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Chapter One:

Edward's POV

I had to strike him out. The crowd hushed at I threw my famous, no-hitter curve ball. The game ended and we only won by a point. That was too close.

"Dude, you need a girl!" Emmett, the first baseman, said.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because you are too focused and I swear that stick up your butt is only getting more tightly wedged in there." He said while laughing.

"Em, I don't play around with girls. I am looking for her. You know my other half. Like you and Rosalie." I retort.

"Why don't you come over to my place? My sister is coming to celebrate my engagement and Rose will be there. 'Lil Jakey might even make an appearance!"

"Maybe," I answer, "Your brother and I don't exactly get along very well."

"Come on! Celebrate with me! You will LOVE my sister!"

"Fine!" I said, admitting my defeat.

After a shower, I headed off to Emmett's apartment, wearing dark wash jeans and a white, button-down shirt.

When I arrived I opened the door, knowing it wouldn't be be locked.

"Hey Eddie!" I heard Emmett cry.

"Don't call me that!" I yelled. The fans decided to call me that and Emmett, who knew I hated the name, insisted on calling me it. Why the fans gave me a nickname, I still don't know.

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Emmett, Jacob(his brother), and a pretty blonde whom I assumed was Rosalie by the description Emmett had given me.

"Edward, this is Rosalie, my fiancée. Rose, this is Edward, my friend." Emmett announced. "My sister will be here soon."

As Emmett said that, a beautiful voice called "Em, Jake? Are you home?"

"In the kitchen!" Jacob answered.

Just then a goddess walked into the room. She had flowing brown hair, deep chocolate eyed, and a heart shaped face. She quickly gave hugs to her brothers and Rose. Then she looked at me.

"Hi. I'm Isabella Swan, Emmett and Jacob's sister." She said in that beautiful voice of hers.

"Hi. I'm Edward Cullen, Emmett's friend."

"Oh, you're the pitcher, right?"

Bella's POV

When I first walked into the kitchen, I didn't see the extra person standing there. After giving Rose and my brothers hugs, I turned to see the most beautiful man alive.

"Hi. I'm Isabella Swan, Emmett and Jacob's sister." I manage to get out. This man had me breathless.

He had mess hair, but in a good way. It was bronze and very sexy. His eyes were pools of emeralds. His body was finely toned and beautiful.

"Hi. I'm Edward Cullen, Emmett's friend." He said in a velvety voice. I almost fainted.

"Oh, you're the pitcher, right?" WOW did that sound ruder than it should have!

"Yes." He said a bit uneasily.

As the night progressed, I mainly avoided Edward. Not because I didn't like him; it was quite the opposite. I couldn't be near him because he made me feel…..different. I felt…strangely content and beautiful. This can't be good!