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Chapter Six:

Jacob's POV

Stupid Cullen! He HAD to go and fall in love with my sister. He even made her fall in love with him!

Emmett is such a traitor. He is supposed to be the protective older brother, not the best friend of her boyfriend! That boy is so stupid.

As these thoughts rushed through my head for the thousandth time since Bella told me she was dating that leech, I went to get the paper.

When I reached the sports section, a headline popped out at me. It read:

Cullen in Love at Last?

You have GOT to be kidding me! It was everywhere. I hate his guts!

Renée's POV

Jonathan told me I was getting better. Soon I could go out and find my family. I missed Bella so much. The thought of seeing her again kept me trying in my hospital activities. I got to see Emmett and Jacob in their games and cheered them on so I felt as though I got to see them sometimes. My daughter would be in her 20's now.

As I flipped around the channels on my television, I saw something about Emmett's baseball team. There was a news report about one of his fellow team members who had just gotten out of the hospital. That is when I heard her name.

She was wheeling out Edward Cullen, Emmett's friend. I heard the reporter say "Isabella Swan, Cullen's girlfriend, hasn't left the hospital as long as he's been here. His parents are extremely thankful for her help and hope he will soon be able to be up on his feet again soon."

"I was so worried about him. One thing is for sure; he won't be playing for a little while, but will soon be in full health." My lovely daughter said.

I turned off the TV and picked up the phone to call the number I had memorized out of the phone book. I think it is time to contact my family.

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