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Luna let her chin rest in her hand as her light blue eyes followed the curves of a beautiful figure crossing the courtyard of Hogwarts. Lost in her own daydream, Luna barely noticed when the figure stopped and turned toward her as if she could feel Luna's watching her every move. Luna's heart raced when those chocolate brown eyes flecked with gold settled upon her own bright blue eyes. They stared at each other for seconds that easily felt like hours and Luna felt like a deer trapped in headlights, unable to grasp herself and advert her eyes. Her conscious self told her she needed to remove her eyes from the person staring very intently at her, but her sub conscious was thirsty and wanted her to drink in the beauty before her.

Standing up her eyes still locked on in place, she gathered her books and slowly turned away, casting one last glance behind her as she inhaled sharply when she realized that Hermione was staring just as intently at her, a playful smile forming on her lips. Luna feeling caught, her cheeks flushing a light shade of pink, rushed off with her long white locks trailing behind her.

Luna was quick on her feet, and for that she was thankful. Just minutes later she arrived at the Ravenclaw tower. Heading up the stairs and throwing her books onto her four poster bed she let out a sigh of relief and fell back into the satin forest green sheets. She wasn't usually one to to feel so…. Exasperated. She was always so content with herself and her feelings that this new feeling was almost alarming. She had become such a bundle of nerves over something so simple. She sat up and leaned against the wall, playing idly with the ends of her, twirling them around her finger and then untwirling. She pondered her reasons for her recent abrupt behavior, and then finally closed her eyes, seeing nothing but the intense stare she had received in return .

She was a bright girl, she thought to herself, although not many of her fellow classmates acknowledged this, stealing her things often and then hiding them about. She was calm natured and kind to even those who were mean, she only returned a sweet smile in return to their snide comments. "Loony Luna!" they would mock her. But she just turned her head, and pretended she didn't hear. Hermione, Ron and Harry were the closest thing she had to friends, and she considered them just that, friends. So she felt drawn to them, willing to offer a hand whenever one was needed. She hadn't thought much of it when she started feeling fond of Hermione. She'd previously never had many friends, so it's not like she would have been able to separate the difference between friendship and something…. Well, more intense. She felt quite naïve about this and wondered how many months she had let her eyes follow Hermione like that, and if anyone had noticed. As soon as this thought crossed her mind, she pushed it away. Telling herself, it didn't matter what other people thought, it mattered that she got her feelings sorted before her head became so fuzzy the wrackspurts invaded it. And with that one last thought her lidded eyes blinked once, the twice, before she feel into a heavy sleep with Hermione on her mind, the same smile she had received earlier played at her lips.