Hello, everyone! This is a fic cross-posted from my tumblr that I thought would be best to be archived here as well. It is a Madoka Magica/Homestuck crossover, with a humanstuck AU additional setting to make the plot a little more manageable. I am actually very happy with the way this story is panning out, but I'll let you decide that for yourselves. Enjoy!

Eight Spokes

And the wheel of salvation continued to turn until the eighth spoke snapped

"Is that everything, then?" said Kyubey, staring placidly at her.

Rose looked down at the radiating barrier. She gripped her wands more tightly. "For her it is."

Kyubey blinked. "And you?"

Rose ground the rooftop gravel underfoot, watched the city lights glint off the lavender soul gem on her sash. "I am not finished here yet."

"But you will be soon."

A beat. "The days of a puella magi are always numbered. I still have enough time to finish what I must."

"Finish, you say," the strange white creature said, "So whether you succeed or fail is irrelevant?"

Rose stared hard at the shimmering miasma, but did not speak. Instead, she gritted her teeth and jumped over the side of the roof, sailing down to meet the witch.

Kyubey shook his head and sighed. "Human emotions are such curious, unnecessary things," he said, "And to think some even go to such great lengths to hide them, to keep themselves from bursting with it. How odd."

A note about the quote at the beginning (mine because I'm a hipster) from in the article about the number 8: "In the spiritual world, eight is the goal for the initiates, that went through the seven heavens, to regain paradise. Full of grace by the eigth day the man was created. After seven days of fasting and abstinence, the eighth became the day of abundance and renewal. The octagon is the beginning of the transformation of the square into the circle and vice versa. The eight is the double four and the second power of two,

thus the eight includes the qualities of these numbers in an expanded form. It is a figure which has no particular drive, but as a dormant center it is located in the heart of the movement, which is for instance shown in the Buddhist wheel of salvation (which has eight spokes)."