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A Sea in Your Eyes

Mickey and Minnie

Love Story #1

"Minnie, that's the wrong puzzle piece!" the human-personality mouse squeaked, as his female counterpart placed an edge puzzle piece in the middle of the puzzle.

"Oh," she frowned, placing the puzzle piece on the side, "I never get anything right."

"Don't say that," he comforted her, quickly looking for the spot in which the piece went. Finding it, he placed it perfectly and smiled. "You can figure out which puzzle piece goes on the outside, and which one goes in theinside. Just do what I did."

Minnie smiled, determined to mimic his actions. Grabbing a piece, she searched for which spot it would fit in. Mickey stared at Minnie, hoping that she'd realize the puzzle piece she held in her hands was the last piece, which would go in the last available spot. After ten minutes, he bit his lip, trying to hold back a disappointed frown.

"Mickey, I can't seem to find it!" she threw the puzzle piece in the air, crying into her palms.

Mickey panicked, looking for the now missing puzzle piece and trying to comfort his girlfriend. "M-Minnie, don't cry!"

"Oh, it hates me!"

"N-No it doesn't!"

"It wants me to feel stu-!"

"Minnie, don't say that word!" Mickey scolded, causing Minnie to stifle her cry, realizing what word had almost slipped out of her mouth. Finding the piece, Mickey gave it to her once more, hoping she'd notice its place this time. It took another five minutes before she happily laughed and placed the piece in its spot. He sighed in relief, receiving a hug from Minnie. She helped him clean up the counter before leaving back to her home. With a kiss goodbye, Mickey walked her to her car, waving goodbye as she drove away.

"Even though I finished that puzzle, I still don't know what it's supposed to be!"

"Minnieā€¦ it's supposed to be us."

"Oh, Mickey! That does not look like me! Who wears polka dots in that fashion?"

"You do."