AN-Inspiration for the story. Contrasting Harry's experience with my nieces who are content in the knowledge that they are loved and not spoiled. Their parents didn't go as overboard as Harry does here. But well, their parents also didn't go through what Harry had.

"How is this one?" Harry asked, holding up a picture that he had taken of a pudgy baby's first birthday.

"Just as good as the last hundred." Ginny said, her voice a study in amusement.

"See, the camera was worth it." Harry said, happily, going back to developing pictures.

Ginny watched as Harry went back to developing pictures.

Harry only looked up when a wail came from the other room. "Gin, can you get that, love? I want to get these pictures up before Ron, Hermione, and Little Rosie come over."

Ginny nodded. She loved these bonding moments with her son, Albus. Plus, she knew that Harry was preoccupied.

She shook her head, however, when she saw Harry's final work. Every room in the house had about five more pictures. "I wouldn't have thought we had room on the walls." Ginny laughed to herself.

Harry, however, wasn't done. "I thought this would be a nice late first birthday present for Rose."

He handed Ginny a gorgeous and expensive album filled with pictures of every member of the Weasley family holding Rose and almost every moment of Rose's birthday and major milestones.

Ginny smiled, her mind working overtime to figure out how to explain to Harry that Ron and Hermione might not appreciate this when the sounds of people flooing in prevented her discussion especially as two year old James raced towards the floo.

"Harry those pictures are amazing." Hermione said, looking around Harry's house as Harry beamed.

"Mate, we appreciate it." Ron said.

Ginny patted Ron's shoulder as Harry said, "I couldn't get the new lens though. Hopefully it comes before Victoire's birthday."

Harry missed the look that Ron and Ginny exchanged. Hermione held Ginny's gaze for a moment before shrugging a bit.

Harry woke up early two days before Victoire's birthday. "Where are you going?" Ginny asked, sleepily. "James and Al are still sleeping."

"The company assured me that the lens would be arriving today. It had better… it is only two days before Victoire's birthday."

Ginny groaned. "Harry, if it gets here it will still be downstairs waiting for you. Get some sleep!"

"No. I also need to get to the office. If it is here I will test it out."

To his delight, Harry found the lens waiting on his doorstep with an apology from the lens company.

Harry opened it eagerly and then took the lens upstairs. He quietly snapped some pictures of James and Al sleeping.

"Ha!" Harry said, when he developed the picture to show to Ginny at breakfast. "The new lens is that much better."

Ginny smiled. "Lovely." She kissed Harry as he went to work.

Harry worked all day, but his mind was on the lens at home. "Harry, remember that you promised Fleur you would bring some balloons and you promised Bill that you would help entertain the kids. In Bill's words, mum is getting old. All the mothers need a break. And Harry is the best at watching the kids out of all of you."

Ron gave Harry a small smile when he said that, knowing what that meant to him. It was true. Bill and Ron were both doting fathers but just that. Sometimes they would dote too much and either not let the kids explore or let them walk all over them.

Harry nodded, tears still in his eyes. He turned to the album he had. All of his nephews and nieces were his kids. He had most of their big moments documented. Each of their births. None of the Weasley-Potter kids, which included Teddy, would know what he had… the feeling that they weren't wanted. None of them would have to wonder what their childhood was like because he had it all documented. That would be the best inheritance he could give the kids. All the kids would get an album once they graduated Hogwarts in addition to the one they received on their first birthday.

Over the next 18 years Harry continued collecting pictures and upon Teddy, Victoire, Molly, Lucy, Dominique, Fred, then James' graduation he gave them the album filled with pictures.

It was at Albus' that it happened. Albus and Rose both got their albums and started pawing through them immediately. "Wow, Uncle Harry." Rose said, giggling as she saw a picture of her throwing up her feet at teething.

"You were cute at that age." James remarked, causing Rose to look at him, surprised.

James smirked and added. "Should have stayed that age." James laughed, good-naturedly, as Rose swatted at him.

Harry laughed to himself. His kids would never change. James may be almost 19 but he loved ribbing Rose and Al just like he had when they were three.

"Uncle Harry." Victoire said, coming in to admire Rose's album. "Why haven't we seen baby pictures of you."

Harry froze. He thought he had left the Dursleys behind years ago. Made his peace with it. But it was moments like this where he realized that he was not as over the Dursleys as he realized.

He still did not have any recorded memories of his life from the age of one and eleven…. But still, the pressing issue was what to tell the kids, now all of whom were looking at him.

Teddy was the only one who saw the caged look on his face as he simply smiled and walked away.

"Dude, Dad barely had a life." James commented, laughing a bit as he flipped through the pages and saw each event documented.

A flash of anger passed through Ron's eyes. "Go back to what Victoire asked." Ginny said, instead. Her voice also tight.

"Yeah, there aren't any baby pictures of dad." Albus said.

"Bingo." Ginny said. "No one took baby pictures of your dad. He has no idea what he looked like growing up."

"He didn't even have pictures of his parents until Hagrid gave him some end of first year."

"That-that is horrible." Lily said, her voice fragile.

Albus noticed that Teddy wasn't even in the room. He had followed Harry out immediately. Albus, then, did the same.

Albus saw that Harry was hugging Teddy, tears dripping from Teddy's eyes. Harry was smiling slightly, but his eyes were also moist.

"I love you dad. Thanks for always making me feel loved and cared for."

"And loving me enough to want pictures of the outcomes of my first prank." James added, causing all present to laugh.

"Group hug." Lily announced, pouncing with Victoire and Rose on the boys.

Everyone laughed as Ginny snapped a picture of this.