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Me: *in a stadium with an audience* Yo. Here's my new story; Pokemon Arena: Dare and Questionnaire. Here are the contestants/victims! *curtain opens up*

Ash: *waves* Hi there!

Misty: *looks around stadium* How did we get here?

Brock: *sees girls in audience* Ooh, look at the pretty girls. *eyes turn to hearts*

Max: *grabs Brock's ear* Not now Brock, were on T.V. Heya there.

May: *stomach growls* Can I have something to eat? *Ramen lands in her hands* Yay food! *starts chomping on food*

Drew: *with a disgusted face* Good god May, did you even eat something this morning? *May looks from her ramen and shakes her head no*

Jessie: *sees audience* Hi my good fans! *waves frantically like an idiot*

James: *sighs* What did we do to deserve this Meowth?

Meowth: *shrugs* How should I know James.

Dawn: *sees video camera* Ooh a video camera! *runs up to it* Him mom, I'm on T.V.! *waves frantically in-front of it*

Kenny: DD stop embarrassing yourself.

Gary: Ah leave her alone Kenny. Let her have your fun.

Paul: *glances at the others* Idiot's. *pinches bridge of nose*

Me: *stands up* Hello and welcome to my dare and questionnaire. Here you will answer questions and do dares. If you lie on the questions, you will get a small shock from the wristbands you are wearing. If you don't do the dares then you will enter your worst nightmares, courtesy of my Alakazam. *Alakazam appears behind me*

Ash: Ooh, he looks strong, wanna battle? *Pikachu jumps in-front of Ash*

Me: *sighs* Maybe later Ketchum. Right now, let me explain the rules of the show;

1) This is T, not M, so no killing, but you can severely injure them. *gives a side glance to Paul*

2) I need at least 2-4 questions and at least 2 dares before making another chapter.

3) Every third I will add one Pokemon Adventures character until the end of Johto.

4) There will be shipping's in this story, but your questions and dares will decide what shipping's will come into play.

Gary: Hold on a moment, who are you anyway? *everyone looks towards me in confusion

Me: *bows* I am Aura Master, but you may either call me Aura or Master. Remember: 2-4 questions, +2 dares and no killing. See ya next chapter.