Everyone walks into arena to see Aura jumping away from a roundhouse kick.

Everyone: What's going on?

Aura: *looks at everyone* Nothing. *looks back at the person who threw the roundhouse* Come on Daniel, what is wrong with you?

Shadow/Daniel: Because of the goddamn advice you gave me, she doesn't like me! *jumps and lands a surprise spinning kick into Aura chin causing me to fly*

Tsuki: What the hell Shadow?

Aura: Not so fast!

Everyone looks into the sky to see Aura's hands in the air with blinding white energy forming in into a sphere.

Drew: What the-?

Aura: Tyshi Kando Noida Kai! (Made up, I think. Either way, it's my move.) *shoots hands down a beam blasting to the ground with silver electricity surrounding it*

Brock: MOVE!

Everyone dodged the beam and it hits the ground causing a massive explosion and a shockwave. A few minutes later the smoke cleared showing Aura on the ground panting a little with a serious, yet blank look in the eyes.

Aura: Daniel. *walks over to Shadow/Daniel* Whatever happened, you know that life is a precious thing. Don't waste it on one being. *grins and turns back to Tsuki* Tsuki?

Tsuki: Yes?

Aura: Can you start the dares and questions? Daniel and I have to talk.

Tsuki: *nods* Sure. But, who's Daniel?

Shadow: I'm Daniel. Well, my real name is Daniel. But, Aura's right, we have to talk. We'll come back later, and borrow Typhlosion Explosion if you need him. *tosses Typhlosion Explosion's poke ball at Tsuki who catches it* *Aura and Daniel leave*

Tsuki: Ok. This one is from Pokemon lover Gary hater.

Gary: *eyes widen* The hell?

Tsuki: *winces at dare* Gary - I hate you Gary so I want you to get a pumpkin pie thrown at your face then get your nose stapled shut so you can't breathe at night. Ow... But, oh well. *grabs pie and throws it*

Gary: Wait- *gets cut off by pie thrown at face and suddenly gets nose stapled shut* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! GOOD GOD THIS HURTS! *starts running like a maniac*

While the boy was running around he gets cut off and knocked out by a frying pan. Everyone winces except Brock who twirls his frying pan now covered with Gary's blood.

Brock: I never really liked him. *laughs like a maniac*

Tsuki: O...k then. Let's continue. These are from dewdrop6. This is for Aura-san, but I'll do it since he's not here right now.

Tsuki: Aura - Bring every single manga counterpart to the show for a chapter and ask everyone about their honest opinion about them. Ok. Alakazam?

Alakazam nods and brings the rest in. Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal enter.

Tsuki: Ok, we'll start with Red. What do you guys think of him?

Ash: *over speaker phone* I think he's a poser who stole my fans.

Red: *rolls eyes* Why steal what already wasn't there?

Aura: *in distance* BURN!

Misty: I feel like I've seen him somewhere.

Brock: Me too.

Jessie, James and Meowth: We could take him.

Red: *grins evilly* Wanna bet? Saur, Char, Blast, show them. *casually tosses three poke balls and pop out the final forms of the Kanto starters*

Team Rocket lowest members: Uh...never mind.

Tracey: Cool!

May and Drew: Mysterious.

Dawn: Kinda cute. *blushes*

Kenny: *shrugs* Eh.

Gary and Leaf: Cool!

Green: A good rival.

Blue: A good friend.

Paul: A loser like Ass Ketchum.

Aura: Tyshi Kando Noida Kai! *the blinding white beam flies straight over Paul's head incinerating a few of his hairs*

Paul: *eyes widen* I-I'll be quiet now.

Tsuki: Ok, due to the author being lazy we will skip the rest of the people.

Aura: *in distance* I RESENT THAT... BUT, it is true.

Tsuki: Ok, the next one is for Tracey.

Tracey: I'm ready!

Tsuki: Ok then. Tracey – Would you rather become a billionaire or marry Daisy?

Tracey: What kind of question is that? Of course I would marry Daisy.

?: *in distance* I LOVE YOU TOO TRACEY!

Tracey: *blushes* She's watching this?

Aura: *coming back in with Daniel* Of course. I try to make shipping's happen for the viewers and they like Handyman Shipping, or in simpler words, TraceyxDaisy. *shrugs* Don't blame me, blame the readers. If you excuse, I have to do something. *starts to leave when he gets called back*

Crystal: What are you doing anyway?

Aura: *grins* You'll see later. Now, if you'll excuse me. *leaves*

Tsuki: Ok then, let's continue. Misty - I dare you to creep into the Old Chateau and with my ghost pokemon scare the living crap outta Ash.

Misty: Um, ok. *takes ghost pokemon and gets teleported to Old Chateau*

Daniel: 3...2...1...

Ash: *in Sinnoh* !

Daniel: *chuckles and nods* And there it is. Oh, and we'll need Barry for this dare. Alakazam!

Alakazam nods and teleports him here.

Barry: *looks around franticly* Where am I? Tell me or I'll fine you!

Daniel: *rolls eyes* Hold it there speedy. You're on a dare and questionnaire show led by Aura Master who's doing something. But he won't tell us. But right now dewdrop6 has a dare for you. Tsuki, the dare.

Tsuki: *nods* Right. Barry - run a 200 mile lap run around Victory Road.

Barry: *scratches head* Which?

Black: I know the one. It's in Unova. I really hated that road. I got lost and wound up back at the starting point three times!

Barry: Alright- wait, what?

Tsuki: Too late! Alakazam!

The psychic pokemon nods and teleports Barry before he could protest.

Tsuki: Ok. The last one we could do for dewdrop6 is for Cilan, and his bros.

Food trio: What is it?

Tsuki: Cilan - I dare you and your brothers to cook whatever May wants to eat for a WHOLE chapter.

May: YAY FOOD! *mouth starts drooling*

Food trio: Uh...

Tsuki: *giggles* Don't worry. You don't have to start until the next chapter.

May: *huddles in corner with a dark cloud hovering over* But I wanted food.

Aura: *in sky* Alright. *snaps fingers*

Mountains of food start falling out of sky covering May.

May: *pops out of food with a sub sandwich* YAY! *starts shoveling down food like a vacuum*

Everyone else: *sweatdroppes* Uh... O...k?

Tsuki: Ok. Now onto my dares, this first dare from me is for...*glances at Drew* I have an idea. Forget the other one. Drew!

Drew: Yes?

Tsuki: *grins evilly* Drew - Take May's food or she sees your shrine dedicated to her!

Everyone stares at Drew with curious and amused eyes except May who didn't hear anything due to a mountainous pile of food she was shoveling into her endless stomach.

Drew: *shuffles feet* I don't have a shrine to her. *looks at feet to hide heavy and dark blush forming on face*

Aura: Then what is this? *holds up key*

Drew: *sees key* GAH! Wh-where did you get that?

Aura: *spins key* It's easy to pit pocket something with stealth abilities. *grins with evil glint in eye*

Tsuki: So, are you going to steal your lover's food or should Aura-san get that shrine? *grins like a maniac*

Drew: *shrinks under stares* Fine.

Drew shuffles closer to May who is still eating the food and attempts to steal something. As he grabs a club sandwich May turns around and growls and bits Drew's hand. Drew screams and cries anime tears and starts running around the arena yelling for help and a chibi version of May clinging to Drew's hand with her somehow razor sharp teeth.

Tsuki: *ignores it like it's not there* Ok. Let's continue. This is for Brock. Brock - You are a little pervert, so get mauled by my Typhlosion. *speaks in a sweet voice* Typhlosion?

Typhlosion: *walks up to Tsuki* Yes?

Tsuki: *points to Brock* Sick him boy!

Typhlosion: *licks lips* I've wanted to do this for a while now. RRRRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

Brock: *screams like a girl* AAAHHH!

Typhlosion and Brock attack each other and become surrounded in a dust cloud, you what I mean, with a limb or a head coming out every now and then.

Everyone winces every time they hear Brock's girlish shrieks. A few minutes later the dust cloud disappears and Typhlosion walks away from Brock humming happily and the breeder who looks like. God is he missing a rib? YUCK! Brock is suddenly healed.

Brock: *sits up* Thanks director/author.

*huddled in corner* So gross. Keep it away from me.

Daniel: *blinks* Hold on. How did Paul survive Chili's coffee rampage? And where are White and N? And what happened to Green and 2lazy2log-in?

Well, let's say that you wouldn't have wanted to see Paul after the rampage, so I cleaned him up, N and White aren't coming back until next chapter and, I'm not sure what happened to Green.

Daniel: Ah. Continue Tsuki.

Tsuki: *nods* Ok. Time for my questions. Max - Now you see what happens when you say a bad word in front of Mew?

Max: *runs leg where plasma bolt hit and sighs* Yes mam.

Tsuki: *nods* Good. If it happens again then not even Aura-san will stop me from hurting you.

Max: *looks at Aura who's taking a nap in the sky* Aura Master?

Aura: *opens an eye and shrugs* You really don't know the power of girls and women do you Max?

All boys except Daniel and Gary: *shakes heads* No.

Aura: Ask Green or Gary. They know the wrath and power of women. *snickers*

Gary: *cloud appears overhead* Ya...

Aura: Continue before Gary goes into a coma due to broken heart.

Tsuki: Ok. Pikachu – How was your date with the bottle with ketchup?

Pikachu: Pi...Pika. (Uh...I ate it.)

Aura: *blinks and sweatdroppes* Just like Pikachu. I'll take over for the rest of the show. Wait, where's Mew?

Mew: *yawns and floats over to Tsuki* What'd I miss?

Aura: About over half our show.

Mew: *yawns again* Wow my nap took longer than I thought.

Tsuki: That's probably because you wasted all your energy playing with my friends Shaymin.

Mew: *giggles* Good point. Speaking of which, where is she?

Tsuki: I think, wait, where was she?

Aura: I thought I saw her wander into the kitchen.

Mew: YAY! *runs into kitchen and starts a food fight with Shaymin*

Aura: Hey that's my food! *runs into kitchen, only to join the food fight*

Daniel: *sighs* Just continue.

Tsuki: Ok. These are from 1029384756. Wow. I have never heard of an author with only numbers, *shrugs* oh well. Dawn – Kiss Chili and Cress then tell us which of the three kissed you best.

Dawn: *flushes bright pink* Uh...ok...*kisses Chili then Cress and runs to the exit only to be blocked by Lucario*

Tsuki: Tsk, tsk, tsk Dawn. You still have to tell us which was the better kisser.

Dawn: *twiddles fingers with a dark crimson* *mumbles something*

Daniel: What was that, we couldn't hear you?

Dawn: Cilan.

Aura: *smirks* Good. *snaps fingers* Alakazam?

Alakazam nods and teleports Cilan and Dawn to Nimbasa City.

Kenny: Why did you teleport them away.

Aura: Tsuki, the rest of the dare?

Tsuki: *nods* Than go on a date with the person you said. The dare indicates that after Dawn kissed Chili and Cress that she says the one who kissed best. Since she chose Cilan, she has to go on a date with him. Hence what Aura-san did.

Aura: *drops from sky* Yep.

Tsuki: Ok. This dare is from Kballkdball and is for Aura-san.

Aura: *eyes go wide* Oh, why do I have a feeling this isn't going to end well?

Tsuki: *snickers at dare* Because it isn't. Aura - I dare YOU to hug my Volcarona, Oui-Oui!

Aura falls to ground and freezes stiff from the painful dare.

Daniel: Come on bro, I've survived so you can to.

Aura: *sighs and gets up to see Oui-Oui* Fine. *hugs the Volcarona and smoke starts coming off arms* *eyes widen* !

Aura let's go of the Volcarona and starts running around the stadium like Drew, who is still running with May's teeth clinging to him mind you, flames coming off of his arms.

Everyone else: *sweatdroppes* Uh...weird.

All of the sudden they hear voices outside and see Green limping in with his shirt and pants torn and his hair messed up.

Gary: What happened to you?

Green: *eye twitches* Fan girls, everywhere... Surrounded... *passes out*

Blue: *walks up to him and jabs him with her foot then shrugs* He'll be alright.

Aura: *arms back to normal* Ok. Well, I am sorry but I am finishing this chapter now. I am sorry that I couldn't post the rest of the questions or dares, but I really didn't sleep good last night. But, before we actually end it, you wanna know what I've been doing for a while?

Everyone: *nods* Yes.

Aura walks up to a giant curtain and pulls a cord and reveals a stage with a bass guitar, drums, a mic stand and two electric guitars.

Daniel: What's all this for?

Aura: *hops on stage* Starting every other chapter me, you and Tsuki will play a song. And if one of the reader's requests a song I will decide to sing it or wait to sing it the next time. Daniel, can you play drums and Tsuki, can you play guitar?

Daniel and Tsuki: *nods* Sure. *hops on stage*

Aura: Can you play this? *hands two lyric sheets to Tsuki and Daniel*

The two look it over and look back at Aura and nod. Daniel takes his seat at the drum, Aura walks up to the mic with one of the guitars and Tsuki grabs the other guitar and practices. They start with the drums and guitars and drums together then split into a small guitar solo then changes into a small drum solo then cuts off to Aura singing.

Aura: You keep calling it a crash and burn
Just waiting your turn
You might have time to speak
There barely was a lesson learned
'Cause it will return no favors back to me

All three: I'm sure it tasted oh, so sweet
But it was never good enough for me

Aura: I bit the tongue behind my teeth
It was never good enough for me

You say you always keep your word
Show me what you're after
I thought you'd promise me the world
Tell me what you're after

Go on and take it way too far
'Cause here we are waiting once again
You say you always keep your word

All three: Show me what you're after, just a little faster

Aura: Am I the only eyes that see so subtly
This cut and dry routine
Even when you're by my side
I still need time to feel the company

All three: I'm sure it tasted oh, so sweet
But it was never good enough for me

Aura: I bit the tongue behind my teeth
It was never good enough for me

You say you always keep your word
Show me what you're after
I thought you'd promise me the world
Tell me what you're after

Go on and take it way too far
'Cause here we are waiting once again
You say you always keep your word
Show me what you're after, just a little faster
Just a little faster

Aura starts grinning like an idiot. (This next part is actually my favorite part in the song.)

Aura: Hold your breath now, the bad was wearing thin
From the pain that settles in when we learn too much too soon
Hold your breath now, the bad was wearing thin
From the pain that settles in when we learn too much too soon

You say you always keep your word
Show me what you're after
I thought you'd promise me the world
Tell me what you're after

Go on and take it way too far
'Cause here we are waiting once again
You say you always keep your word
Show me what you're after
It was never good enough for me

All three: Show me what you're after, just a little faster!

As the song ends fireworks shoot into the sky exploding in bright and colorful patterns.

Aura: *looks across the stadium* See ya later!