowing this wasn't the place.

" Nah, I just told him that you were real cool and chill. Fun to hang out with, and can be hyper as all hell."

" Hyper as all hell? Really? You couldn't be more off target if you tried."

" You love me. And you can get that way when you're drunk off your ass.."

" You bet, I've got to go though. Can I?..."

I passed him a few twenties and he handed me a blunt he's already made. He was generous with me though, having no issue giving me one of his already rolled blunts for like sixty bucks. James has the really good shit, and usually his lowest price on a bag is like ninety for the smallest amount, but he's like my brother, and he cuts me a break.

He kissed my cheek and closed the van door, pulling his pants up that had fallen to almost halfway down his ass, exposing his purple boxers

" You need to get a belt." I teased him.

" Stop telling me shit I know, kiddo. I'll give you a call tonight where to meet me to grab your cigarette's, cool?"

" Mhm, wear a belt." I said, smacking his hip.

He rolled his eyes, and started heading towards the school. I went to my car real quick and stashed the blunt for later. Sometimes I loitered around the park by my house while I smoked it, but never in the house. I rarely smoked alone at all; James is usually there with me. I sprayed myself with some body spray, strawberry scented, and got out. I didn't want the smell on me.

When I shut my truck door I turned around and saw Edward Cullen standing many feet away from me against a silver Volvo, he was smoking a cigarette, and his eyes were on me. I grabbed my jacket and slipped it on and headed back towards the school, avoiding his gaze as I walked past him.

Suddenly I felt him walking up beside me, keeping similar pace as mine. When I got into the school, I headed to my locker and grabbed my Biology book. Then I was off to Mr. Malina's class and took my usual seat, the one next to me empty, as always. I set my bag down on the table and leaned forward against the table.

That's when he walked in.

Mr. Malina stood up from his desk and strode towards him, giving him a hand shake.

" Class, this is Edward Masen. He is a new student I expect you to be nice to him. Mr. Masen you can take a seat next to Miss. Swan over there."

Masen? I was suddenly very confused by this.

He sat next to me, and I still saw a hint of that look he'd been giving me before. I looked forward at the teacher, trying to ignore his gaze. He wasn't even ashamed to be staring at me. I flipped my book open like Mr. Malina requested, and we were all handed a sheet that goes with the section. He claimed to have paperwork to get together and for us to read it on our own.

I was actually in a Senior Biology class; I'd actually done this shit in hopes of graduating early if it were possible. I broke my back to excel in school, and I've taken summer school classes every year purposely to help gain extra credits. This summer I was definitely going to see if it could be possible, and then I could graduate in August, right before my eighteenth Birthday. It would be too late to apply for college, I'd maybe be able to enroll and start in January if possible.

I moved my leg up to put my foot on one of the bars that was on the stool, and I felt it bump into...Edward's. His eyes shot to mine, looking at me as if I had done it on purpose. I murmured a quiet 'sorry' and put my foot in the bar, gripping my pen in hand.

Glancing over at him, he was...beautiful. The overwhelming urge to just jump into his lap and attack him was weighing down in me. I shook my head out of my thoughts and concentrated on Biology.

He's just so...

I had no idea what was going on with me. I've never had a crush on someone like this before. Something inside of me just couldn't help it, and I didn't even know him. By looking at him something screamed dangerous, passionate and dare I

Yeah, I wanted him.

But I bet every other girl at Forks High wants him too.

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